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This is thanks to nixCraft @nixcraft on twitter

My new word for the day:


(of a person or their efforts) persisting tirelessly.

"an indefatigable defender of human rights"

I love this question... because the British don't say cookies, so would they call them biscuits?

I feel this deep in my dev bones... "Luck driven development", I'll have to remember that! 馃ぃ

The evolutionist religious zealots are at it again. If you believe in evolution, I'm ok with that. I am. But if you make fun of anybody who doesn't tout evolution as proven or fact (because it is NOT.) then you are not objective, it is no longer science, it is your religion. (PS, Sorry I come here and vent. You are all always pretty cool with it, so thank you again!)

I was ostracized by the evolutionist religion today. I didn't pretend evolution was fact or in any way proven, because it's not. I won't lie for them. Evolution is a theory whose "evidence" could just as easily be interpreted as intelligent design. You want real science? We'll talk about repeatable scientific evidence like the freezing point of unpurified water. Evolution does not fit into that role. I guess I won't get invited to whatever evolutionists' version of Hanukkah or Christmas is.

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