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PSA about my posts/boosts 

If there's something I say or boost that may have bothered you, please be sure to let me know politely. I usually CW particular posts about politics, my beliefs, and my rants, but I may sometimes boost something that I'm excited about which might not have a CW. We all make mistakes, we are all human.

I'd rather you bring it to my attention in a civil manner than passive-aggressive, knee-jerk, cancel-culture blocking outright, but that's your choice and I respect it. πŸ‘

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I guess it bears repeating. Bluntly this time.

If you're going to send a follow request, please do something with your Mastodon/Pleroma/Whatever profile. No activity on your instance account looks fishy. 🐟 I'm just going to cancel it outright if that's the case.

I know I'm not the only one on the Fediverse that feels this way.

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** new main who dis? **

Well, I guess now that I'm on my new main instance, it's time for a new .

I'm a middle-aged, graybeard geek who loves all things tech and all things music, especially when they come together and make babies. Not only do I wonder about the bleeding edge of those two, but I get nostalgic about their days of old.


Back home after a great workout and prepping dinner right now. Salmon tonight! 🐟

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I'm creating embedded Linux distribution from scratch that fits on a single floppy (1MB at the moment), runs latest kernel and can boot on a 486DX PC.

More info soon with an easy to understand tutorial!

#Linux #Embedded #FDD

I didn't even realize this had happened with 's new owner, . I always fear crap like this happening when a "group" takes over a project. We've seen sinister things happen with previously-trusted browser add-ons and even previously-trusted sites (Sourceforge). I don't understand how these new owners keep repeating history, other than the fact that they don't get the FOSS community at all.

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We just released version 0.13.0 of #FreeTube!

This new version includes the much requested #Sponsorblock support among a ton of other changes and fixed. Check out the full patch notes over on GitHub.

As always, you can grab the latest release over on the website.

#privacy #opensource

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"Bill Gates has a history of questionable behaviour" N.Y.Times...

No shit, he's been fucking over people since the 70s.

and .

Second day of the work week already in motion as I just signed in to work a few minutes ago. keeping my in motion and ready to tackle the day.

Bring it! β˜•πŸ’ͺ🏻

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Buhbye, Monday work. Time to slip into Rest Mode for the remainder of today. 😊

Oh, Monday, why must you be such a Monday? πŸ˜‘

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how most of my conversations start when I'm in a chaotically random mood

and ...

Another work week begins, so it's back to the rat race with in hand. β˜• πŸ€

to DJ @iiogama on on the way to my cousin's house and he is *killing it* from the start! πŸŽΆπŸ’―πŸŽΆ

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I know that everyone already knows this, but getting code reviewed is important!

It helps me better understand what I'm doing. I've spent the last two days figuring out just one out of 12 #fragattacks. My proposed fix addresses another independent issue (MAC spoofing in A-MSDUs) as a side-effect. I only understood this clearly after Mathy reviewed my patch and pointed this out. MAC spoofing was already fixed in Linux in 2016 and apparently not flagged as a security issue at that time.

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thermometers are fine, but what about therdadeters?
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Connection to the RT-11 system on the PDP-11 machine ( from my SGI Indigo workstation...

So the client is a 32bit, 33MHz UNIX machine with 80MB of RAM and the server is a 16-bit real-time computer with 4 MB of RAM (and with the 18MHz CPU).

A sort of retro-retro-computing πŸ˜‹


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According to Google's Ngram viewer, "macOS" overtook "Mac OS" in 2016. But the problem that I've always had with the newer styling is that it looks like it rhymes with "tacos".

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