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Mastodon is not something that you just dump something on. It's not a big truck. It's a series of toots.

The good news is that my closet is finally clean.

Bad news, that was not the original cleaning project for the night. That was not done.

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Made the mistake of starting a small cleaning project at 7p. Now it's almost bed time and everything is a mess! πŸ˜…

Had a microwave burrito for dinner and my only regret is that I can't have another. Don't judge.

i just wanna shitpost with the console cowboys in


So, are they going to invade the fediverse live Gab did, then ultimately disconnect from the greater network?

If so, it's gonna be a rough few months for the ban-hammer.

Dumb lewd joke 

Dicpic is just short for the name Richard Picture.

Just got a Community Guidelines strike on YouTube for talking about NewPipe. The free and open source video player. Sigh...

uspol 🐦 

Regarding currently current events...

Finally used to delete my password database. Oops. THIS IS WHY WE MAKE BACKUPS, KIDDOS!

Self reflection 

I'm a terrible communicator. It's something that I've been working on for the last few years. Words constantly eacspe me mid sentence and I stammer far too much.

Somewhere between my brain and my mouth I constantly feel like I'm buffering. Words I feel like I know how to say I just can't say.

Bought a new phone. Only paid $250 for it. It's surprisingly good. Haven't gotten around to degoogling it just yet but I'll probably do that this upcoming weekend when I got more time.

If the degoogling goes as smoothly as I'm predicting it'll be solid recommendation.

The plan is:

+ Unlock bootloader
+ Flash AOSP GSI
+ NanoDroid + Magisk

I'll keep y'all updated.

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