Still it doesn't measure up to this interpretation from the soundtrack of my youth.

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For whatever reason looked at the web assembly source format and learned it's S-expression based. Is there something like a Lisp/Scheme layer on top of this?

Actually, searching for it a few experimental things show up, but is there something people actually use? Is it just a dumb idea not to just compile to binary WASM directly?

(My first thought was basically "did someone do for this what @technomancy did for Lua?")

Nostalgia, my tiny app for easily setting historic GNOME default wallpapers, has been ported to GTK4 and Libadwaita thanks to @maximiliano.

Get it from Flathub:

Trying my best to make Thai style ไข่เจียวชะอม (senegalia pennata omelette) here in this new land.

Anyone who thinks decentralization is an unmitigated good never heard of cars in comparison to public transport

Relief, found a shop that sells ชะอม in my new home town.

Do any of the Android apps that work with Mastodon also give access to moderation features? (I use Tusky now but it doesn't.)

Suddenly find myself a little bit less hostile to Github after logging in and finding they now have a "Light high contrast" theme that (almost) disables that dumb grey-on-white text.

All this intercontinental moving has forced me to cut my library down a couple of times. This is currently the whole thing.

Needed something to figure out what furniture will fit in my new apartment and it was very easy with despite me rarely doing any vector graphics stuff. Thanks Inkscape people! :-)

"GitHub stale bot considered harmful" by Drew DeVault

"Let me offer you a different way of thinking about issues: a place for motivated users to collaborate on narrowing down the problem and planning a potential fix."

I'm sick of self-supporting Nextcloud, but don't want to go to GDrive/Dropbox/Onedrive or any of those.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a service that's a bit more ethical? A fully maintained service could work for me if it's reputable and not super expensive, but I could go with a completely proprietary service too if the convenience/ethics tradeoff is not too bad.

Going from Fedora to Rocky on my personal laptop. If this ends up being not too painful, I'll probably go with RHEL for my work laptop in a while.

What with using Flatpak for all my desktop applications, having a base OS with a slower release cycle seems quite viable.

So apparently I spent my last day in Bangkok drawing a messily tied trainer.

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