What do people think about a DNS scheme for associating a domain to an instance, similar to MX records, various special subdomains for email verification, etc? Let's say if pointing bkhl._specialstring.elektrubadur.se to mastodon.sdf.org, that meant I want @bkhl@elektrubadur.se to refer to this account at the moment. Is something like this already a thing, or planned?

Just re-launched my personal web site elektrubadur.se/ with some new cool features:

* No JavaScript.
* No cookies.
* No comments.

If for some reason you want to comment on something there you can for instance discuss it on here. For now it's mostly my photos though, so not much to discuss. Maybe I'll start writing a bit on technical subjects there, we'll see.

@veer66 being the only Thai in my feed so far, do you mind fielding questions about the script? I know อู is ตีนคู้, but what is name for the vowel mark for the short version อุ?

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