I got my own instance now. Federation doesn't seem to be working yet.... I tried to follow @theru as a test...

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@beni @theru I would give it a few hours before trying to sub anyone. When I set up my instance I had the same problem when I tried to follow people at first. I think pleroma needs a few hours to sort itself out. :)

@timttmy @theru thanks for the hint. I received a post in my whole network timeline from a spam bot in no time, but not from people I follow.. Now I have to figure out how to get rid of this post...

@beni Does your new account show up in the other people's lists of subscribers? That's just something to look at.
@beni @timttmy I think there is a block boots or something along those lines in the configuration

@theru I couldn't find anything in the documentation of the config file templates. Neither for bots not boots ;) @timttmy

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