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Mastodon is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of toots.

If sitting on this episode of Rick and Morty until my girl gets home to watch it with me ain't love I don't know what is.

“Rapper’s Delight,” “Uptown Funk,” and “Everybody to the Limit (Come On Fhqwhgads)” are the same song.

Spreading the word of with other nonprofit groups.

Today's screenshot. Found a theme called Qogir on Gnome-Look. I like it.

I really like keeping my phone home screen sparse. I see other phones covered in icons and it gives me anxiety.

I still haven't taken a ride on the new train to Downtown LA.

Did you hear about the Mexican train killer? He had loco motives

Visited the dentist today. I'm as lucky as my face is numb to have dental insurance. 😁

Realized that the next showing of is in 10 minutes and I don't think I'll get there in time. 😥

Just started blood pressure medicine for the first time in my life. I was told it would take a few weeks to get used to it but I already feel a lot better. Also a bit weird but loads better.

I do only a little video work for my day job. Today I got a interlaced mov file with h264 video and PCM sound.

deinterlaces the video and will make tiny mp4 and webm files that look almost identical to the original.

FFMPEG is a life saver sometimes.

I'm also grabbing old public domain cartoons like this old Popeye short.

From 1936!

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