This rainy Monday morning I'm wearing a yellow with a Siam .

Given that this is currently my go-to knot, but it's not commonly described (and I came up with the name myself), maybe I should put instructions somewhere.

In the meanwhile, it's knot 26 here:

On this rather wet Monday morning I have a yellow with a Siam .

Since I'm for the duration only go to the office Mondays and Wednesdays, there will be less variety, so maybe I should start mixing it up a bit with the knots.

Are people using any hosted CI setups together with Gitea?
I just hope that this won't mean that I'll have to transform a bunch of bullshit with no common format nor any kind of reasonable fallback.

Meanwhile Atom: Solid base, IETF standard, supported by a huge pile of software, can be extended in the same way as JSON-LD (because JSON-LD is a pale copy) but thanks to XML you can get a fallback if a schema isn't parsed, which is very important for an extensible format because you can't support absolutely everything that exists in the world.
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Also quite blurry picture today. Didn't see it on my phone before posting. Probably most people will also see it on their phone and not notice, so I guess it's fine.

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Got confused about the day of the week, so today I'm wearing a Thursday , specifically a brown silk one with a Siam .

First time back to the office in about ten weeks. Wearing a black/red square pattern with yellow flowers, using a Siam .

There hasn't been any posts for a while since I've been working from home, but today I'm visiting a customer while wearing this Zebra pattern tie with a Siam . The tie is a souvenir from Johannesburg.

This one doesn't see much use otherwise as it doesn't match the colours of the day for the usual working days.

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