My newest game Bat Egg is out now (and it's freeeeeeeee)! Flap, glide, and befriend your way through six zones in story mode, or play as long as you like/can in one of two endless modes 🦇🥚 #screenshotsaturday #indiegame #gamedev #indiedev

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I'm sick of self-supporting Nextcloud, but don't want to go to GDrive/Dropbox/Onedrive or any of those.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a service that's a bit more ethical? A fully maintained service could work for me if it's reputable and not super expensive, but I could go with a completely proprietary service too if the convenience/ethics tradeoff is not too bad.

Going from Fedora to Rocky on my personal laptop. If this ends up being not too painful, I'll probably go with RHEL for my work laptop in a while.

What with using Flatpak for all my desktop applications, having a base OS with a slower release cycle seems quite viable.

So apparently I spent my last day in Bangkok drawing a messily tied trainer.

Today, a pink tropical pattern with a Grantchester , with a blue songkran shirt.

About to join a virtual farewell party for myself leaving Thailand after almost seven years. I'm technically on leave already so going casual.

It's sad not to have a proper party with my colleagues, so I hope to be back to visit soon.

I heard they plan to put some cables here underground, but then there will be no shade?!

You know what: it'd be great if people who need accessibility didn't go around calling other people's work "trash". I get it: accessibility is hard, and required for people to use a computer—but you know how proprietary platforms deal with it? They pay developers. You know what Linux users do for it? They fucking whine about it, and then they go out and say that any effort made is trash.

Well, guess what: stuff doesn't fix itself.

Hey, I didn't just boost @john for no reason. You all need to start following and boosting him to get him to post more cool here.

There's way too much bias towards extant species on this platform. I mean, at this point why is it even called Mastodon? (Yes I know other fediverses are available).

Libera is a week old, and we've come strong out the blocks. Thank you to our 20,000 users for your support, enthusiasm, and patience.

I've written a little about our first week and some of the projects we host here:


#irc #liberachat

@godotengine looking at there seems to be a lot of people talking about it on here, but it's still hard to follow hashtags.

Can you help try to make a thing by tagging your posts with it?

Cheers! 🕹️

Så Dom dummaste släppte visst ett nytt album på första april: (första spåret)

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