From today's LibrePlanet Opening Keynote. Of mobile devices, Marleen Stikker of Public Stack said, "If you own a device, you should have the right to change its firmware and drivers." #LibrePlanet

From today's #LibrePlanet talk with Nicholas Bernhard: "Very often, we are reading by the publishers permission" and later in his talk, he said, "That is why I think free software is essential to an ethical ebook."

Everyone's cool enough for free software! Help us build the movement with 500 FSF associate members by January 20:


As long as the code behind "smart" home devices is proprietary, these companies are free to spy on us as much as they like. Help us fight back: urge your friends to join the FSF! Support #FreeSoftware.

Without free (as in freedom) software, we cannot and will not have a free society. Take the next step to software freedom and help us reach 500 new associate members by December 31! #userfreedom

People around the world use sites that rely on proprietary JavaScript - often without realizing it. Nonfree JavaScript subjugates users in the same way as any piece of proprietary software. We should reject it.

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