Ashley Young: Manchester United agree fee with Inter Milan -

Lowest fee in recent history. £1.28m and 37p

Clive James - 'Every sentence beautifully crafted and requires careful listening to fully appreciate'.


Marvellous. Just marvellous.

Jonathan can resist anything but temptation 🙂

'Rather than having any sort of plan, I tried to solve problems as they occurred - usually resulting in one or the other of us realising that either we couldn't hear the other person, or they couldn't hear us for the last several moments. That happened several times'.

'Perhaps the most amusing problem to solve was the microphone stand itself'.

Jonathan moves his blog (yet again) and is now contemplating ... a podcast !

My wife can shoot through the various exhibits, claiming the audio is 'boring' so she hits 'Next' but, Christ, when we finally hit the souvenir shop, I'm waiting by the exit (for what seems like 20 minutes).

'No - I don't want a 'Keep Calm' mug or a fake cigar !'

During the visit, a guide was talking about various photos on the bunker and taking questions from visitors so naturally I got closer.

There was a elderly gentleman in a wheelchair, listening intently, and the guide asked him 'What do *you* think about Dresden then ?'.

As my wife was scuttling through to the next exhibit, I was forced to follow and miss his response.

Later on, I saw the gentleman who was German. I wonder what his response was.

'Many reasons for his defeat have been given, key among them being that a desire for post-war reform was widespread amongst the population and that the man who had led Britain in war was not seen as the man to lead the nation in peace' - Wikipedia

The departmental beers and curry were initially moved from London in December (failed to book a venue in time) to Reading in January then moved back to London (failed to book a meeting room in TVP) and finally postponed (probably indefinitely) due to a 'Travel ban on non-customer work'.

Long, deep, sigh 🙂

Went to visit the Churchill War rooms yesterday. Very interesting and well worth a visit.

Interesting that Churchill led the country to victory in WWII but then promptly lost the 1945 General Election. I would have expected him to romp home.

When their offspring reach school age, how will this shared life between North America and UK work ? School run might be tricky.

That Royal showdown conference call in full.

'OK. We're just waiting for one or two but we will start at 5 past. Thanks'


'OK - who's that just joined ?'

'Hi - it's Meghan here from Ontario'.

Royal update:-

1. NBC have announced the return of Suits Series 79 - Rachel Zane enjoys a meteoric rise from PA to CEO of the entire company !

2. Prince Harry (now just 'Arry') will take his break as an opportunity to trace his biological father.

Wow !

'Facebook had 360 million users at the start of 2010, it has two and a half billion now'.

...but not me 🙂

I've finished the City documentary. They won the title, broke all records, they bought Yaya a farewell cake and everyone lived happily ever after. Still intrigued by some of Pep's behaviour. Canvassing some of my Bertie mates for insight and clarification.

I guess if Harry and Meghan could always stay at Epstein's old place in New York to save on hotels.

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