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Together we can turn capitalism into capitalwasm

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This server cannot fulfill the request because it refuses to cross the picket line.

I don't care about follows/clout/etc on the verse. What matters is the interactions, the forging of friendships and how a group of people can make your hour/day/week feel special.

As a whole social media has become a monster, it's lost the social and become more about shouting into the void.

Here on the verse the void not only shouts back, it boosts you, comforts you, chats and laughs with you, helps you and much, much more.

Toxicity has the potential to poison every platform eventually, but so long as we push it out, de-federate its origin and quarantine it through isolation to the fringes, the verse will always feel like home.

This has been my TED talk, thank you for listening, keep being awesome. 🚀

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I heard the video of Elon Musk saying we probably live in a simulation was a deepfake

productivity tip:

make your bed every morning! that way, every day, you can say you at leas--
no, /make/ the bed! don't just
are you just passing out in that pile of sheets?

going to check out the comix show today in easthampton ma

concept: a mastodon bot that scrapes USPTO patent data and tells you what patents are expiring today

Good night, sleep tight, if bed bugs bite, punch them in the fucking face, you don’t gotta take that shit from ANYBODY, I love you.

Florida is flat out made up. Don't believe anyone that says it's real.

reminder that is proprietary software which is working to capitalize on the recent success of federated social networking. don't use, but also don't punish users for using who are unaware of the consequences of proprietary software in the fediverse.

damn girl, are you a sweet thrift shop find? because while you may be overlooked by others and even palmed off at points, you are ultimately incredibly valuable, and when the right person (or people) find you, they will know exactly how important you are, and treasure you forever

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Asking someone a question is completely different from looking the answer up. Humans are able to contextualise questions, highlight the important bits and add any info from personal experience, as well as tailor the answer to the the asker and their situation. This can't be done with static information. Saying "just google it/lmgtfy/google is free sweaty" is not a valid or clever answer.

Having access to near limitless information is not the same as being part of a network of knowledge.

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