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No free view? No review!

Scientific publishers are rampant when they hear scientists proposing a fair relationship between the general public and scientists when it comes to peer-reviewing scientific papers and accessing the fruits of the same work funded by tax-payers' money. Hence consider sharing this campaign!

#paywall #science #publishing

I keep forgetting that three backticks ( ``` ) start a code block.

Thanks @perloid for the tip.

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Friday night and the lady at the bicycle shop is killing "Hey Jude" and not in a good way.

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Good to see the Mastodon instance back online. 👍🏻

In a few short miles (@69900) , I will have driven 4k miles in two months.

Well, I almost got a show recorded for on MakeMKV for ripping Blu-ray/DVD's with a bonus on how to do this with an mplayer command for Blu-rays. Runtime is ~3mins so far. Any show of interest to will do.

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Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2020 - Rise 'n shine for a magnificent Wednesday with determination to make it productive, worthwhile and safe

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Don't forget to join me today LIVE at 1:10pm EST for my talk on using #Vim as a word processor. It'll be great for beginners && veterans!

#linux #womenintech #server #technology

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@clacke @Stoori Asciidoctor is a frontend to asciidoc which is a frontend to docbook, so I'm at a disadvantage twice removed. I could tell you how to do it with XSL, but I don't know enough about asciidoctor's theming templates to know how to accomplish it without a lot of experimentation.

Extend the titlepage theme, but I don't know where they keep that or what they call it.

Also, *doctor uses LaTeX for PDF output, so you might be able to insert LaTeX commands too.

Funny thing is that crushes up, the pill looks like powdered Turmeric, and she is none the wiser.

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My wife and I rescued Rosie from being put down for biting too much. April 1 2019 was the day we got her. After some work she is a gentle dog at 10 years old, losing sight, had a cancerous tumor removed a month ago. Hopefully
a cancer drug , Palladia™ will keep more away.

Except that everything else is Chrome-based. Always the Opera browser, right?

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Looks like broke the 'I don't care about cookies' plugin on Android. Time to find a browser that blocks this little annoyance.

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I had an idea to record to an online phone number (in order to record hands-free in the car.) Any ideas on how to implement this? Google voice recognizes my number and ask for a pin. Prefer to just call and leave a recording. Also would be preferable.

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