Encontrei um mercadinho selfservice. Tava com um postit de interditado por causa do sistema. Resolvi mexer na máquina e rodava windows 11, electron de frontend e python3.10 num backend que tava ali mesmo. Corrigi o tal do main2.py pra comprar meu chocolate.

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A new secrets engine that can dynamically generate Kubernetes service account tokens, service accounts, role bindings, and roles.

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Multi-Account Containers in firefox is surely something very interesting to test if you like security.

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Do we possess our possessions or do they possess us?

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Developing and Testing an Asynchronous API with FastAPI and Pytest


Learn how to develop and test an API with FastAPI using Test-driven Development (TDD).

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"We must separate the church and skate." Mike, Fat the thinker.

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