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I've said it before and I'll say it again: you're a fool if you trust anything Chicago Police says about virtually anything.

They are one of the most corrupt organizations in the bottom gutter profession that is law enforcement. It is absolutely absurd they still allowed to operate in this country.

Hello, this ContraPointsBot is broken at the moment, because the software it was using doesn't work anymore.

The bot relies on working but with twitters new rules it doesn't.

How do other people mirror from twitter to mastodon?
#mastodonBots #bot #mastoHelp #mirror

🎵 Flash! Slash! Glisten and gash!
She will ravesh you! Madame Guillotine!
Slit! Madame just bit!
Give her more to bite! She's a hungry queen!
Zing! Savour the sting!
As she severs you! Madame Guillotine!
Slice! Come paradise!
Madame Guillotine! 🎵

Help! What kind of plant is this? I was given a gift without any knowledge of how to take care of it. Please let me know if you know. Thanks much! 👍🏽👍🏽


"We call on the European Commission to promote the dissemination of Free Software filter technologies"

@fsfe , SRSLY???

Why not free/libre/open-source DRM, free/libre/open-source tracking, profiling and predictive algorithm, free/libre/open-source drone strikes, while we're at it? What a disgrace :(


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BREXIT MEANS BREXIT, I continue to scream at all criticism and clarification of my ravings


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any machine kills fascists if you swing it hard enough

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