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Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.


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Every couple of months I like to share with new people or people on new instances how to add timelines into feeds:

Roll your own: https://[federated.instance]/@[userid].atom

Could be worth trying if your favourite accounts are 8-16hrs away, or if you detect spotty synchronization issues between instances.

I am working on wakefulness. The cat disdains inanimate heating pads and full-size beds in favour of animate beings who must, as cats do, change body positions during sleep. I am zomboid. β˜• β˜• 😾

It's coming up on 01h00 UTC on and that means it's nearly time for DJ @snowdusk_ !
What will he play? I have no idea!
But, I can tell you that he'll be cute and funny and giggle a lot between tunes :-)
Here is where to listen: or use vlc, whatever.
Here is IRC:
Or get yourself a free shell account and ssh into and then run 'com' and 'g' oto anonradio. It all works!
World clock if you need help using UTC

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I find having an active, regular email-pal who also has a key helpful for memorizing my .

Do you have an email friend for messaging? Are you one of those lucky people who has a sizable number of acquaintances and friends with PGP keys?

Dear Mastodonians of , a lease management company from Down Under is me with property ads because they have the wrong email addres. I've asked them to remove me as I've never visited your country and they won't. Is there some government regulation anti-spam agency I can appeal to? They do have an unsubscribe link on their emails but as I never subscribed to begin with they are spamming me. Please advise.
Your Commonwealth Cousin, Christina

@tomasino I'm done with the film now. I've got the 1995 MGM Home Entertainment 105 mins playing time edition of "Hackers."

@snowdusk_ Glad you made the distinction. There's a Toronto outside of Newcastle, I think that's New South Wales but I'm sure @Cat will correct me if I'm wrong.

I am a mother to a teen. I am one hour into the 1995 film "Hackers," which I am watching for the first time in 2018. I posted my notes here on


If you remember, Everyone saw Big Bird, but Mr. Snuffleupagus was the Mastodon of Sesame Street that the adults didn’t believe was real...

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watching "Hackers" (1995) opening scene is supposed to be Seattle, daytime, 1988 but it's sunlit so I know already this is a comedy not to be taken seriously.

PSA for anyone from a defunct instance who still wants to view their archive, and cant because it's all json:

I made a python script that generates a human-readable html page from you're archive that you can open in your browser to view your old posts.

If you've got python installed, just plop it into the archive, run it, and open the new "processed_archive.html" file it makes in your web browser to read your archive!

I released a trackable into the hands of a Swedish visitor. "It's to go to countries that have won Olympic medals in ice hockey," I explained. "If I release it in Canada it will never leave Canada." The Swedish visitor smiled and the German national with us laughed.

OK for my prelude to "Hackers" I am soliciting recommendations for useful and fairly easy to follow English-language tutorials for devious mayhem.

Failing that I'll manage with a tutorial for installing a guestbook for my . Thank you, my dressed-for-comfort l33t sweeties.

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