Glad I've plant so many seeds because most of the plants died. The few that survived seem to going strong. This is the first chile (de arbol, I think) flower of the season.

Chiles keep growing. Some of the plants died after moving them outside but others are getting bigger each day.

I don't know what I'm going to do with this many chili plants. I wasn't expecting so many seeds to sprout.

Anobody here know a good online (in Europe would be perfect) source for hot peppers seeds? I'm looking to experiment growing some Habaneros, Arbol and Carolina Reapers.

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and two mechanical bellhops dancing with a lava lamp are about to discover the true meaning of faithfulness... in the Twilight Zone.

Got one of these:

Estimated delivery date: Jan 2019.
So now my early Christmas present will be a delayed Christmas present.

OpenBSD in my old X240 it's up and running. FDE was tricky (mostly because my command line-fu is rusty). This tutorial was helpful:

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