Last week in one of the cafes where I frequently have my , the IPv4 didn't work. ... but did ... new blog post: "The Saga of IPv6"

TL;DR ... it lead me to


my favourite aspect of formal German writing is that the shortest words like "wegen" are abbreviated to "wg." and stuff like Donaudampfschifffahrtskapitänskajüte gets the full … line.

Checking the waterlevels in the island's reservoirs on today's ride (58km). All full, ready for the tourist season.

Are there any federation relays focusing on #retrogaming, #retrocomputing and #gamedev that could help our tiny little instance focusing on exactly those topics get connected better with the rest of the world?


Now that a lot of people write introduction posts... I suddenly start to remember (and miss) my old SE/30. Souped up with 32MB RAM, a HD (that was around 500MB I think), and best of all an Ethernet card. It's at friends' place back in .ch, and I miss it just a little bit.

It's not that I did that much with it... back then it was kind of like "build the dream machine you wanted to have as a kid". Still, this was a cool machine even just to power on and play around with for 20 minutes.


It would be a shame if this photograph went viral.

Dear German chancellor I live in a six party house. Our heating and hot water is natural gas powered. We would be fine to live without it for a few weeks or months. Please do the embargo. No Russian gas. Human rights trump my warm shower. Do it. Thanks.

Dear graphic and web designers: This is what I think of your carefully crafted sleek design and associated CI-conform typography. No need to thank me for the feedback.

Not much to write about lately, words feel empty compared to the brutality of the world out there. I'm dragging myself from day to day. At least I'll go for a bike ride this afternoon.

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мы недостаточно говорим про Алексея Суровцева 🥺💛


Советский плакат из набора, приуроченного к 40-летию победы

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"For me, history is the record not only of how things change, but how people make things change, how they act individually and collectively to create a better world.”

-- Tyler Stovall

Why do old farts always drag the youth, especially children, into their own goddamn wars 😠 🇺🇦☮️❤️

She is so great and one of my personal heroes: Margaret Hamilton recalls her life as a programming pioneer in one of her rare interviews.

This was the coldest winter that most people remember on Naxos. It finally should be over in a few days. Funny how I remember plans last autumn of how *this* winter we'll go for picnics by the sea ... and now we're just saying: "Maybe we could turn the heating on just for a little bit? Maybe we could not think about the war for a little bit?"

Almost 17M spent already since the start of the #UkraineRussiaWar from #EU states on #Russian Fossil Fuels. Indirectly funding the war.

Research by @EurBeyondCoal

DE-Politik, Ukraine, Gaskäufe 

Habe heute diesen Text auf dem Kontaktformular des Bundeskanzlers eingetütet. Herr Scholz liest sowas wohl kaum selber, aber wenn sich genug Leute melden, bewegt sich vielleicht was. Stillsitzen kann ich nicht mehr, wenn den Mördern jeden Tag Millionen in die Hände gegeben werden.

Nachmachen und boosts willkommen!

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Украинские разработчики пишут, что Steam приостановил им выплаты.

Ещё раз - Steam приостановил выплаты разработчикам ИЗ УКРАИНЫ.

Во время войны.

Вот это я удачно вчера купил бандл украинских инди, зашибись поддержал разработчиков 🤦

У меня это в голове не укладывается. Гейб, ты воюешь не туда!

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Hey @valvesoftware @Steam are you okay?

My country was attacked by Russia and because of this you decided to deprive me of a source of income?

Meeting Mauro for in town is always a breath of fresh air, a semplance of "normal" even in hopeless times. And work gets done.

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