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Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.


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Every couple of months I like to share with new people or people on new instances how to add timelines into feeds:

Roll your own: https://[federated.instance]/@[userid].atom

Could be worth trying if your favourite accounts are 8-16hrs away, or if you detect spotty synchronization issues between instances.

I love that...
my entire family will join me in the gym for exercise time
my son is more engaged and his brain more retentive when he and I communicate in our 'other' language, French, because he knows his father doesn't read or speak it. My son will do his chores promptly and willingly if I use the imperative tense.

My trek to buy a put the fear of God in my , or rather, like Jesus, my Kindle rose again after the fourth attempt in three days to revive it. Sadly, the 678-page eBook had to be returned to the library -- I intended to marathon-read it when the battery went crazy then comatose.

lewd English-language word play 

I am trying to see the divine essence and kinship in all I meet but when it is dark and I have struggled to pass the mosaicky threads of the rich tapestry here it is most challenging

Went downtown. I miss Seattle: no Tomoe River paper because supplier politics, search on Android for "Kobo downtown Vancouver retailers" sent me to shitgouge stores and the stores with have no sales staff knowledgeable and available to demo usage. Nobody interested in taking $223.76 from me.

My 's battery lasted two years. Amazon's support forums 'revamp' resulted in 404 errors following indexed links in result set for "battery drain cannot hold charge". Considering a as no company as successful as Amazon should have inadequate online support and short-lived batteries.

huge epiphany: my real life has similarities to _Alice's Adventures in Wonderland_. Will write a treatise with links to illustrations with my explanations for the not-so-triggered "we're all mad here" reading crew.
for instance: this was me in high school, growing 8 cm per year for three years --

US author Daniel Pinkwater sent me a postcard in reply to my fan letter! Sure it took 27 days to arrive (a letter from France took nine!) but what a lovely surprise!

Thanks to the New York Times Crossword today, I learned my Prime Minister worked as a bouncer and a snowboard instructor.
I ❤️ that my spouse gives me the 🇨🇦 and 🇫🇷 -language clues for me to fill in.

I am snowbound for my third day. Today is worse as I am in a small place with two men. Plans are to read, pay bills online and workout in the exercise room.
If I get giddy I may even write pen pal letters and clean my laptop's contents.

Admirable and valued speakers, please define in English language, if no direct translation exists, जाणी पाव, 'Jāṇī pāva'

If my toots are searchable and indexed I suppose it'd be best to encrypt or not share who I'm feeling "Osti d'épais de marde!" toward (not anyone on here I talk to, unless clever spies are among us)

I like how "Osti d'épais de marde! meaning" as search keywords returns first a topic title in the subReddit /r/perl

I just did a few warmup exercises and I feel like I've had 355ml of .

#introductions: I'm a mechanical engineer turned biology grad student. So far I’m liking the diversity of content, opinions and ideas I’m seeing on here as compared to the corporate platforms. Here are a few of my interests to get things going.
#fountainpens #3dprinting #autocross #diy #vintagecomputers #biology #datascience #woodworking #criticalrole

Listening to the Mops "Psychedelic Sounds in Japan" 1968 English language covers The Animals, Jefferson Airplane and the Doors

「The Mops」-「Psychedelic Music in Japan」を聴きます。音楽グループの「White Rabbit」の録音はオリジナルよりも優れています

Love that Richard Donner directed "The Banana Splits"
TV show themes were so good back then

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