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@beni Just gave sbotools a spin to install pelican which has sprouted deps since I last installed it. Liked it. Thanks for the tip. BTW I'll get round to editing the HPR now my kids are back at school. Sorry for the delay.
Beni Grind @beni

@mcnalu never mind. A episode about Slackware only slowly loses its relevance. You have at least 6 years left to get the show out... ;)

@beni @perloid show is currently being uploaded, all 250MB of it :)
@mcnalu @beni Got it, thanks! Thanks for the Markdown notes too; I process the notes for shows and Markdown makes life a lot easier
@perloid @mcnalu @beni Which do you prefer actually? Do you store the source somewhere for potential future transformations, so it's preferable to keep it in a more editable form, or do you prefer HTML5 that you can just dump right in?
@clacke @mcnalu @beni HTML5 is best, but in the past we've had such bad HTML that we encouraged plain text or Markdown.
@perloid @mcnalu @beni Ah. Then nice clean HTML rendered from Markdown (rather then handwritten) must be the best thing. :-)
@clacke @mcnalu @beni HTML5 is stored in the database & rendered in a sort of template.
@perloid @beni Great. If there's anything about the notes or upload in general I could've done better, just let me know. Found the new upload process pretty smooth.
@mcnalu @beni I found two links without 'http://' on the front which were transformed oddly by Pandoc. I fixed them
@perloid @beni righto, will watch out for that in future. Pandoc gets a mention in our show as it happens, for its huge number of haskell dependencies.
@mcnalu @beni I saw Pandoc mentioned in the notes. I remember the cascade of Haskell stuff on my workstation a while back!