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don't throw the gamer girl out with the bathwater

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Business Insider

this millennial saved $50,000 by sleeping through breakfast every day for his entire life

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eye contact, selfie, boosts ok 

if anyone tries to use a microaggression I will KICK the SHIT out of them

petrol station: 30km per USD
evGO station: 3km per USD


reminder to cis people that it's okay to change your name if you hate it or even just mildly dislike it

anyone who gives any person shit over changing their name needs to just.. Not Do That Ever

No no, you misunderstood. I'm a "Pro Duct Manager" and I'm here to fix the HVAC.

the main positive impact of electric cars is that they make you drive slowly enough that everyone behind you needs to be more efficient

because I'm C.H.A.P.P.I.E.
(Clap along if you feel like a room with out a roof)
because I'm C.H.A.P.P.I.E.

it's time to come home. step into the painting. ride your horse into the new beyond

rollin' with the riff raff (masto meetup, lots of ec, boost to give ppl fomo) 

🎶 i've got 99 problems and luftballoons are all of them 🎶

chademo is caffeine and J1772 is getting a good night's sleep

One of the swiftest cases of bipartisanship has to be the drafting and signing into law of The Patriot Act which stripped away most of our rights.

HEY if ur local (boston area) or can otherwise pick stuff up:

my apartment? it is completely out of space

my time to sell stuff? it is gone


im giving away some of my toreba plushies

i want these gone ASAP!!!!!

here's what i got:

1 gloomy bear plush
1 luvdisk plush
1 eevee (bangs version) plush
1 dq slime bento box
1 mew plush (2019 first movie rerelease version)
1 x-soft hotel pillow

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