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🎶dirk so hard motherfuckers wanna fine me🎶

i'm proud to call hamtaro my father.
he's not, but i'm still proud

@er1n @ashkitten you ever feel like your parser is a horse and the horse raced past the barn fell?

@eladhen Oh, they most certainly are. Look not into the depths of /etc/ or /var/, lest they look back into you... :P

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YOU: Hey bud, working hard or hardly working? Hahaha
ME: Hardly working, but in the sense that a shattered marionette is hardly working. In so breaking, I have broken away from the normative values that once controlled me; but in the process, my guiding narrative and image have also been deconstructed and scattered; and so in light of this, my animating urge must be rebuilt along some new mode, or I will simply be swept into the garbage

my main life advice is to never stop fucking up. learn how to lean into failure, keep fucking up in new and fascinating ways. it's a hard road but every day brings with it a new story, something you'd never have seen if you followed the rules.

fucking up is where you learn your limits
fucking up is where you find strength, endurance.
fucking up is where all the best stories come from.

I'm the choosiest mom for this song

Wells Fargo Hit With $1 Billion In Fines Over Consumer Abuses

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau says it's punishing the banking giant's actions in its mortgage and auto loan businesses.