@art Great video. Reminded me that, now that I have switched to Linux, I must update my Syncthing setup.
Minor complaint; the background music was a bit loud and not so much "background".

@soc @art Yes, I was not expecting it to be ... this level of polish.

I'd not stick "shit lighting" in the front. I'd just fix it if it bothered you, in the next one, and apologize somewhere else (like here.) That and the "open source weirdo" bit.
Yes, self-deprecating humor works, but it works by reducing the topic (you) to a lower level when it's been elevated (above the "room.") That isn't what you're doing here - you're elevating a _different_ subject (syncthing) to a "I use this, here's why, it's awesome" level.

But when open source is detracted by it's users, it's a LOT easier for the big budget marketing of companies to convince users that their software is the ONLY viable solution. Why, just look at this alternative, it's users even call it weird. You're not weird, why would you use that? Use OUR product, it's better.

@ soc @ art That said:

My first impression was "but WHY would I do that? This does NOT sound like a good idea."

Turned it off partially through right when you said "a server runs on YOUR device A and a server runs on YOUR device B" (or similar.)
Then it clicked.

"Oh, it does NOT require a cloud provider or a company ... self hosted... ok tell me more..." and restarted the video.

Now, I have to triple CHECK this, but -
at that point in the video, you had me interested, and I went back and watched it again. Until you got to 'weird' and then I was already sold and decided to go look into it more myself.

(I also use F-droid, because I don't trust Google. I'm sure there is a selling point for F-droid that is not quite so antagonistic that you could use for that.)

(Also, as I understand the F-droid maintainer is needing some help, maybe... a call to action? (: )

In case it didn't come through, I really enjoyed the video.

@art hope it is not much trouble but i am trying sort of a minimal install with opensuse net installer. so i got just plain firefox 70 on icewm. could you tell what libs/codecs/packages i would need to play your open.tube video? any help would be nice.

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