Just done a factory reset on my Nexus 7 tablet. Although I didn't think I'd installed much rubbish, it does seem a lot zippier now.

In fact, when we first went for dinner, she said to my wife (in front of me as though I wasn't there) - 'You know, Andy's really nice. When I first met him, I thought he was a stalker who didn't live in this road'.

I like the sound of a lightweight Mastodon AP server that can run on a Pi but my mind just sees 'Pleurisy' crossed with 'Lymphoma'.

Oh go on then. For old time's sake and for one day only !

Pictures @rpcutts supping ale in his bachelor days thinking up bizarre, amusing, rude domain names and checking if they're available. And spending as much on domain names as his real ale.

...and can talk Mastodon and Diaspora.

Trying out SocialHome - mainly 'cos it's written in Python.

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Great to see Basil Brush back in my timeline !

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@andyc *nods from window of my pub across the street*

Listening to Second Skin by The Chameleons

Listening to 'Atrocity Exhibition' by Joy Division.

Listening to 'Nag, nag, nag' by Cabaret Voltaire.

On and the odd Arsenal fan at work. Being teased by Gooners. Bloody hell. Has it really come to this ? Thank God I hardly know any Scousers.

I think enough time has lapsed since Brighton's last two victories over MUFC for me to follow @Luke again.

Sorry. Nothing to see here. Just a test. Blame fecking Google.

I want a social network account so I can follow all my Google Plus friends who have migrated (and are budy migrating) to Diaspora and Mastodon.

So I create an account on Friendica which satisfies the requirement.

What sort of madness is this ?

Nostalgia trip. When it slowly dawned on all of us that the identi.ca was changing.

Sadly, it was no longer a pub where you could walk in, greet the landlord with a quick witted one-liner and be rewarded with a silent nod across the room from the alcoholic sitting on his own in the corner.

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