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valid to unfollow/mute/block me for any reason, even if it just feels right, take care of yourself.

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Business conventions are furry conventions where everyone's fursona is a corporation

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Reminder that "stupid" is ableist and terrible and implies that there is something wrong with not being neurotypically "intelligent."


"Please CW everything" is just an excuse for you to keep your prejudices without self-examination.


same as last post if you're voting for Donald Trump


if you're in the US and you can vote and you're voting for Joe Biden, please block me

mfers really gotta learn that queerness is about Breaking The Rules On Attraction And Gender, not making a new set of "more inclusive" rules. the cishets won't respect you anymore if the Queerness Rules are more coherent.

"if you allow bi lesbians, cishet men won't respect lesbians' lack of attraction to men!" is an inherently flawed and self-defeating way of thinking. the cishet men won't respect you any more either way; stop trying to *earn* their respect, and start *demanding* it.


often times we find ourselves thanking people who have impacted our lives after they have departed.

i recently put my friend in the ground, and we had a horrible falling out a few years before that. I hadn't spoken to him in 2 years almost.

tell your loved ones you love them, every day.

Normalize letting POC talk about race and race struggled without sanitizing it or hiding it for white comfort

Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.


i just got a discord message from a coworker like "have you heard about the unionization efforts" and instantly I am fucking PRESSED because our group is so nascent and if we're leaking this badly at this stage in our organization we are super fucked. nope turns out just another parallel group of coworkers are also trying to unionize lmfaooo

PSA: cloth and paper masks worn to help prevent spread of Coronavirus (and other diseases) do not need to form a seal to be effective.

They do two things:
a. capture most of the droplets you exhale/cough/sneeze out
b. slow down (and thus reduce the range of) any droplets not caught

If you have two layers of fabric covering your nose and mouth, you are wearing a fabric mask correctly.

If breath reflects off of them and escapes around the edges, that is just fine -- the bulk of the droplets were caught, and those few that leave around the edges are slowed a ton. Mission accomplished.

Misinformation on this point (most of which seems to be repeating proper fit and donning for PPE masks, which do need to form a seal) is leading people to not wear masks because they believe they are difficult or impossible to wear correctly.


bun took the greens to the little upstairs apartment and is loudly monching them. not sure how bun got them up the little cardboard stairs

Information Alert: Keybase was acquired by Zoom, so I will no longer be using it, I will revoke all the stuff that is specific to them as of today

hey, other polycules of people spread over the world, how do you spend your time together? we usually just watch youtube videos and play a small list of games together, and we could use more ideas

i cannot find the old post where i said this so i'm gonna write it again:

everyone intuitively already knows that the economy is already planned. it's centrally planned in boardrooms of massive corporations to get the largest value for their shareholders. this is why you can google and find nerds excitedly speculating about marvel movies that will come out in 2025. it's only when we're asked to think about it that we revert to the grade-school propaganda idea of the market, supply and demand, and capitalism as something that just "happens," without conscious outside prodding.

the difference between capitalism and socialism isn't central planning, it's that under socialism the planning serves the needs of the whole population, rather than increasing the profits of a tiny few.

anyway many people, even leftists, fundamentally misunderstand the relationship between the US, Empire, and Israel

while there is certainly an "Israeli Lobby" within US politics, they are just one minor branch of the representative of empire, the US doesn't defend Israel because it has been tricked by lobbyists to do so, they do so because Israel is a client state to Capitalist Empire, the capital of which is currently the US

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