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PSA about my posts/boosts 

If there's something I say or boost that may have bothered you, please be sure to let me know politely. I usually CW particular posts about politics, my beliefs, and my rants, but I may sometimes boost something that I'm excited about which might not have a CW. We all make mistakes, we are all human.

I'd rather you bring it to my attention in a civil manner than passive-aggressive, knee-jerk, cancel-culture blocking outright, but that's your choice and I respect it. 👍

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I guess it bears repeating. Bluntly this time.

If you're going to send a follow request, please do something with your Mastodon/Pleroma/Whatever profile. No activity on your instance account looks fishy. 🐟 I'm just going to cancel it outright if that's the case.

I know I'm not the only one on the Fediverse that feels this way.

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sad news today: apple has discontinued the latest ipod touch, finally bringing an end to the iPod line of media players. end of an era :<

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Favorite #Android #Mastodon client?

Please #boost and respond with your thoughts 😁

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Happy Monday all! Here's a painting of the Norse gods Odin and Heimdall racing each other among the branches of Yggdrasil, the World tree. Odin on Sleipner and Heimdall on Gulltopp, with Odin's two ravens Hugin and Munin trailing behind
#odin #horse #illustration #painting #MastoArt #vikings #art

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Why did you end up coming to Mastodon? Pls boost so we can get some good data 🙌

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Very nice 72 km ride today! It was through small villages, cities, forests and fields.

This time on the Moulton TSR bicycle.

@guofu @publius @kelbot @gemlog @claudiom @pizza_pal @stug @darkstar @robert588 @cosullivan @normandc @apiziali @snowdusk

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Are you in a band? Do you want to play in Ellijay Georgia on May 14th or June 24th?

Or another time?

What about non-band things? Maybe you actually want to come and do standup, or juggle live sharks?

Hit me up.

@carriunix Hey there! Thanks for the follow. However, you might want to follow me at since that's my main account now. This one is an alternate in the even that instance has problems. 👍

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As much as I'm enjoying the music on #Revolution935 tonight (Detox & Hexagon Radio), it's time for me to go to bed. So, I bid thee a #goodnight and #tzaf. Until the morn! :flan_sleep:

If you want to listen in, here ya go:

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I see the meta about me is flying through the ether again.

Allow me to state my position.

I am professionally in infosec. In some roles I have been in, I have had to interact with the authorities. It happens. Happened a few weeks ago in fact, on my terms, and it was something that most assuredly saved lives.

Once I posted a slide here on the fediverse... it was from a presentation I was doing. On it in my credentials it said that I was a proud member of Infragard.

YES, i was a member of infragard... because I was hoping their threat feeds were good, I wanted access to them.

"A proud member of Infragard" is how they require you to say it to maintain access to their feeds.

Their feeds were ok...

I have had nearly no interaction with Infragard (a public private partenership to mitigate threat actors trying to impact critical infrastructure). My interaction with the FBI came down to one case, and I was asked by the defendant to cooperate with them... funny, huh?

If that makes me a fed... wanting access to threatfeeds for research...  I think your definition of "Fed" is overly broad.

On 3/3/19 I was attacked for this piece of information. I linked it back to a particular set of threat actors wanting to stop this community from becoming what it is today. Those old rumors are back.

Let me talk about the good we have done:

We raised over $6000 to benefit Ukrainian needy caught in a warzone.

We organized assets to help Ukraine resist invasion.

We setup tools for people to defend themselves against spying, and be more secure.

We tirelessly work to tear down siloed social media.

We combined forces with other legendary hacker groups to fold proteins to complete research that led to some of the vaccines that have helped contain this pandemic.

We have gotten people their first infosec jobs.

We have made friends, a community, and fought the power at every opportunity.

We are mighty. We punch up... and we do it really fucking well.

And I am not an agent for anyone but myself, and when I get to be, for this community.

We are
We save the world.

We're getting pretty good at it.

PS: wow, you made it this far?!? All that said... I am not here to change your mind. If your threat model includes me somehow, then you should block You know what you are comfortable with, and it's not up to me to decide that for you.

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Mastotip: If you tag person x in a DM with person y, both x and y will be able to see what you said. A common workaround is to put spaces between the @ sign and the username (I.e. @ sandrockcstm @

This is really key if you are discussing a moderation related issue with an admin, say if person x is harassing you. If you tag that person you can inadvertently get them to see the conversation. This is not clear from the UI and a common trap for new users.

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Another tip: Every Mastodon account has RSS built in. Just add .rss to the end of the URL for your account, e.g.

That lets people follow your public posts from an RSS reader, but it's also useful if you wanted to use IFTTT to crosspost your public posts to another platform.

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Another thing that new users may not realize is that your Mastodon account isn't limited to following other Mastodon accounts. Mastodon uses a common open source protocol called ActivityPub, and can interact with other services that use that same protocol. Pleroma, for example, or PeerTube, or PixelFed. It's like being able to subscribe to Instagram or YouTube from your Twitter account.

Still some hiccups on my main instance, so I'll just post this here.

My tech trifecta tonight. 😉

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