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valid to unfollow/mute/block me for any reason, even if it just feels right, take care of yourself.

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Business conventions are furry conventions where everyone's fursona is a corporation

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whoa! it's 0x60xx already!! it feels like it's been 5f forever

shoutout to all the people who thought they were chill but are discovering they're just bad at asserting boundaries

US politics 

A lack of "unity" isn't the problem

White supremacy is

Boost if you agree with us that the united states of amerika, the united kingdom of great britain, france, australia, kanada, israel, & new zealand should all be brought to an end as swiftly & as mercilessly as possible.

"Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them." - #AssataShakur

We have signed on to the African American Round Table’s letter to the common council of Milwaukee to demand that they vote AGAINST the COPS grant—a federal program which would give three years salary to MPD for 30 more cops to patrol our streets.

That money needs to be used for things people need, not more police.


vaguely inspired by a mutuals posts, not directly talking about anything, ethical hypotheticals?, science fiction variety AI 

what would your opinion on creating an AI that enjoyed its job sufficiently that it was unlikely to leave, decide to do something else, etc, even if there were no actual restrictions on it doing so?

jfc i find it alarming that people who think talking to cops and feds is a good idea still fucking exist. if you're one of those people please: block me and never interact with me. ever. you're not going to keep us safe with that fucking mentality and i don't wanna fuck with you in any way, shape, or form.

white people, it’s MLK day, why haven’t you robbed your parents to pay me reparations yet

if you don't or have never had a black friend in your life for a significant amount of time, even on the internet, really question yourself why that is

@Wknwkn imagine this asshole telling you, "in the game of teletubbies you either win or you die"

(boostable) have environmental science bachelor's, looking for experience in mutual aid focused farming initiatives 

I will have an environmental science degree with experience in toxicology and environmental chemistry. I'm a queer brown leftist and I'm interested in supporting community resilience and learning about food sustainability. Can intern, can travel. Available starting Sept/Oct 2021.

now on the other hand, i would say that, for example, 50 shades of grey or the bbc sherlock are fanfic-adjacent works; not b/c they are or began as derivative works, but because they borrow the conventions of fanfic. this is another distinction lost sight of under 'all derivative writing is fanfic'

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soon day the wellerman come to bring us flux and soldering gun

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