I don't see advertising at home. No traditional TV and always got ad blockers on my computers.

At the theater and there is so much Christmas ads already. Was not expecting that. At least not in this volume.

@art 'Tis the season (being that the season is now the second half of the year).

@art I used to think I was just getting to the grumpy age where I was seeing things when I would complain that Christmas was starting sooner each year, but this year the stores put up decorations at the end of *September*. I mean, they lapped Thanksgiving AND Halloween.

While it's tempting to just dunk on the obvious & blatant commercialism, I do also think this will result in kind of a holiday burn-out. We like the Christmas season, but we don't want it to be 5 months long...

@art you'll have to pay more than the price for a DVD AND they throw tons of mandatory advertising at you. --- whats the point of going to the movies again ?! #adblocker

@Axel1973 The amazing picture and sound. Living in a city, I can't have a sound system as good as my local theater. It's totally worth $10 IMHO.

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