This is kind of interesting, tap into radio from all over the world visually.

What happens when the fog lifts in southern California?

This is why grammar Nazis perform a vital role in our society. 🤣

A Local Area Network in Australia...
The LAN down under? 🤣

It just dawned on me that the term "domestic housewife" implies there are feral housewives... I wonder if anyone ever thought of that...

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A little reminder of the difference between media and journalism, and how to support the latter.

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The earth is approximately 70% water and it isn't carbonated.

So technically, the earth is flat. 🤣

I'm sickened by it all. Ahmaud Arbery is innocent. And now they are trying to say he caused his own death because he normally didn't exercise there? This is a free country. He had every right to jog there!

🎼Ooh, it takes every kinda people
To make what life's about, yeah
Every kinda people
To make the world go 'round ❤

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