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There is something special about reading a physical paper book.
I tried Audible, but hated it.
(might have had something to do with that pompous ass Stephen Fry as a reader).
have used Kindle for Android, but not a fan of reading on a phone or tablet.

I'm confused by this mass testing of NHS critical workers.

If you test positive, are you sent home to self-isolate ?

If you test negative, are you cleared to carry on working as normal ?

But, presumably, you could be clear on Monday and then show symptoms and test positive on Tuesday. Are the tests repeated ? I doubt it.

[ I understand the value of antibody tests to determine whether a person has had CV.19 virus and is safe to resume normal life (but AFAIK that isn't available yet) ]

Hmm. FreeNAS 11.3-U1 has been out for a month now but I got no automated email notification.

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@andyc It would have been funny if you'd put.

"Look at the size of this greeny I dug out my hooter!"

AstraZeneca share price has not fallen as much as others in my pension portfolio.

My initial thought was that the impact on pharmas might be reduced because they might have an interest in producing vaccines or antibody tests.

However, GSK is down like the rest. Go figure.

I'm coping just fine with this social isolation and remote working lark. Don't see what all the fuss is about TBH.

Manager: 'The senior management think a daily call to check you're all OK would be appropriate. What do you think ?'

All: 'Oh no. That is not needed, no'.

Unless senior management just want to check we're not all still in our pyjamas (and nighties) with a pencil up our nose.

With hindsight, I blame myself.

A year ago, I gave a demo where I used 'Global search' across all fields across all records, case blind with wildcards.

Incredibly easy and useful for the end-user but heinously inefficient from a database performance perspective.

It might take 50 seconds but it always takes 50 seconds and it's worth the wait.

A year on, I suspect most users *know* what field they are searching on so another Zoom session (with the Bay bridge as my background) may be useful.

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Slightly pissed off that 'Blog in Isolation' isn't getting more hits.

Was researching an end-user issue about visibility of key reports. As I'm a Admin, I had to create my favourite test user account. The customer admin noticed and remarked:

'It's weird. We appear to have hired someone called 'Aaron Aardvark'. πŸ˜ƒ

[ I normally use this name to I can easily identify his sessions and he's always at the top of the user directory ]

My boss - 'I just want to reassure you. It's not all bad. Of all of our customers, 80% have expressed a willingness to allow us to engage remotely. The 20% are mainly public sector or UK Government and...'

Me: 'Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm already working with most of the 80%'

Analysing user behaviour in an APEX application delivered a year ago. I think more end user training would have been useful.

Global, case blind searches on a large data set that take 40 seconds, constantly and gradually being refined to identify the necessary subset of interest is probably sub-optimal. Interesting though...

Suddenly dawns on me why my boss doesn't trust me to work remotely πŸ™‚

He thinks I've been sitting here in my pyjamas, eating chocolate HobNobs watching re-runs of United's greatest matches. For the last 7 years.

Two of my son's colleagues have been furlough'ed. Not surprising really. Being an analyst for a sports marketing application is tricky when there's no actual sport to analyse πŸ™‚

He's safe (for now)...

I find it amusing, bizarre and quite worrying how some IT sales people (including my own daughter and colleagues) are adopting to a prolonged period of working remotely.

Endless, 'funny' C.19 videos, dressing up in dinner jackets for 'Happy Hour', having a morning 09:00 calls to ensure people to be up and dressed, tweaking Zoom wallpaper.


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