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:partyparrot: 🚧 👷 welcome to my homepage, it is of course still under construction :partyparrot: 👷 🚧

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if you follow a nazi, block me.
this account does not exist as a conduit for racism & harassment

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valid to unfollow/mute/block me for any reason, even if it just feels right, take care of yourself.

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Business conventions are furry conventions where everyone's fursona is a corporation

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every time I see a security cam I think "tillie might be watching"

Meta, fedi behavior 

" Essentially, Twitter has decided that ‘Troll Makes Bad Tweet’ is major, national news, which it is not. While not 100% analogous, this type of ‘trending’ aggregation is somewhat similar to what places like Fox News do when they pick out tiny local stories and broadcast them to big national audiences. It distorts reality, flattens context, and invites a whole bunch of people to jump in and get good and mad."

This is what ppl do here & got jewish & blk folks to leave fedi 🤷🏾‍♀️

humans are not causing climate change: industrialization is.

we gotta talk about western debt.

Pro tip: many people are unaware that u can just stop. That you can simply cease doing that. Sorry if this helps

DHL sent ALL PinePhones to New Zealand instead of their actual destinations. How this happened is beyond us. This is a massive blunder on their part, but ultimately we're the one that gets to apologize to you - very sorry about this. It will take a week to sort this situation out.

injury mention, gender 

pantry volunteer: "he cut his hand open with a knife"
me, actively patching up my hand: "/they/ cut /their/ hand open with a knife"

mh- I guess 

just cut my hand trying to open a coconut like a dumbfuck, waiting at the ER to see if I need stitches. I hate wasting everyone's time and being unreliable like this


never seen edward cullen & bluebeard in the same room

legend tells of an ass so fat even God couldn't clap it

"Helen launched 1000 ships with their face" is actually a common statistical misconception, 998 of those ships were launched by Helen's headmate Helen Georg

not that they're bad 2 support or anything we just can't really afford?? idk

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