Bloody hell. Sometimes I think we’ve come a long with with acceptance, racial/gender/sexual equality and then at other times, it seems like we’re back in the 1970’s - except that Alf Garnett was a fictional character.

If I’d been on this plane, I would have interjected and not politely as the gentleman did here. RyanAir didn’t exactly cover themselves in glory either.

No doubt Mourinho will get another ban from the FA for that spat.

99 minutes! Apologies if you heard any language you perhaps shouldn't have heard.

This is precisely why we created the legendary !ffs group on

Giroud is such a - oh god what's the word - ponce. On many ways, perfectly suited to the rent boys.

Quite fancy going to Kingstonian after this but too drynk. Wonder if the missus would run me down there. Lot easier when I could walk down to Kingsmeadow.

Fucking hell. He's only gone and scored with his second touch. Why I swear I think I saw him smile there!

Tony Martial scores with his first touch while rent boys appealing for, err, well am injured player. Play to the whistle you moaning whinging Cockernee twats.

Seriously just had to visit BBC sport to find identity of 5th midfielder. Inevitably it was Anthony Martial. Completely anonymous.

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I deleted my MeWe account. It's a #proprietary and #centralized service and apparently due to their free speech policy it attracts a lot of nasty people that got kicked off Facebook. Also I believe that they have a coordinated campaign spamming G+ communities with posts to convince people to move to MeWe.

Shitty defending at a corner and it's Rent Boys 1 MUFC 0

Bizarre how Luke Shaw went from forgotten, overweight, out of form, mentally fragile waste of money to first choice left back and securing a £200k a week contract. Fair play to him.

Looks like Mourinho didn't accept Valencia's explanation of his Instagram post where he appeared to slag the tactics off. Young at right back

I have finally been certified. As an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure architect.

Just done a factory reset on my Nexus 7 tablet. Although I didn't think I'd installed much rubbish, it does seem a lot zippier now.

In fact, when we first went for dinner, she said to my wife (in front of me as though I wasn't there) - 'You know, Andy's really nice. When I first met him, I thought he was a stalker who didn't live in this road'.

I like the sound of a lightweight Mastodon AP server that can run on a Pi but my mind just sees 'Pleurisy' crossed with 'Lymphoma'.

Oh go on then. For old time's sake and for one day only !

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