For my Arizona friends:

Mile-Hi Square Dance Club Public Service Announcement

Another free event is being held August 13 on the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza. The Mile-Hi Square Dance Club is inviting everyone to our interactive square dance exhibition.

Lee Hailey is again our caller to lead square dancing, round dancing and line dancing from 6 to 9 pm.

Square dancing is friendship set to music and has been a Prescott tradition for over 75 years. See

What's with the obstacles in buying Bitcoin? At, I tried to use a VISA and MasterCard credit card, as well as a VISA debit card. Every financial institution rejected the transaction. When I called CapitalOne VISA, they said their policies prohibit crypto currency purchases!

Any status update on bboard still returns to the shell prompt when I run it.

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Mastodonians Using Have you been able to use bboard this week? It immediately returns to the shell prompt for me.

On, bboard is still immediately returning to the shell prompt when run. Do we have a known outage with our favorite bulletin board program?

Just in case an sys admin is watching, bboard immediately returns to the shell prompt this morning.

I used to play a LOT of pool. I learned from an old timer, so my first game was straight pool. But by then the pool world was consumed with 9 ball, and I ended up playing a lot of that. I burned out. Haven't played in years, but I am becoming a bit obsessed with watching Snooker on youtube. Would love to play some of that, but the nearest Snooker tables I'm aware of are in Canada.

I just finished the first of a two-part article on U.S. election integrity. The results of my research surprised me!

How has Texas contributed to space exploration? Check out "Houston, Tranquility Base here."

I believe we ought to use sound money in Texas. I captured these thoughts in my article "Self-Determination For Sound Money."

On January 22, 1973 the United States Supreme Court decided in the case of Roe v. Wade that the state of Texas may not prohibit a woman from killing her unborn child. Today, those Texans who want to protect the lives of unborn Texans have three options: overturn Roe v. Wade, pass the Life at Conception Act or sever our ties to the union. As we shall see, only the last option is viable and probable.

sshd doesn't seem to be listening to port 22 on Anybody know what's up?

Ever wonder where Texas got its name? I delve into its roots in "Land of the Tejas."

Ever wonder where Texas got its name? I delve into its roots in "Land of the Tejas."

Help Prager University convince Google that teaching young people wholesome ideas is not harmful by signing their petition:

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