Today, a brown with a Balthus , the largest of the named knots using the traditional moves.

Today, a green straight with a Victoria . Since it's a very narrow straight tie, there's no dimple.

This Tuesday morning I have the following announcement: I'm wearing a pink with a Christensen knot.

Light blue with a Van Vijk .

This is kind of a novelty knot, but unusual among them in that it can actually be described as a walk on a triangular lattice, like the standard tie knots.

This morning, a brown tartan wool with a cross Victoria .

This is a Victoria knot with the wide end tucked behind the two last horizontal loops, rather than just the final one. In other words this relates to the Victoria knot in the same way that the Christensen relates to the Manhattan knot.

Today, a green with that variant of the Victoria that is called a cross Victoria.

This Tuesday morning, after a heroic run in the park in the drizzle, a pink with a Christensen .

I'm building what's possibly the 2nd machine #steno system (aka #stenotype) for the Thai language in existence. It's based on the American steno layout, mostly because I want this to be largely compatible with the #plover infrastructure.

At this point, every possible syllable has a chord on the layout. Briefs will come later, as I'm still learning English steno at the moment!

(Gosh do I love to procrastinate lol)

A green Naga pattern with a Grantchester .

This is a fairly large knots that starts with making a Kelvin knot, and then just before you think you are done, you make a four-in-hand on top of it.

Today, a pink tropical pattern with a Persian .

This is a variation of the Windsor that's nearly undistinguishable, and is often just given the same name.

It's a fairly big knot, but you can't really tell with this thin fabric.

Unusually, these days, going to work on a Thursday, so here's a brown with a Christensen .

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