Back when I used to have fun abusing just to see what it took to break it.

Could the internet really fracture into a few isolated defensive zones? NATO internet, Chinese internet, etc?

Because mastodon seems to like it when people post pictures of their feline friends. I give you Spike, one of our purr muffins.

It is just me and the now quiet battery backup units, waiting for the power company and emergency services to restore power to the building. No clue what happened down the road, but at least school was already out for the day.

Because so many brute force scripts seem to try passwords as usernames, the auth log can be a great way to see what passwords one should never use. (Hint: all of them. Disable password logins for ssh.)

I think I’ll start a new hobby: “Butt Dial Theatre” where I stage an audio scene and then pretend to pocket dial a friend by accident.

Tried to make it through the Dune movie and failed.

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Attention #OpenBSD vmm users of the fediverse: I just changed the syntax of vmctl(8) to be more like it is commonly expected. See

Just found out today that OSX includes LibreSSL from the project. Neat!
$ openssl version
LibreSSL 2.6.5

I watched “A history of time travel” (on amazon) this weekend. It was well done, quite entertaining.

I think Smart Phone VR headsets are old news. I base this on the number of these I see at GoodWill, which means they are essentially being thrown away in large numbers.

I think gets better every release. I can’t say the same for many other operating systems.

John Wick Observation 

When the Internet punishes you:
Browser warning on a website: "...uses an invalid security certificate. Certificates issued by GeoTrust, RapidSSL, Symantec, Thawte, and VeriSign are no longer considered safe because these certificate authorities failed to follow security practices in the past."

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Did you enjoy one or more talks today at #BSDCan? Please review the talks on the website.

Too often very few people review talks. Folks who didn't enjoy a talk end up dominating the handful of reviews (think less than 6 reviews). Give! Positive! Feedback! :flan_cheer:#bsdcan2019

Just set up my first ssl website using acme-client. That was easy! Thank you @kristapsdz

$ snapctl
error: snapctl cannot run without args
$ man snapctl
No manual entry for snapctl

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