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It’s VERY IMPORTANT that we start calling the Year 2038 bug, where 32-bit Unix time overflows, The Epochalypse. Plz spread.

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The television series Eureka grew on me. At first I thought it was a bit silly, but now I’m bummed that I’ve finished all the seasons.

Ok, a quality desktop computer monitor really does make a difference. I’ve been squinting at poor contrast for too long.

This is the time in the semester that I encourage my students to create an account on . I lure them in with Space Invaders on the terminal.

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For those that managed early NNTP and IRC services, what mistakes are we repeating in the fediverse?

Spent time today mucking around in java server config files after a product upgrade that moved from Oracle’s Jdk to OpenJDK. While I applaud that move by our vendor, TLS and elliptical curve stuff was a kaputt.

Just finished season 5 of Game of Thrones.

Tomorrow I’ll spend some time in switches.

Are there any east coast US conferences planned for the near future?

So long old friend. Opportunity landed on Mars more than 15 Earth years ago, on January 25, 2004.

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