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I've joined this instance because I'm an ARPA member on the SDF. I also keep a few back-up identities on other instances too.

I'm curious about gopher, Mastodon, OSS, Linux, Emacs, Org-mode,
tabletop RPGs, philosophy, history, and programming. I'm known to
fiddle with Python on occasion.

If you want to chat, ping me!

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If, like me, you learned to solder at the Radio Shack School of Scarred Knuckles, please save yourself twenty years of fucking around and watch this set of training videos from the 80's:

Follow up with the rework/repair series:

You can breeze through them in an hour or so and save yourself so, so much time in the long run.

a French helicopter pilot does some incredibly flying to rescue an injured skier stuck at 2000 meters up a windy mountainside

une comédie musicale sur des devs de sites internet qui s'appelerait "Website Story"

"One of the reasons why getting full access to your device is really tempting for governments is the same reason it’s tempting for abusive partners and former partners: we carry tracking devices in our pockets." - EFF Director of Cybersecurity @evacide

Think of all of the folks that think that Slack/ IM are a great way to communicate.

At some point they'll realize they've created an inbox with expectations. They'll start trying to figure out how to make themselves less available. The beauty of email is once you realize that you can delete messages and not have to see them again email becomes a game you can win.

Problem is for a lot of folks their inbox is their todo list because they don't have a good system for managing it outside of email.

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Also, to the folks who believe that social media is a replacement for RSS:

Social media is a very powerful tool for amplifying what others think is important. It has a hard time amplifying the minutiae that you might find important. rolled a 20 (potential critical hit) and then confirmed it with another 20.

The most ecological technology is one you use for a long time. This is especially true of computing technology, where the embodied energy is several magnitudes higher than the energy cost of using it.

Hey everyone. I have been over at @tomasino for the last fe years. I'm migrating here. If the migration asks you for a follow again, that's why.

Still working on the blog post. The topic is good but it's much longer than I anticipated. I'm just about done with my detailed point-form outline. Once that's done, writing my first draft should be relatively painless. I just need to string together enough time to write it.

Anyone else having trouble with actually sitting down to write? I have a good topic but I'm finding it hard to make time for writing. After I look after my responsibilities, I don't have much impetus left.

Now that I've finished my latest blog post, I need to figure out my next writing topic.

Does anyone else find this to be the hardest step in the writing process?

My search to find the right way to game online...

“Choosing a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Solution for My Gaming Group”

“Choosing a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Solution for My Gaming Group” by Brad Fonseca

I'm trying to write a blog post but the information keeps changing. It's an interesting problem to encounter.

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