Customer has moved Oracle application/Web tiers to the Cloud but kept the database on-premise.


Not to Oracle Cloud but to AWS so now they demand 'Best practices and recommendations for performance and stability' on the Cloud platform.

Well - Number 1 is to select Oracle Cloud (as it's already optimised by the clever kernel folk and pre-configured for Oracle applications and databases) rather than Amazon AWS. šŸ˜ƒ

Some of those Everton players should be flipping ashamed. Even my wife asked 'If they are can beat Chelsea, why did the last bloke get the sack ?'

'We want a health check now. Urgently. We need a health check!'

'Thanks for your request for assistance. However, we don't currently have a resource available'.

'We want a health check now. Production is slow. Business transactions are failing. We demand a health check now !'

'Good morning. I'm here to perform the health check. Please run these scripts ASAP and schedule a kick-off call so I can start the review'.

'We're busy working on the next release. We simply haven't got time for this'.

United fans aren't angels either. Two years ago, my City mate went to a derby with his 13 years old son and saw the 'men in black' cowardly attacking a couple of teenage lads and mindlessly lobbing missiles into the Kippax stand throughout.

I love how some United fans dislike AWB because he 'can't cross a ball'.

Did you see his one man defensive display on Saturday ? He was absolutely superb.

Obviously I enjoyed the Manchester derby very much.

Re. the racism incidents. You have to be pretty stoopid to make those gestures when you know damn well you're in the full glare of 23 Sky cameras. Thos old Kippax boys, eh ?

And then, Fred is in the same location, dodging Ā£1 lighters and chooses to repeatedly play short corners with Pereira, keeping the ball in the danger area - just to waste time.

My wife visited friends who emigrated to NZ. She visited White Island by helicopter. Her close friend who was a nurse was so taken by the experience that she subsequently jacked her job become a tour guide on White Island. Thankfully, yesterday was her day off.

In fact, the dimensions of my living room probably mean I am destined to live with my 32" LCD for many years more. I suspect such a small size will be obsolete soon šŸ™‚

RentBoys transfer ban halved on appeal. Now Frank can spend big in January sales !

Don't understand why United don't give James a chance to run at Vertongen who is playing left back.

Reminds me of the time I was in Cairo idly flicking through channels in my hotel room. Discovered Al Jazeera Sport (English)...chaired by Gary (money grabbing) Lineker.

No lagging or glitches. Quality good do far. It's a very familiar sounding commentor with Glen Hoddle assisting.

I don't see if you're trying to enter a crowded market with something that's fresh and innovative, why you simply hire folk from the rivals you are trying to displace. Unless they truly believe they are the best commentators and pundits available.

I was just seeing whether you could pause Amazon live footy. When I got back United were 1-0 up. Hurrah!

[You can't BTW]

Looking forward to Jose's show of feigned niceness and humility. He'll probably prostrate and self-flagellate himself in front of the Stretford End at half-time.

Lucas starts - he destroyed us last season. Probably against Ashley Young too.

'Lads, it's Spurs'

Those were the days šŸ™‚

As well as craft Gin, I feel the need to become more familiar with Portishead - is there a handy Greatest Hits compilation, any must-have recommended listening (or thinking of The Fall a completely shite, avoid at all costs) album or do I just buy the entire back catalogue ?

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