Is it time for Blast From The Past with DJ Daniel on’s OpenMic?

It's OpenMic time on

Anyone can livestream

from 03:00-06:00 UTC

Go to for instructions

To tune in, go to


We are keeping you informed so you don't have to be

usually livestreams at midnight 00:00 UTC

I am happy to see our resident artist DJ @greg has been getting quiet a bit of social media coverage lately. That is good. aNONradio supports artists. You can always start with OpenMic 03:00-06:00 UTC. Show the world what you've got.

I will be back shortly on's OpenMic.

Gotta let others stream!

OpenMic'ing on right now

Blast From the Past with DJ Daniel

playing oldies but goodies

Tune in

You can join in! to participate in OpenMic go to for instructions

anyone can livestream!

c.s.'s score for "hotel chevalier" will be played in around 10 mins. we'll hear the whole thing before i hand off openmic. really cool and nice guy; all releases with great packaging and a lot of care put into them. please support! i'm going to get the "loneliness of the long distance runner" one soon.. altarofwasterecords.storenvy.c

2 more altar of waste albums i have here, left is justin wiggin's score for "e.t." and right is score for "mulholland dr."! copies 3/15 and 3/5. #anonradio @snowdusk_

Here's the playlist for the live Intergalactic Wasabi Mix show earlier!

includes link to the audio recording of the live show. Have a listen!👍

As always, Wednesdays on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix is always & . I played songs by:

Depeche Mode
Cyndi Lauper
Orchestral Manoeuvres In the Dark
Modern Talking
Culture Club
Harold Faltermeyer
Bronski Beat
Joy Division
Clan of Xymox
Sad Lovers & Giants


I had a real blast tonite doing "Blast From The Past" on's OpenMic. Thank you @hairylarry @patience for tuning in

Now I hear @hairylarry singing Mr Tambourine Man on

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