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This lady made kr0 (£0, $0USD) by literally doing nothing for an entire day, You could too.

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maybe the real american women were the friends we married along the way

an Amazon alternative: WorldCat 

Just cause you dont work a high position job that requires a ton of education. Doesnt make you any less important. Your work and labor is valuable. No one deserves to feel and be treated less than because they arent a lawyer or doctor

when you wish upon a star, your wish always comes true, but because of distance, not for millions of years


@extinct For an added challenge, block everything hosted on AWS by using the Cloud Firewall extension that @gkrishnaks created.

If you're too poor for A/C, here's what I did when I was also too poor for A/C. Copper tubing attached to fan with zip ties. Plastic tubing attached to fishtank pump, submerged in beer cooler full of ice water. Cold water runs through the pipes and makes 'em frostycold, fan blows frostycold at hot people. Works pretty well! Lots of guides online on how to make one. Put a towel on the floor in front of it, lots of condensation.

having classical music stuck in your head sucks

"uhhhhh I think it was umm a brahms... violin... orchestra? no, I don't know the key. maybe it was... saint saens? or shostakovich? they all sound kinda different but maybe it was in a different movement???"

*ends up leaving a weird humming message on a friend's answering machine*

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