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I just love the lady with the 'Willenhall' sweatshirt. Where in the name of God did she buy that ?

And don't say 'Willenhall'.

Thinking about investing in Gold. Bit feckin' late I know as it's just hit a 8 year high

And I see many parallels with this jobs postings, my lad is constantly reviewing. They want a 'Junior Python Developer' who has a Masters and more commercial experience of more languages and technologies than I have ever heard of. All for £25k in London.

The old agency keyword matching syndrome. Weird how that industry has remained unchanged for 25 years.

Maybe he should use his AI/ML skills to build an online recruitment agency 🙂

And when I ask him about the nature of his enquiry, he just tends to reply 'Oh nothing really, I was just chatting to Giovanni from the Milan office' at the EMEA kickoff last week'.

And what is perplexing and irritating is that he never, ever qualifies the question ?

For example, is it:-

1. Help a hostile customer with a SR
2. Leading a 6 month project starting from scratch.
3. Pitching/demo'ing the service to a potential customer.
3. Answering an idiotic question from a manager or customer.
4. Something inbetween.

My boss has started a very irritating habit of repeatedly asking me 'Do you know anything about <random, legacy, niche or other Oracle technology> ?'

This leads me to researching, learning, installing, configuring and running a 'Hello world' program in said technology.

And he never mentions it again until the next 'How's your knowledge of Oracle Petroleum SalesForce Commission Planner' ?

Maybe my P45 is imminent.

I remember I was once updating my wife's pride and joy to Linux Mint (Tessa). She unexpectedly returned home early:-


Sometimes I wonder why these delivery drivers ring your doorbell so earnestly.

Today, my Yodel driver has 114 deliveries to make in my vicinity which explains a lot.

I once had a tiff with my missus just weeks away from our wedding.

Heated words were exchanged culminating into her somehow managing to dispense natural yoghurt deep into my right ear and I went off in a huff and drove to Guildford.

And my favourite Boris quote which he repeats for the benefit of the elderly Tory members in Tring - 'In the real world...' which is clearly something slightly alien to him 🙂

EU - 'The UK will not be allowed to cherry pick'

Boris - 'We will take the serviceable pieces of the withdrawal agreement and sort out the Irish border problem with 'technical fixes' during the implementation period'

This will be interesting...

Raspberry Pi 4 is interesting. I think I might get one for my lad - to introduce him to bare metal computing (he's already has a self-built Windows PC) and Linux.

Ex-Mertsham manager moves to K's and brings 11 (eleven) players with him. I wonder what Mertsham fans make of that

Years ago, when I was a student, my Mum (from Yorkshire) told me 'Neither a lender or a borrower be'. I have always remembered that phrase.

I mean - counter-intuitively perhaps I said 'No' precisely to maintain our friendship. I don't want to see him in the street and wonder if he's going to ask again or when I'll get repaid. I want to chat about the footy and his family - just like we used to.

Known my neighbour for 25 years and consider him a friend. Never borrowed a fiver off me in that time. Until last month, a request for £50 (waiting to get paid on a job'). Fair enough. Repaid me. Week later - £70 - something to do with his son blah blah. Reluctantly lent me the money. He paid me back on Thursday - was supposed to me Monday.

Quiet for 3 weeks. Thought it was over. Last night, he appears asking to borrow £50. I just said 'Sorry but this just has to stop. Now'.

Was I right ?

Lad - 'I would like to embark on a 'deep clean' of my bedroom tomorrow' [ Yes that's how he uses language ]

Missus - 'What exactly do you mean by a 'deep clean' ?'

Lad - 'Hoover under the bed'.

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