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Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.


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Every couple of months I like to share with new people or people on new instances how to add timelines into feeds:

Roll your own: https://[federated.instance]/@[userid].atom

Could be worth trying if your favourite accounts are 8-16hrs away, or if you detect spotty synchronization issues between instances.

Would this image, if not marked sensitive, violate your instance's code of conduct? i ask as my pal posted it on Facebook in a Group dedicated to the subject and was suspended for it.

Hello #mastodon! Thanks @finn for admin'ing this instance highlighting #seattle and surrounding area. These days I live in West Seattle near White Center and work downtown.

Hoping to spend time here versus browsing news sites so much to contribute and discover links to works by the many talented people in #PugetSound, #Portland, and surrounding areas. Occasional random links to free content will undoubtedly show up, too.

#seattle #portland #music #film #art #gamedev #indiegames #introduction

someone feels bad about keeping me in the US for eleven hours and is playing Stompin' Tom Connors videos, including a duet with k.d. lang.

Ending my ninth matriarch-copulating hour in the US, sitting in my car in dismal downpour. It is Canada Day and I would rather bake butter tarts in my homeland.

Some silent comedies use a "woman can't cook" gag where the oven is smoking and a charred mess is pulled out. The actors are staged in the next room or 6 ft/1.9m away so I wonder if humans developed sense of smell after 1928.

the first silent film I've seen with Granville Redmond was a deaf-mute who acted with Chaplin in 'A Dog's Life' and here in "You'd Be Surprised" with Raymond Griffith

Pregunta: Por quΓ© las pelΓ­culas de Chaplin eran mudas?
Responder: Porque el director le decΓ­a β€œno charles Chaplin”

Every step I take away from commoditized platforms, and disturbing images, ends dozens of connections. Always humbling to know one is at best screen wallpaper and not worth joining in an ad-free, spam-free, bot-free, text-only communication space.

Listening to Hour of episode 1784, it may be the most sensible thing I'll hear today.

πŸ’₯ Tilde Trivia with Tomasino πŸ’₯

Airs once a month on the last Sunday of the month at 23:30 UTC. (That means this coming Sunday!)

Join us for trivia, music, chatting, and bragging rights. Participate on the Fediverse or in IRC.

Only on

that Bangladesh has about 5x the population of Canada.

I am irked by Ontario and Quebec having rottenly managed eldercare homes, and by Canada Health authorities thinking 1000 IU Vitamin D3 is enough for anybody. These health authorities live and work where the temperature can be colder than Mars. The US has 5000 IU & 10000 IU gelcaps, and most of it is to the south of us.

Solved Harper's monthly puzzle. The in-laws agreed to print and mail my entry as I can't enter the US until, ironically, Canada Day

Dame Vera Lynn died.
I suppose today also is when all the ravens in the Tower go missing*

[*] Fowler, C. _Bryant and May and the Bleeding Heart_.

Life would be sweet if always there were a voice of absolute truth to demolish fears and discern soul-crushing reality from psyche-shattering anxiety.

this must be of interest to some fellow coronavirus shut-in:
"Baffled!" 1972 UK paranormal thriller starring Vera Miles, Susan Hampshire and Leonard Nimoy

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