The Berties never fail to disappoint at this stage of the champions league. Guardiola's transition from ecstasy to agony was truly unforgettable.

If Scholes ceased betting after he took the Oldham job, what's the problem here ?

Quiz time - How many mistakes does Ashley Young make in this passage of play ? We have a free-kick in our half. WTF is he thinking ?

Friend of the missus is contemplating joining the Eco Warrior march in London. Funny how she manages to take 4 long haul flights a year without any such compunction.

I simply lurved the 'Well we were completely on top for the first 3 minutes 45 seconds' line.

Well I've just put the remnants of two boxes of 'Man Sized Kleenex' (I stockpiled plenty after they were discontinued) in the recycling bin but I'm still slightly vexed at:-

1. Young's predictable fuckup for goal #1
2. Fred's constant penchant for failing to control a football and conceding possession cheaply.
3. Pogba doing his show pony, testimonial act.

Ashley - I owe you an apology.

'Tonight, Ashley Young lost possession a total of 32 times and attempted 11 crosses with 0 meeting their target'.

Ashley Young contrived to lose possession 30 (thirty) in a match that lasted 90 minutes.

...but this isn't really a Sprint Review. It literally is a demo of a set of reports.

Increasingly, I sense a contractor fleecing his own nest here, inflating his own self-importance and heading for his next renewal.

Oh the mists are slowly clearly. 'Show and tell' is an Agile invention.

I am in receipt of a mini project plan from the customer which states

11/4/19 - Show'n''Tell #2

Is this a commonly used phrase in IT ? Christ, I feel like I'm at infant school but will prepare accordingly.

'We wrote and recorded the whole album in 10 days minus the vocals. We had some time off to write lyrics, then recorded all the vocals with our producer Matt, who then mixed the whole thing straight after the last vocal session. That’s how we used to operate with The Fall, so we like it that way and feel like you capture something raw with good energy.'

The remnants of The Fall play on the smallest stage ever seen with Greenway on vox

On Saturday, the MIL powered byte stream of consciousness uttered the immortal words - 'I want to put £1 on Tiger Roll each-way'. This started a 7 hour, circular discussion.

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On this day, April 5th 1994,
Kurt Cobain died at the age of 27.

A tragic loss for his family, friends and those that loved his music.

#OTD #music #Nirvana

'And, as I move on to the Invoices screen, if you are still paying attention, you will note that the cryptic 14 digit number for Supplier has been converted into a meaningful name for usability. This was done using A LOOKUP TABLE !'

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Me: Do the thing.

Client: Should I do this other thing?

Me: No, just do the thing.

Client: How about I do it, but different than the way that you said it?

Me: Please, just do the thing, the way I said to do it.

Client, finally doing the thing: Oh, it worked!

Me: Holy fucking shit, you don't say.

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