Oh, I should probably re-mention:

@SDF Mastodon is still broken for offline/desktop clients. I mentioned it on bboard a few months ago and got ignored.

Funny how Facebook thinks that changing its name to Meta will make us forget how shitty they are.

I mean, naming your company after a dystopian SF trope is pretty damn telling.

Is anyone else having trouble logging in to Mastodon with a client? Trying to configure Whalebird and the site is not able to be found...

Setting up my SO's network connection to a samba shared drive. It *was* working until a recent update which broke the connection. Now Windows refuses to connect to "unsafe networks"

Everytime I have to work with Windows, I cringe and get frustrated. Why does Microsoft have to make everything a pain in the ass?

Listening to Nightwave Plaza makes me want to play Shadowrun

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The CDC said it was safe to go outside

I went outside.

A bird pooped on me.

Do not believe the government's lies.

I always wanted a verified account. Now I have one! ✅


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This is why you shouldn't use most Google services, specifically, Android:

Google developer admits to remotely changing phone settings for thousands of users


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I hope we make it into this week's n-gate.

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The things we take for granted today.

Copying 20MB of stuff takes like 15 minutes thanks to a slow 8-bit SCSI bus.

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For everybody who thinks about leaving whatsapp:

As an alternative, you may consider using #xmpp with #omemo encryption, this works very well on mobile devices.

#floss apps are:
Android: #conversations
iOS: #zom

Or, even better, does someone know esr well enough to get him to release the book? 😀

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