Sadly my Pleroma instance at is currently down. Some migrations failed and now I don't know how to fix it nor do I have the time to look into it... ;)

Looks like I won't come back for some time: I'm over at - follow me there if you want to

@timttmy might have been right. My instance already looks a lot better. You'll probably hear more of me as

I got my own instance now. Federation doesn't seem to be working yet.... I tried to follow @theru as a test...

Trying to fix my game box which always includes wresting with the proprietary nvidia drivers.

wait, remind me again, why did I plan to run nginx in Docker? The only "benefit" is that you have to jump through burning loops to renew Let's Encrypt certs...

Apparently me from the past owned a legal copy of Wolfenstein 3D. I just found this when I went through some old stuff I still had at my parents.

Honestly, I don't get why @debian insists on building Maxima on GNU Common Lips which has been dead for some years. We keep having memory issues. Luckily Maxima themselves provide a SBCL based package.

Now it's official: My last semester as a maths teacher will start shortly. After this I'll work as a Linux/Unix admin (ok, Systems Engineer sounds a lot better...)

That's great, 2019 will be in Basel, Switzerland. This is going to be a cheap trip....

I just read a proof of existence (of some optimal code with properties xyz) where they start off by assuming C denotes such an optimal code. Just by assigning it a name if doesn't just magically come into existence!

I like languages where you can write 'and' and 'or' instead of '&&' and '||'. For some reason I keep mixing them up even though their meaning is obvious.

I can't believe that there are still spam mails offering search engine registration. After all earch engine registration stopped being a thing by the end of the 90's.

Well, immigrating illegally is one thing, but don't ever try to drive on our Autobahn without paying! You're lucky didn't shoot you on the spot. 😜

I spent most of today's afternoon pulling out legacy tv and telephone cables and trying to squeeze in legacy cat5e cables - because anything newer wouln't fit...

!listening to Death Breath. It's always good to to listen to some old school death metal with a clean drum without triggers... :)

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