@art The camera stops me. Even my old 小米手机4 (Xiaomi Mi 4) has a 13MP camera. Besides this the suits me, since I don’t really use a smartphone as a phone. More like a network camera 😉
And a Librem is out of question --- compare the price, memory and cameras🤣 aliexpress.com/item/3302966284

@art I went for the Librem 5, because of them trying to free the software stack a bit more. Who knows, one day a second version might have no proprietary software installed at all :)
It would finally make for a real convergent device having a desktop grade operating system, so both devices are a huge step forward to me.

@art Just wondering: have you switched servers? However, subscribed 😄 Thanks for announcing, I would have missed it otherwise as I wasn't aware of your new home…

@IzzyOnDroid Sorry about that! Yeah, Open.Tube doesn't have a storage limit.

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