me: I would like to use a linear positional indexed data structure as a key in a map

python: sure, use a tuple

javascript: let's consider the CONCEPT of SAMENESS. I have prepared some CHARTS

2017 me, emerging from DeLorean, to 1995 me:

So, this new 'Pentium' chip, turns out the whole 'speculative execution' road is a bit of a mistake. Yes it makes Doom faster but 22 years later all our computer systems are hacked each week by gangs of roaming cyber-criminals wearing vintage 80s micros as cosmetic jewellery on their leather jackets

1995 me (stuck in E1M2): Got it, Doom will get faster

2017 me: Did you even hear a word I said? I said the 80s are going to be fashionable again.

Just turned the last virtual page of Savaged by Systemd, by @mwlucas . Quite possibly the silliest book I've ever read, but against my better judgement, I couldn't not like it... Maybe there actually is such a thing as "Geek literature", after all? Just bought "git commit murder", to be sure.


AIM: dead. ICQ: dead. MSN: dead. Y! chat: dead. Google XMPP/Jabber: dead. IRC survived. Remember that.

I went ahead and setup a word press blog on one of my domains. To atone I guess I need to finally make my space on too!

Reading Savaged by systemd by @mwlucas. Alternate title: Fifty shades of geek.

I hate that the only choices for sending an amazon parcel are
1. "This is urgent, I need it tomorrow"
2. "this is EXTREMELY urgent, I need it right now" and
3. "Give this to me inhumanly fast. I hope an amazon worker dies delivering this to me. I want it!!! I want it nooooooow!!! fuck you!!"

@gutigen @AFresh1 Contrary to your belief, many *BSD devs (including the ones who's code was used) are very happy that Microsoft used the BSD TCP stack.

Forced giving (aka, GPL) is bad in my opinion. If they don't make the effort, we don't want to deal with them.

I've seen the stupid shit that vendors do when forced to give back. It's a nightmare and not worth it.

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It's 2018 and I just joined the space: . Been wanting to do that for years, finally managed thanks to on the server and on my computer.

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