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I will try it again. I will try to host my own mastodon instance, at least a single user instance just for me. Because there is a lot of instances with a lot of themes and I don't think there is a special need without instance.

And I want my own.

And now, Ladies and Gentlemen - IDLEWILD !

I won't shed any tears when Steve Diggle exists this mortal coil. I once saw John Cooper Clark,. The Mighty Fall and Buzzcocks (who headlined).

Diggle took to the stage and muttered 'Err, yeah. Thanks to the support band. They were great'.

I have now outlasted Mark. E. Smith, Joe Strummer and Pete Shelley.

I was doing panel interviewing where six people gave their feedback. For one unfortunate candidate, Phil just bluntly said 'No'.

The HR lady said 'Ah OK. That's short and sweet. David - anything you'd like to add ?'

And David, God bless his socks, simply replied: 'Absolutely no'.

Oh yeah - if you're interviewing at Oracle, please don't Google 'Oracle interview questions'. I have never seen such outdated, cliched crap written by idiots.

Rest assured, I wouldn't ask any of those questions.

Just spoiled someone's weekend but you can't apply for a role in Oracle backline support and not know what an ORA-600 is.

Telephone interview at 3pm. called the candidate at 14:58 (slightly early) but no answer.

I can scarcely believe it but BBC Radio 5 just reported that the O2 outage was caused by a 'failure to renew a software licence'.

Pete Shelley RIP. Thanks for Boredom, Breakdown, Another Music, What Do I Get and most of all thanks for the cover of Orgasm Addict. Mrs Knowles' face was a picture.

FreeNAS 11.2 released. Normally I'd jump on this but I think I'll hold off as my current setup works great.

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I'm happy that @Gargron is always quick to recommend @pinafore to folks who prefer single-column layouts. I see Pinafore less as a competitor and more as a statement about how it's *possible* to build alternative Mastodon UIs (thanks to Eugen's good API design). #Halcyon and #Brutaldon are also great examples of this.

The Mastodon frontend doesn't have to be all things to all people. We have a wide choice of mobile apps; it should be the same for the web.

Anyone got any decent Linux/database/development interview questions that made them stop and think ?

Originally I read it as 'female nipples who were capable of presenting (a TV program)'. Which was slightly weird.

Oh I see now. If I read it slowly - it can be interpreted as a lady presenting her nipples for a photo'.

So I can post male presenting nipples on Tumblr.

Well, if that's the case, to be honest,I don't really see what all the fuss is about.

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