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I've joined this instance because I'm an ARPA member on the SDF. I also keep a few back-up identities on other instances too.

I'm curious about gopher, Mastodon, OSS, Linux, Emacs, Org-mode,
tabletop RPGs, philosophy, history, and programming. I'm known to
fiddle with Python on occasion.

If you want to chat, ping me!

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une comédie musicale sur des devs de sites internet qui s'appelerait "Website Story" rolled a 20 (potential critical hit) and then confirmed it with another 20.

Hey everyone. I have been over at @tomasino for the last fe years. I'm migrating here. If the migration asks you for a follow again, that's why.

Still working on the blog post. The topic is good but it's much longer than I anticipated. I'm just about done with my detailed point-form outline. Once that's done, writing my first draft should be relatively painless. I just need to string together enough time to write it.

Anyone else having trouble with actually sitting down to write? I have a good topic but I'm finding it hard to make time for writing. After I look after my responsibilities, I don't have much impetus left.

Now that I've finished my latest blog post, I need to figure out my next writing topic.

Does anyone else find this to be the hardest step in the writing process?

My search to find the right way to game online...

“Choosing a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Solution for My Gaming Group”

“Choosing a Virtual Tabletop (VTT) Solution for My Gaming Group” by Brad Fonseca

I'm trying to write a blog post but the information keeps changing. It's an interesting problem to encounter.

A healthy dose of antimalarial medication (gin & tonic).

Cheers! 🥂

A new post on my blog...

Memory Is A Funny Thing

My memory is and (infuriatingly) isn’t very detailed when recalling things from my childhood...

The fact that Chelsea Manning is free and her fines will be paid gives me so much hope

Happy International Women's Day to all the indomitable women and girls out there!

Good morning and wonderful Wednesday Mastodon!

May you do good work today, as the gentleman in this picture did.

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