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In 1930 the Indiana Bell building was rotated 90°. Over a month, the structure was moved 15 inch/hr, all while 600 employees still worked there. There was no interruption to gas, heat, electricity, water, sewage, or the telephone service they provided. No one inside felt it move.

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Impromptu day off work. Now embarking on a George Best style 24 hour bender.

As well as the yellow bike photos from lengthy rides across America, I'll also miss @pla@pla.social periodic Pleroma uptime and upgrade notifications so I decided to self-host a instance.

While his upgrades were quick, seamless and pain-free. I can guarantee mine won't be.


Just checked and the team at the top of the Premier league at 22:05 on 12 January has gone on to lift the trophy in 14 of the last 15 seasons.

7 more sleeps till the corporate transition to Exchange Server. Eagerly looking forward to the outcry when 100k employees find they have to manually re-enter their entire calendars,

I tend to obsess about celebrity deaths and have lost a couple of good friends IRL at a relatively young age but I am still saddened about @pla@pla.social passing.

I never met PLA. I'm not even sure I exchanged DM's with him. I certainly never emailed him.

But as @fitheach@mstdn.io said, I'm not sure whether I am sad or angry (at the nature of his exit).

Just so sad for his immediate friends and family.

'Thursday night - Channel 5' has been replaced by 'Thursday night - virtue signalling (reprise)'

I never thought when the revolution finally arrived, it would be led by a bearded Viking in Washington brandishing an iPhone.

My neighbour (No. 23) is moving out today With his wife and 3 kids.

This is a shame as I used to swap Alan Partridge quotes with him and he was generally a nice chap who was was similarly perplexed by the well intentioned but ultimately irritating Street WhatsApp ('Has anyone taken in a package for No.14 ?').

His wife was also great as she hails from Preston.

Having said that, his three offspring were rather precocious and tended to win the endless street quizzes.

Talking of casual homophobia (which we weren't BTW), 4 days cooped up with the M-I-L finally caused me to lose it and challenge her.

This caused some tension but how else do you politely retort to this ?

'I know I probably shouldn't say this and I know it doesn't matter but, of course, they're all Asian in there ?'

'As you said it doesn't matter so why say it ? I wonder if all the people working there go on their break and say 'Of course, they're all old, white, racist ladies that come here?'

More seriously, I am using a core, vanilla OOTB Debian VM that I clone for potentially short-lived experiments like this rather than contaminate my Arch desktop.

And I am going to use orgmode for ToDo list management. Damn it.

Repeat after me. I am going to use orgmode for ToDo list management.

Read my lips. I am going to use orgmode for ToDo list management

I'm not one for New Years Resolutions.

However, after the network extender fiasco, I did sort of pledge to reduce the number of times I go out on to the desolate moors and drag shaggy haired yaks back for a socially distanced haircut and try focus more on my 9 to 5 job which pays my mortgage after all.

However, as all my colleagues were forced to take leave between Xmas and New Year, the email queue is eerily quiet so I am evaluating Emby as a Plex replacement on my FreeNAS.

Hurrah !

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