wait, remind me again, why did I plan to run nginx in Docker? The only "benefit" is that you have to jump through burning loops to renew Let's Encrypt certs...

@beni I think running the acme client in the same container is perfectly valid.

@clacke but everyone tells you how you're not supposed to run multiple services in the same container.

@beni Define "service" in a way that helps you rather than hurts you, then it's a good idea.

One of the oft-repeated Docker mantras is "one process per container", but we disagree. There's nothing inherently bad about running multiple processes in a container. The more abstract "one thing per container" is our policy - a container should do one thing, such as "run a chat service" or "run gitlab." This may involve multiple processes, which is fine.


@clacke ok, so I'll run nginx along with cron and dehydrated or whatever in one container, correct?

@beni Sounds like a good idea! You can run cron next to nginx using that s6-overlay I linked to.

@clacke That's what I like about jails. They're like containers that can run more than one process.

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