My mummy was quite concerned and suggested I go and stand close to a man in an orange vest. Which I have now done.

Some Carshalton bovvers boys are congregating near me in a menacing manner. They have beards, shaved heads and are drinking Kronenburg 1664. I think I will call my mummy.

An acrobatic diving header makes it 1-1.

K's have addressed the 'left back problem' by dropping the left back and replacing him with a right footed centre half.

K's 1-0 up thanks to a flukey cross that turned into a goal

Down at Kingstonian FC to see new manager as they take on Carshalton.

@rpcutts Remember in Early Doors when Tommy is occasionally offered a pint and he always replies 'No thanks. I'll just stick on me own'. I loved that show.

[ Reply to a now non-existent post about woman from London setting up a tab in a bar ]

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Soon to be out. My new book. Based on my recent work experience.

'Would it be possible to quickly pop in to the Wakefield office on Monday morning with your security clearance forms ?'

'Err, no. I live in Saarf Laanndaann with me trotters up on my desk.'

Reverse regionalism in action 🙂

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For anyone vaguely new to the #Fediverse. I've compiled a list of tools that some might find useful.

Feel free to let me know of any glaring omissions.

I really want to love Docker and adopt it universally and be the Docker guru at work but I find it slightly complicated. Maybe I need to devote more time to it but I certainly don't find it simple.

Or maybe I'm just more comfortable in a real or virtual Linux environment with a decent package manager.

Yet another 'project plan' arrives in my Inbox in the form of an Excel spreadsheet. Are we really in 2019 ?

And, no, I am not expecting or wanting a Microsoft project dump either. Just words, preferably on a Wiki page that people can review/edit.

And Oracle has such a Wiki available to all employees (well those that aren't feckin' Luddites).

Fuck's sake. The missus can just use the Fiorefox add-ons ublock origin and privacy badger in Firefox and just tolerate the additional CPU load.

Yak shaving paprika pineapple fucking borken Linux deluxe

Complete and utter failure to copy a mysterious files from one place to another in the mysterious EFIU shell.

Fuck it ! CentOS it is.

Work desktop - Arch
Work laptop - Oracle Linux
Wife's laptop - Linux Mint
FreeNAS - FreeBSD
FreeNAS VM - Debian
Son's gaming machine - Windows 7

Debian VM doesn't boot cleanly on FreeNAS due to something mysterious called 'UEFI'. Had this before. Re-installing pihole on CentOS which just works.

I *know* there's a workaround but it's complicated (to me) and I think VM's should just work OOTB now that FreeNAS is out of beta.

Still, at least @rpcutts will be pleased some yak shaving was involved after all.

Oh I think I need to attend FOSDEM 2020 as this presentation addresses a problem I had on my wife's Linux Mint laptop when I was checking Pi-Hole.

I really don't like software that grabs control and deviates from a widely ack'ed standard (although in this case it appears to be transparent).

Nor does my wife.

After all the hand wringing, half-half scarves, floral tributes, mosaics , black armbands, tears and minutes silence, the awkward business of football finance is finally resumed.

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