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@ParadeGrotesque In other news, if I were that customer that took down Fastly, I 100% would want to know. That’s some serious resume fodder. Or drinking game lulz at the minimum.

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without revealing your age, pos t your credit card number and the wacky digits on the back

This is such a strange thing to put into the world, but I'm loving Mate's marco window manager with software compositing.

That's such a weird thing to write.

I'm wondering if it is actually improving desktop latency in some ways.

Mate Desktop's window manager, marco - its software compositor works really great on my hardware in Debian 11.

When did that happen!

I remember software rendering always being a bane - always bad tearing and terrible performance, avoid at all costs sort of deal.

I'm not sure the performance is a lot better, but the complete lack of tearing in this version makes it feel nearly like Compiz, and very usable.

Even Firefox is much improved running under it.

It's really unfortunate that Debian's Chromium package is so far out of date.

So after installing Gentoo in VM, along with Mate Desktop and Chromium, I expected that I would be able to benchmark the browser in the VM and see differences between Gentoo and Debian.

I was wrong.

They gave similar results. They traded punches here and there - there were a lot of variables, one being that the Gentoo version was compiled with GCC, and Debian, Clang (I think).

But they tested largely the same, within 5% of each other.

Bringing up a full Gentoo desktop in a VM.

Sometimes I question my life choices.

Wow, Ok. Edge on Linux was enchanting until Edge started recommending shopping options.

I'm so torn with using Debian these days.

Years ago when it was new, I loved the idea of it. This was prior to Ubuntu. Very altruistic - I wanted to contribute, the software was awesome, I thought it would be inspiring for college.

It helped with college (papers in LaTeX stand out) but I only contributed a bug report here or there. It seemed like it was difficult to get into the community.

These days - I just want updated Chrome. And I like Compiz + Mate. Chrome is outdated in Debian 11. Sigh

Not only do I sort of like Edge on Linux, I like that it uses favicons as a shorthand view of open websites with a vertical tab strip. It's sort of like treestyle tabs, but without the tree, and a nice shorthand.

I hate to be That Guy, but I actually kind of like Microsoft Edge on Linux.

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Well, when Debian loses control over the channel on Freenode, you know the end times are near.

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Taking an HTML/CSS/JS class this summer. I put together my first page yesterday, and I'm thinking.. how did I go this long on the Internet and not learn this? This is cool!

If I were that customer that took down Fastly, I 100% would want to know. That’s some serious resume fodder. Or drinking game lulz at the minimum.

I'm afraid I'm turned into the adult prude I always made fun of as a teen. My Federated Mastodon feed? Whole adult domains get blocked.

The semester has been over for five days now. I’m still not quite sure what to do with myself

Says the person (me) who has had to return to the office the last two days - EMPLOYER YOU ARE INCREDIBLY BOLD. Working from home is A+ amazing, and having to return back to the office before the Covid vaccination rate is higher in our area is disappointing. Not to mention the incredibly dirty office you keep.

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