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Finally something #HamRadio related:

Had a nice chat last night after getting home from bowling and dinner with Matt, KC4EGG. We were on the Skyview repeater at first, but when we discovered that we lived on the same street just in two directly-adjacent towns, we switched to 2 meter simplex. He remarked that the audio was cleaner on simplex than it was on the repeater. We lowered our power down to 5 watts and were still crystal-clear

Never dismiss simplex if you live close to another ham.

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I wonder if this can be disabled. I like the hardware, but what if I want to run other software?
“Microchip® CryptoAuthentication: The Microchip part assures customers they are running authentic, unaltered pfSense software.”

Enjoying my “new to me” old IC-706MK2 ham radio.

“One thing the Windows kernel does really well is security. Every single object has an associated access control list, which allows fine-grained access control to pretty much anything. The average user’s response to this is to decide it’s too complicated to understand, and that the simplest thing to do is set everything to full access.”

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Thing about being a digital plumber is that your name gets lost to history. So, yeah, Time Warner Cable won a technical emmy for essentially inventing this era of video streaming on the internet, particularly to mobile devices. But I know whose handwriting was on that hotel napkin, which hotel’s logo was on the napkin, and I know who was at that hotel bar table. I know whose names were on the commits and who sold the dream to our CEO. No patent carries our names because slicker employees wrote patents based on our work. No standard carries our names because we were already on to the next impossible problem.

We didn’t cure cancer. We didn’t smash the patriarchy. But we did change the world. When you watch Netflix or Amazon Video, when you hit a porn site, or when you watch a Twitch feed, we’re there in the bits watching back. We are the nameless, the forgotten, the digital plumbers.

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It is going to be one of those days: troubleshooting elevator phone lines.

Remember when took out a full page ad in the New York Times on December 16, 2004? One of the sides included names of contributors. I still have a copy. Laminated for safekeeping.

DHCP Server dies, good thing I have an install thumb drive in my bag so I can set up a temporary dhcp server.

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if unskilled labor existed, minimum wage workers wouldn't have to attend training

I have the day off for the holiday, so I might as well update the BIOS on a bunch of the home computers.

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