This sparkle of shades of brown includes a wool with a Victoria . It's a sort of continuation of a four-in-hand, where you do an extra "loop around" before the final "fold over from back".

It's helpful if you want the four-in-hand look but a bit larger, or if your tie is too long for it.

Better photo of the same green with a pattern as I wore last Wednesday, tied with a Windsor .

Here's a Plattsburgh . It looks quite large in relation to its complexity, so can be a good choice for ties that are a bit short for an Hanover or Windsor.

I also like the look of the visible final fold at the top.

It's somewhat sad to see that the #Nextcloud Calendar doesn't really “feel“ maintained.

It's still missing basic features like changing one instance of a recurring evening, changing order of different calendars or just choosing a default calendar.

Some of these issues are open for more than three years now. :-/

Anyone willing to take on a webdev challenge that would benefit a whole community? :D

This one even has a bounty of 125$ on it:

Kan du ? Gillar du att lyssna på ? Klassiska undergroundtejpljudmagasinet tillbaka i digital form:

Wearing this elephant pattern with a Hanover today.

If someone wonders about the technique it's aperture mode with a fully open lens, with the compensation set to +2/3 stop, which is about right for a shot against my bedroom window in the morning.

Bringing this up as I thought the turned out extra well this morning.

Noticed now this was a bit blurry because I'd left my camera on a fixed low ISO. It's a pretty nice new tie so will try to do another one on the next green day to show it a bit better.

Using a Persian today. Good if you want a very triangular knot and the tie is a bit thin for a half-Windsor. It works quite well for these ties or a brand with an English-sounding name that I use a lot of the time.

I have been back to work a couple of days but too jet lagged to bother with new tie knot pictures. I think from now I'll do these only when I have something (however little though) to say about it.

This is the first time wearing a new silk with a pattern. I bought it after wearing out one of my previous two green ties.

special edition: during vacation found this in my late grandfather's wardrobe.

It's been kept tied, with a Half-Windsor knot.

I notice it's very short, reaches my navel (we were the same size).

This might reflect him starting to wear ties before strict rules about tie length and number of dimples &c. made it into fashion.

"Git is already federated & decentralized"
As a determined novice, I like this old school approach to collaboration with git.

Today I'm wearing a Cavendish again (same as Tuesday). This will be the last one for a while, as I'm off on vacation.

Using a Hanover today (like yesterday). This time with a thinner silk .

My wife seems to prefer the symmetric triangular knots, though I get bored with them in the long run.

If I had to wear a uniform that stipulates a Windsor knot (like a lot of military uniforms I believe), I might use this one instead, as in outward appearance it's more or less the same, just neater.

Additional comments on this knot:

• This knot is sort of three oriental knots over each other.
• A half Windsor is kind of like two oriental knots over each other
• A half Windsor has no similarity to a Windsor, and it's certainly not a half of it it (in terms of complexity it would be like two thirds).
• Some people call a Windsor a double Windsor for some reason. Makes no sense, though I'd like to see a Windsor on top of a Windsor. (Even repeating a half Windsor would be impractically large).

Today I'm using a Cavendish . This is kind of a four-in-hand made on top of another, in reverse. I like that it is fairly substantial but keeps the rectangular shape of a four-in-hand. It also gives a nice effect with the stripes.

The of the day is a Christensen. This is a quite nifty knot first attested in a Swedish mail order catalogue.

I feel that this one would be a good choice if you have a uniform that includes a tie, and have a say in what knot to use.

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