If you can't ensure all your online devices are always updated, keep them on a separate network from other important machines, like your work computer.

Also, be careful with:
- Routers that don't have constant updates
- Devices always connected to your network that doesn't have constant updates (like a camera, a printer, etc)
- Not using something like pi-hole.net within your ISP DNS for blocking unwanted requests

Be careful with:
- sudo without password
- elevated apps with access to all your files without confirmation
- your password manager unlocked all the time or available with saved password
- not having 2step in offline hardware like Yubikeys
for confirming sensitive operations

The Matrix is unrealistic because it's a movie where a black man and a woman tell a straight white man that everything he knows is wrong, and he just accepts that.

Sobre o princípio da solidariedade no Brasil: t.co/njPWQiSmy2

(Toot motivado pelas discussões sobre a reforma da previdência ser inconstitucional por seu modelo de capitalização ferir esse princípio)

Today, do you use your root access on your machine for what?

We're reaching the day that we will lose root access on our machines, and terminals will be apps that will provide “elevated” pet containers. And no one will notice any difference.

Você vê gente tentando promover boicote ao Burguer King chamando o público deles de esquerdista vegano. Por causa da polarização política, isso teve um efeito reverso e o público consumidor lá nunca foi tão grande. Encontre o erro, tem mais de um.

Empresas de tecnologia do Brasil que utilizam a linguagem de programação Python: github.com/pythonbrasil/pyBusi

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