We need open mesh networking now more than ever. More and more governments are using Internet shutdowns to gain control of the the people.

This will only get worse.

@art go give all your money to @xj9 if you want that to happen

@art We got Freifunk in Germany, but nobody sets up a node. Lots and lots of laziness and even more DAU.

@art Have you tried ZeroNet? It is Web via BitTorrent with friendly face

@art how about.... a bootable stick for netbooks that looks for other mesh nodes and connects to them in turn receiving and delivering messages, with an interface hodgepodge of http/irc/jabber/the kitchen sink available to dhcp lan users on the ethernet port? Maybe also we could start a new trend to design mesh tolerant web sites that require a minimal number of requests.

@art So what will you be doing about it? :-)

We also need to build the social and political power to stop them from doing that in,the first place, but yeah we need our own tech on top of it.

@art more seriously, this actually very difficult to do. consider a basic web thing: needs to download everything from some URL ok sorry I don't have a route to that host right now. end program.

that kind of sucks and its about as good as it gets mesh wise. even with wired infrastructure, current get mesh overlay networks have a hard time with basic availability relative to the internet. to do anything useful we actually need robust eventually consistent and conflict-free replication protocols.

can you recommend any good resources for learning about mesh nets and the current state of the art and so on?

@art definitely what residents of one of our states need, who have been forced to be under a curfew for a month and counting without phone, internet, transport, mail, anything. We do bring this term up "mesh networking" but we are so clueless and ill equipped to know where to start or how to get the basics up and running.

@art Mesh networks are also just the ticket in a disaster situation.

@mkb @art An alternate reality me with spare time would have got a telecomix operation going in downtown Hong Kong, just in case.
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