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For windows users and dual booters, you might not want to update windows 10 for a week or so... "The recent KB4528760 update for Windows 1909 seems to be causing issues with some computers and stopping them from booting. Presenting the error code 0xc000000e. Increasing number of machines hitting this issue after installing this update"

How to shoot yourself in the foot with Microsoft products on Ubuntu. 🤣 Sorry, just being a smart aleck here. I can't imagine why I would ever do this. If it were somehow not a chrome clone, then maybe, but no...

I love all people. Even those that say and do evil things. I may hate their acts, but I do not hate them. Everyone is able to change their bad ways, to be a better person.

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“People that panic only see blocked exits” - Amagansett Press

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Middle-of-the-night ice cream 🍨 eating oh yeah!

Nobody around to judge you or share the stuff with. OH YEAH!

I just found this dude named Tom MacDonald. I can't stand most rap. It's not the style, it's the horrible lyrics. But this dude, wow. I hate hip hop!

and i leave hidden folders visible all the time, because i'm in them so very often.

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Yes, I use thunar instead of gnome 3's file manager. Why? It's so less buggy, so much faster, and has so many wonderful add-ons.. it's my absolute favorite file manager in Linux.

Talking with people this morning about using Linux, and I realized that I am a very boring Linux person. My desktop is practically vanilla Ubuntu. Very small visible changes. I don't really care how my machine looks, i care how workflow feels and how things work. Which is why I am *cringe* a gnome 3 user (it's such a resource hog!) and which is why I am am Ubuntu user. I like it when things work with minimal "human vs computer battles".

Apple fan boy: I don't like this device, it costs less than my apple stuff, and does more than the apple stuff does.

Me: Are you brain damaged, or what?

Vincero! I can't help it, I think this is Luciano Pavarotti's finest work! ❤️

I miss the time when computers had pop out coffee holders. :D

7 feet of beer, anyone? I can't imagine most people fitting this behemoth in a car easily...

I was talking in my Linux group about the new Nvidia's RTX 3090's password cracking ability, and i told them:

"Most of my customers "passwords" could be cracked by a trs80 from 1977. Passwords like their dogs name, their favorite car model... i yiy yiy..."

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