Maradona passed away on the same day as George Best. I know which one affected me more.

Fascinating 40 year old unsolved mystery.Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Even better, David Lynch named 'Agent Dale Bartholomew Cooper' in Twin Peaks after the mysterious hijacker 'DB Cooper'.

Fuck me. Pepe cost Arsenal £72million.

If I hear the phrase 'Christmas', 'cancel' and 'cancelled' in the same sentence again, I swear I am going to go full Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down'.

Christmas can not be cancelled as it's simply an arbitrary date in the calendar. You can still celebrate Christmas by staring at your partner without the pain of catering for 12 people.

Funny how we didn't give a fuck about Diwali and actually imposed more restrictions back in May due to concerns about sizeable Moslem family gatherings for Eid.

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We can skip the Year In Review stuff this year, thanks.

Those UK Christmas lockdown restrictions in full.

1. All shops to be open 7x24.
2. German markets with kitsch tit-tat, Glühwein and spicy bratwurst now mandatory to rebuild small businesses and relations with our EU friends.
3. All pubs to be open. Forever.
4. 1980's football hooligans veterans to be reinstated (led by Danny Dyer) to keep crowds down.
5. Free Blue Peter advent crown to all eligible citizens to lift spirits.
6. All Churches and places of worship to remain closed until July 2022.

I think 'Dead Souls' probably has the longest intro of any song in my collection. It's one of my favourite Joy Division tunes.

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Peter Hook & The Light perform 'Dead Souls' - November 2020.

I waste a lot of time switching audio between speakers and headset. This Gnome extension will be very useful

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The tallest tree in Wales had been damaged by a storm and was supposed to be cut down, but a better solution was found. Natural Resource Wales, which was in charge of the site, ordered artist Simon O'Rourke to cut down the tree. He thought of a giant hand, symbolising a giant, and the tree's last attempt to reach the sky.

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Deutsche Bank - the sheer, unadulterated hypocrisy. All those merchant bankers with their massive bonuses.

Contributing fuck all to the economy. Just hedge betting for a living.

And now they suddenly care about all those poor, low paid workers who serve their coffee and sandwiches in Pret.

You can fuck right off.

'Sich verpissen'

...which, in may ways, is better than 'Fuck off'.

I love R.E.M. but Christ, I truly despise 'Losing my religion' . I think it's the fact it got *so* much airplay, that lute thing and the tedious video. And the Dublin Leeson Street stag weekend nightclub incident.

However, my last post reminded me of the lyric

'That's me in the corner'

although the following line doesn't apply to me

'That's me in the spot-light'

A quick carpet update, mainly for @jamie

The chaps were supposed to return today to lay the hallway and landing. They have the carpet after a delay from their normally, reliable supplier.

Unfortunately, Reece (junior fitter, nice lad) was poorly overnight - 'first time in six years' - so we have had to reschedule for next Tuesday.

Hmm. Well my initial reaction is 'Well you can fuck right off with that idea'. I'll continue to expense some of my broadband costs and be provided with my height adjustable desk.

...and this was in front of an MP Select Committee - not an unguarded conversation in a restaurant recorded by a journo disguised as an Arab sheikh.

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Trying to read what Greg Clarke actually said. Jesus wept. It just gets worse.

"Anyone who runs out onto the pitch and on Monday says 'I am gay, I am proud of it and I am happy and it's a life choice and I have made it and my life is a better place because I have disclosed it'... I do believe they would have the support of their mates in the changing room."

I understand why 'coloured' is a racist and offensive term. However, I don't understand why 'of colour' is somehow acceptable - often from black people complaining about the former term.

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I know that yesterday I said that the Remembrance Sunday Egg Fight in Tesco was peak English but I've just found something better.

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