Blast From The Past With DJ Daniel on's OpenMic - 2021/10/09

Artists featured tonight:

Zager & Evans
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass Band
Trini López
Los 3 Paraguayos
Neil Diamond
Connie Francis
The Sandpipers
Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66

Blast From The Past With DJ Daniel on's OpenMic - 2021/09/28

Artists featured:

Lothar And The Hand People
Silver Apples
The Blues Magoos
The Animals
Question Mark And The Mysterians
Country Joe & The Fish
The Fugs
The Youngbloods

DON'T FORGET TO TRY STREAMING ON anonradio's OPENMIC later! For instructions go to:

You guys like my new anonymous profile picture?

@snowdusk_ what do you think?
Am I genuinely 'anon' now?

I did not change my profile photo for nothing and by the way @snowdusk_ you still have not given my eyes one of those white strips. Need to hide my identity from BBC 1.. you know, conflict of interest

@snowdusk_ yo are you the notorious savonet user hogging openmic?

It looks like someone has been playing silence on openmic for almost an hour now

My dear Netizens

It's that time again... It's time for....

with DJ Daniel on .net's

playing beautiful music from the and maybe some (although II am not a big fan of 70s music)

... will be hoping onto the openmic stream in a few minutes. Please tune in if you are not very busy.


19:14 The Tornados/Life On Venus (1963)
21:45 The Astronauts/Down The Line (1965)
24:14 The Beach Boys/Catch A Wave (1963)
26:43 The Beach Boys/Surfin' (1961)
30:04 Jerry Cole & His Spacemen/Pipeline (1963)

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wiith DJ Daniel on .net's - 2020/06/04’


00:14 The Ho-Dads/Space Race (1964)
02:11 The Vulcanes/Moon Probe (1964)
04:40 Jerry Cole & His Spacemen/Outer Limits (1963)
06:48 The Surfaris/Moon Dawg (1964)
09:31 The Challengers/Telstar (1964)
12:22 The Hustlers/Inertia! (1964)
15:11 The Tornados/Chasing Moonbeams (1963)
16:54 Eddie & The Showmen/Faraway Places (1964)


@snowdusk_ HI. Could you please change my profile photo. I was trying to edit my profile but I picked the wrong file. I don't know how I picked that alpaca picture. Thank you.


20:57 The Supremes/You Keep Me Hangin' On (1966)
24:15 Patti La Belle & Her Belles/Groovy Kind of Love (1965)
27:16 Little Anthony & The Imperials/Tears On My Pillow (1958)

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with DJ Daniel on .net's

& 60s &B

Have a listen to the new set:


00:18 The Platters/Only You (1955)
03:14 Ben E. King/Stand By Me (1961)
06:14 Gene Chandler/Duke of Earl (1962)
08:56 Freddie Scott/Spanish Harlem (1967)
12:15 Marvin Gaye/I Heard It Through The Grapevine (1968)
15:49 Dionne Warwick/Don't Make Me Over (1962)
18:44 Gloria Jones/Tainted Love (1965)


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