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@ParadeGrotesque In other news, if I were that customer that took down Fastly, I 100% would want to know. That’s some serious resume fodder. Or drinking game lulz at the minimum.

So in the official Mastodon iPhone app (and maybe Android too), you have to press the search icon at the bottom, and THEN the "Community" tab in the scrolling list at the top.. all to get to the listing that's equivalent to the "Local" section in the web version.

I *like* the local listing, isn't that one of the main purposes of Mastodon? The local instances and the communities built around them? It's really obtuse to get to that in the app.

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In 1996, a 13-episode series intended to be an introduction to the concepts, wide-ranging reach, and quirks of this thing called The Internet was released. It was called "Life on the Internet", and it is a truly intense core sample.

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My boss today shared with our group in a meeting that one of our male workmates and his partner (which we know to be male) had "tested positive".

My boss's boss retort - "Ok, tested positive for what? What we're meaning is they tested positive for Covid."

It was such a wonderfully weird moment. It took everything in my power to not respond, "What they mean is that they don't have HIV/AIDS."

Funny thing. I replaced my main work and home computer (which was a screaming fast new AMD thing) with a much slower machine that's pushing 10 years old.

And I don't mind. Web browsers scroll fine. It takes a second for Webex to allow the "Mute" button to register, but that's alright.

Overall, it makes me stop and focus more on what I do for work. A less twitchy and focused experience. I'm much less likely to check HN or Reddit or what have you.

Sorry yall - as much as I tried, I could never clean satisfactorily the 2007FP as well as I had cleaned other displays.

I bought three brand new ones in total (old stock new in box), tried a couple old ones, tried a bunch of cleaning materials.

I also tried the HP LP2065. It's actually a better display in my opinion than the 2007FP in the color area. Can't clean this one either.

Might be manufacturing materials on the boards as ROHS took off. The issue seems to be the PCBs themselves.

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So I'm trying to find a new display that doesn't drive me crazy day to day while working and going to school for my computer. The 10+ hours a day in front of a display has me sensitive.

I'm looking at projectors. I think they are the only new display you can buy that might have fairly flat visual spectral curves.

And boy, BenQ in their marketing material almost has me here on their page about contrast, near the end, "bright and dark + color" section.

I might need to switch to a projector from computer monitors for something comfortable to look at all day.

I have a blog that I have up. I've posted exactly once in a year.

I struggle with defining my audience.

Is it freeing, or is it limiting to have the possibility of an unlimited audience? How do you manage the paradox of choice in choosing your target?

I have strong topics to write about, but when I consider my audience somehow my big thoughts die.

US Politics 

You know, I'm mildly tired of the breathless articles and politicians talking about what's wrong with the Supreme Court's rulings. I get it. This is bad, and we're going to be focusing on this for a long time, maybe decades.

You know what the answer is?

Elect Democratic senators.

Folks, get out to vote.

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Old CCFL LCD DIsplays 

After obsessing over Dell 2007FP displays for a good while, being it was the only display I could really find new either on eBay or elsewhere, a display came up for purchase that I knew I liked, a new HP LP2065.

I knew I really loved the one I had before back in the day.

And HOLY COW. Opening this thing up - it is BEAUTIFUL.

IIRC the two have the same panel.

It reminds me that Dell, in the past, and now, does dumb things to make their displays ... whatever. Bad LUTs.

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We thought Roe was solid. It wasn't.

I remember reading years ago about research suggesting that by 2040 White Americans would no longer hold the majority of the US population.

I thought about what that might mean.

And then 45 happened.

And then Kavanaugh happened.

And now Roe v Wade has been abolished.

And like—there's no reason to assume they don't want to take this all the way back to pre-women's suffrage, to pre-Emancipation Proclamation.

US Politics 

There appear to be snipers on the roof of the Supreme Court.

January 6th insurrection? Not so much.

I just took a second look at the spectrum they list.

The colors you get are:

Two types of blue, and something red-like.

Why can't get just get Red, Green, Blue, in equal amounts? This is what we as physical living things react most strongly to.

At this point, I'm still much more of a fan of CCFL spectrums with their weird very high "green" but at least they hit all three primaries directly.

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I do not care if the screen appears "bright".

Give me balanced color, please.

We have such better technology to get great results now. But we just can't get out of the grip of "it's low power" and "it's light weight" and it "so bright blue that you won't ever sleep again".

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I've been in a desperate search for a new, modern computer monitor that has reasonable color that isn't just crazy blue. So I did some searching today.

LG has this new panel type - IPS Black Nano - that uses nanoparticles? I think this is similar tech as QLED from other manufacturers.

Low and hehold! Better coverage of sRGB... but uh, at least they're honest. They display a spectrum. It's still stupid blue (under "Delicate Color").

CRTs still rule for this.

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