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Mastodon is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of toots.

nothing made me more mad than reading an article about how "millennials can't cook bc look at our websearch data that shows they look up a lot of recipes"

it's the same as deducing that we don't read bc we own fewer physical books

I love my but the lack of CR3 support is killing me.

I kinda wish the camera could let me choose CR2 even though the files a little bit larger.

Staying safe and keeping distance. Keep looking for unpopulated areas to cycle to.

Finally watched the Gentlemen starring Matthew McConaughey... 

Pandemic and Capitalism 

I've complained in the past about how these webcams have maintained their $80 MSRP for almost 10 years now. I was surprised to see this, but now as I do it totally makes sense. Everyone's working from home.

Today was my first day going to the grocery store since the pandemic started. I'm glad we were able to wait. Other that bathroom tissue everything was in stock again and the lines were back to normal length.

Got the girlfriend's desk setup in the living room now. That's her office. Really lucky that we both still have our jobs and can work from home. I know a lot of people are still working and interacting with other people. Hang in there, kiddos.

Wash your hands.

Ignore the mess but the new (to me) beast is up with a working wifi chip.

I attached the antenna directly to the case and I feel like a wizard.

This things has an Alienware motherboard that I got for cheap and donated parts. Wrapped up in a $19 thirftstore case.

Waiting till payday to pickup a cheap video card.

Now to clean!

Corona Toilet Humor 

Buying mp3s on #bandcamp like it's 2005. Fees are being waved so artists get everything today - buy some music and support!

The view from my porch is pretty impressive today. Normally this would be a fantastic day to go out but...

Had to get some stickers on the side of my desktop PC. Been having fun customizing this thing and getting all my applications installed.

Setting up and configuring a desktop is a lot more work than a laptop anymore. My Wi-Fi card is having trouble initializing oh, I'm not sure if it's the port or the card itself. When I have more time I'll swap it out. Until then I'm connected over ethernet.

I figure if I cannot leave the house I might as well be using a desktop.

Say hello to my portly friend.

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