Filmed in 1983. Harry Gregg meets the mother and baby he saved at Munich (@2:40)

'Come back, you bastards, there’s people alive in here'

Interesting reading...

'Throughout the startling “leaks” of Manchester City’s internal emails, City’s response has been uniform: scorn, outrage, denial'.

Once saw an interview with Harry Gregg. He was incredibly humble and reluctant to even discuss his actions at Munich. RIP

Oh yeah - Citeh. I thought they'd get a hefty fine but a 2 year ban from Champions League. Marvellous. I suspect they will get it reduced to a year on appeal but I think Pep might walk now.

Hmm - so Flack was accused of 'Common Assault' - the lowest category and always tried in a magistrate's court. Maximum 6 month prison term but given first offence and the fact the victim wouldn't testify, surely with an expensive lawyer she could have got her off with a fine ?

But no, she pleaded 'No Guilty' thereby forcing a trial which so tormented her.

ITV's successful and money making 'Love Island' reality TV series to be renamed 'Death Island' after two participants and the host presenter exited this mortal coil.

And here's the thing - if your girlfriend attacks you, it isn't necessarily your choice whether the CPS will subsequently prosecute a case against your attacker.

A lot of people have asked me 'Who the fuck is this Caroline Flack lady ?'

Well I had no idea prior to the weekend but it actuakly transpires she is the female embodiment of the holy triumvirate union of 'Princess Diana ('Queen of Our Hearts'), Amy Winehouse and Mother Theresa.

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Fair play to Sajid Javid - holds one of the most prestiguous jobs in UK Government and resigns on a point of principle.

...and then his response is 'How do we automate this configuration change into our standard automated deployment process ?'

'Fuck off and work it out for yourself'.

Flipping irritating when you work with an dumb, vacuous customer for 6 weeks trying to resolve a critical performance problem.

You suggest a series of N controlled tests, establishing a baseline, changing one thing at a time.

He then goes silent.

You finally ask for an update and he replies 'Test #7 reduced time from 10 hrs 37 mins to 42 mins'.

But he never had the common courtesy to share this information. I suspect he shared it with his manager and claimed the credit tough.

@dick_turpin @mcnalu Hold on just a minute. Don't hold your breath. Boris couldn't erect a simple Garden Bridge across the Thames in London !

Watched 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' at the weekend. Forgot it was a Tarantino film until the final 15 mins (extreme violence). Very good performances from Brad Pitt and Di Caprio. Really enjoyed it

My wife was keen to watch 'Mr. Pharmacist' about a US pharmacist who lost his son in a drug related shooting and then focused on a fake doctor selling prescriptions for Oxycontin.

As it's also the title of a Fall song, I readily agreed.

I simply lurve sinkholes ! This driver in Brentwood, Essex got a surprise !

Alright - we finally gave in.

What are your 3 Must-See recommendations for NetFlix ?

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