Long post about instance blocking 

I don't understand rpm-ostree. What is it like comparing to Nix and Docker?

I think if I got to ride Athens public transport just a few more days I would have gotten the hang of reading capital-letter Greek and I'm a bit sad I didn't get to

Okay, forget the other criteria for now. What is an FP lang you like with a small and ergonomic syntax/grammar, and why do you like it?

What are some modern functional programming languages which are fast (compiled), with a nice syntax and good contact with the surrounding system? Are there any?

Today wearing a Thai silk with an Eldredge .

This is the rough kind of silk that's a bit like linen, so the knot looks quite large.

Trying a vidalia today.

Two comments:

* Looking for instructions for this knot, they all say it's difficult. I don't think that's true. This is the first try; I've had others that took many attempts the first time around.

* The pictures I found of it have the short end hanging down visibly behind the knot. I instead suggest that after you pass it inside the two loops behind the knot at the end, you tuck it back up between those loops, and hide the end under the collar instead.

If Mozilla used Slack because it is practical, They'd use Chrome because it is practical too? 🤔

Developer-driven software distribution is a bad idea, which is why I dislike things like Flatpak.

Having distro maintainers involved in the process and installing your software from a free software distribution like Debian or FreeBSD is a much better distribution of power. The packages can be tuned to suit their environment without the developer having to repackage it for every distro, and the distro maintainers can keep out anti-features like telemetry and advertising.

The middleman may seem annoying to developers, but embrace the model and it'll work for you. Landing packages in your favorite distro isn't actually that hard, and the rest of the distros will follow. If you're an end-user who wants to see some software available for your distro, look into packaging and volunteer - it's easy.

Hey y'all earlier today I posted about Racket-MUD, my MUD engine written in Racket, talking about how it's cool and stuff. Unfortunately, all y'all's boosts killed the server it was on, and that's not the first time that's happened.

So, I moved the repo to Gitlab for now:


Victoria today. It's really winter weather here now, and my normal background for these pictures is less bright also. I haven't used the AC in more than a week.

This is my favourite genre of web design: simultaneously advocating for a style and demonstrating why you should/shouldn't use it!


Using or similar is not an option because:

* No convenient way to apply it to all web sites by default and except a few.
* Can't allow web sites to pick between sans and serif but otherwise use the default font.

Anyone know how to allow only certain web sites to set their own in ? I want to try out but it's useless without web fonts. On the other hand I don't want to enable "Allow pages to choose their own fonts" globally because that makes everything terrible.

Wearing a straight with a Victoria today. Found this tie in a charity thrift shop in Jämtland.

Made it a full torso this time to make it full justice.

Happy to see that @sir's useplaintext.email is now the top search result for "plaintext email"!

(At least on :duckduckgo:. It probably varies more on Google)

(and special shoutout to the graphic by Fosstodon's own @ohyran :) )

Using an oriental , the simplest of the tie knots, not counting just hanging it around your neck.

Today a regular old half-Windsor .

As maybe I've said before, this knot is charmingly misnamed to the second degree, as it's not half of a Windsor knot in any reasonable sense (just a bit smaller with a similar look), and also the Duke of Windsor apparently didn't use either, he just popularised big knots by using thick ties.

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