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I want to buy a x200 tablet just for artwork. Nothing else. Just Krita and MyPaint on that thing.

I'm in no place for more hardware investments right now.

My girlfriend needs to scan a bunch of documents and my old flatbed is just too slow for that many. Now we're at the Fedex paying to scan like some kind of farmer.

It's always fun listening to old men at the McD talk about Globalists and conspiracies.

Two minutes before a conference call my body decided this is the best time to get the hiccups.

Falure is the first step at getting good at something. I'm on my way to getting good at life.

Had to build a WordPress site from scratch. I haven't done that in a long time. I'm rusty as hell.

Got my x230 charger shipped from my sister. I'm back in business. Also my off-brand 9 cell charger is working perfectly.

I got my 9 cell battery for my x230. It had a 80% change when I pulled it out of the box which is good because I forgot my charger at my parent's house this weekend.

Today my girlfriend bought a 2015 Nissan Versa Note. It was just what she needed.

We might be buying a car today. I haven't done this in like 10+ years. 🚗

It was pretty easy.

nativefier --tray --name "Mastodon" -i mastodon.png ""

Okay. Got a hand-made Mastodon desktop client. is awesome. What other websites need to be applications?

Ordered my battery from Amazon and it'll be here on Sunday. Pretty excited. Still waiting on my wireless card from china.

Learning how to use to make myself an awesome Mastodon desktop client.

Be warned, in just a few billion years our sun is going to get angry and start to lose its shit.

The bad:
The winds are strong today so my sinuses are acting up. The Grand Prix is happening so I'm hearing that all day.

The good:
It's beautiful out. Got date night with the girlfriend tonight and I'm ordering my 9 cell battery today.


I was productive today.

That's enough productivity till next year.