Man, the last time I used CDE was on an old Sun Sparcstation. I had no idea it was still actively developed.

I wrote about the possibility of malware like this back in 2014 for my graduate thesis. I hoped that we would have solved this problem by now...but apparently we have not.

Openxcom Extended running on my iPad Pro. Merging old with new is the best.

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I fall firmly in the "Home Computer Generation" and this hit home pretty well.

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Amazon loves law enforcement 

Amazon gave police Ring camera footage 11 times this year without a warrant or permission from Ring owners, saying it sometimes makes a “good-faith determination”

Another reason to cover yourself when you go outdoors plus vote with your wallets and go for a NVR device if you need a camera.

MacOS Ventura has a new "lockdown" security feature which supposedly temporally hardens your computer. Curious to know what exactly happens in this mode. Some hacking might be required later this weekend.

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Fact: is one of the only true open web concepts left but even that is trapped in monopoly.

We need to fight.

If you are a fan of synthpop and haven't heard Nine Ways to Win, stop what you're doing and listen. It's worth it.

How much longer until our lamps can run the FULL version of DOOM, Ikea? I think we’ve waited long enough.

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I have nothing to say about this.

I'll see some of you again in several weeks.

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Oh, I should probably re-mention:

@SDF Mastodon is still broken for offline/desktop clients. I mentioned it on bboard a few months ago and got ignored.

Funny how Facebook thinks that changing its name to Meta will make us forget how shitty they are.

I mean, naming your company after a dystopian SF trope is pretty damn telling.

Is anyone else having trouble logging in to Mastodon with a client? Trying to configure Whalebird and the site is not able to be found...

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