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techshop went bankrupt a while ago and I only just found out :(

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build a nest of glitches

weather weather whether where warned worn
bear witless
tie tethered
inevitable storm
upon cracking
saline solution
thundering, crumbling
handheld, herdheart, heathome, ERROR

just watched the conductor call the police and arrest two people for fare evasion

they were both black

fully subsidised public transit when

for every tool in your toolbox, there's a song someone who doesn't have one wrote about what they could do with it

I chime in with a
Haven't you people ever heard of
Tagging your goddamn vore

anyone know anything about in New England/have opinions about it?

They really posted this in /r/fellowkids as if it was unintentional cringe when in reality half the fun of teaching is purposefully using memes and old jokes to second-hand embarrass the kids

me with people i've been friends with for a day: πŸ’œ πŸ’– :heart_trans: πŸ’œ πŸ’– :heart_trans: πŸ’œ πŸ’– :heart_trans:

me with someone i've started dating: ohhhh gosh, maybe just one plain colored heart, that's not too forward, right?

the kids are alright πŸ˜ŒπŸŒˆπŸ’• #SilentSam

RT @Breaking911 RAW VIDEO: Students topple Silent Sam Confederate statue on campus of UNC-Chapel Hill

Hi, I'm Nadya! I'm , , and into , , and .
I mostly post bad , , and . (less of that last one lately, though)

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