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GNU/Arthur ✅

Because of some issues with the paperwork with our new apartment (that will be sorted out tonight) I am working from a hotel room in my neighborhood. This is a weird experience for me.

Janelle Monáe at the BET awards. Happy Pride, y'all 😍

Office stuff. Plus my penguin that eats pennies.

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Everyone should have someone in their life that make them feel as good as my girlfriend makes me feel. She's brilliant and an amazing partner. I. Am. So. Lucky. ❤️

We got about 25% of our stuff already packed up for the movers. Between now and tomorrow at 2pm we gotta get the rest.

It was a color space issue I think. I converted my footage to webm and it seemed to render perfectly. 😀

When the 'stable' build of Kdenlive fucks up a render for a client.

What does stable mean anymore?

Today is my last work day at the old apartment. It's gonna be a bummer leaving the beach but my new place I have an office. I'm excited about the office.

Took a nice little evening walk with $GIRLFRIEND and it was awesome out.

Friendly reminder that unfollowing people that post/boost things you don't want to see, is self-cafe.

I was packing but then I ran out of tape. So of course I did the responsible thing and started playing with Gitlab.

I like it.

Really thinking about switching from Jekyll to Hugo. I hate all the dependencies that Jekyll has. It's a little more work to set up but after that I think it'll be an overall better experience.

Today has been a lot of support tickets. I'm getting really good at sending those out.

Been using Waistline ( ) to track my carbs as I get back into the diet.

It's actually really awesome but a bit bare bones. For me its worth it to have my medical data private.

This is the neighboring apartment to our current place. Maybe it's for the best we're moving this week?

I'm almost certain that's for bedbugs. (ง ื▿ ื)ว

This is another reason I love mobile data plans. It doesn't mater where I live. That doesn't concern them except to make sure the billing goes through.