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Why is it so cold? (By California standards that is) today? 50Β°F.

Trying to see tonight but everything is sold out. 😐

Today I learned that I can password encrypt files without a key with `gpg -c`. Stick the `--armor` on and it's all ascii!

I love learning this stuff.

Today I learned that the Extra Mile / Chevron in Long Beach carries . The Cacao is really yummy. Why better than the regular flavor.

Just saw #BlackPanther. Loved it! And it had a token white guy who was slightly awkward and bumbled around!

Outside the cinema, there were about twenty black kids (or rather, kids from my perspective, maybe late teens/early 20s) dressed up as characters from the movie (but I think I saw a #Morpheus). They were posing for pictures, with their fists in the air, crying "#Wakanda!"

Fun stuff!

Is the sill crashing because of a character? That seems to happen a lot.

I love but the text editor might just be stealing my heart right now.

I was crazy sick after work today. Took a long nap. Now I'm productive as hell!

I got some awesome drawing applications for my phone but I can't see under my finger. Lining up points is almost impossible. When I draw on paper I can see the tip of the pencil, and when I use the Wacom my pointer is visible. How do other do it in a phone?

Today I finally registered my bike on Some police dept. use it to help find stolen bikes.

I code from a client today in a docx again.

This looks interesting. Simple self hosting deployment. Might have to play with that this weekend.

It's almost time for at Rebel Bite! Only 1 rsvp. Who else is coming tonight?

I'm thinking that I don't want to put on my Torrent / Media Raspberry Pi cause I don't want to bog it down. But I could put it on another pi. I can keep adding pis until I run out of ports.