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~ Covid Testing. Antivax Family Members ~ 

My girlfriend goes over to her grandparents house to cook for them once a week. They don't believe in the dangers but they stay mostly isolated.

We've committed to getting regulator Covid tests because they do interact with other antivax family members.

Tonight is another testing night.

I know all I do on this thing is talk about my lunches but that sandwich was epic.

My new glasses just came in the mail. I'd share a picture but they look just like the last pair.

We have thunder and lightning. We don't get much rain in Long Beach, so this is a treat.

Somehow I'm going to eat a burrito for lunch and pizza for dinner and still hit my health goals for the day.

Found out that my niece needed a laptop. I've been sitting on this neat little Dell that didn't work for a client but it'll work out great for my neice. I'm so lucky to be able to hook up my family when needed. 🀩

So we're just doing March now? In this economy? Okay,I guess.

I have about 15 minutes until my food delivery is here. I have zero reasons to not clean my desk.

Just recorded a 52 minute video. I'm not going to edit that one. It was going to be a live video but I just was not feeling well enough to interact with humans.

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