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1st-ever photo of a black hole to be revealed | CBC News

Tomorrow, scientists are expected to unveil the first-ever photograph of a black hole.

1st-ever photo of a black hole to be revealed

Doing some browsing on eBay for vintage cartridge games... found a seller in my country that has reasonable prices (for once!). Probably going to grab a few :D

Unlike the mainland China, the Hong Kong Police Force is allowed to purchase weapons and equipments from the United States manufacturers.

This means U.S.-based businesses are making money while HKPF assault the demonstrators using American weapons at the behest of Beijing.

Playing around with an emulated ZX81. There are so many vintage machines I want... but the prices are insane. It's definitely a very different experience from, say, Commodore machines. Having each key also be a keyword is a neat idea.

I think it is so freaking cool that SDF helps NetBSD with kernel development, as a (fairly hardcore) testing ground :D

INTERGALACTIC WASABI MIX is live now... why aren't you listening to it?!?!?

Mammut for Mastodon seems to be the nicest Mastodon client for Android right now. I used Fedilab before, but they made it pay-only, which is odd as I had it installed and then it seems to have vanished. Oh well, Mammut has a nicer, cleaner interface anyway :)

Woo! Just sent in my donation for MetaARPA on @SDF ... moving up the ladder. It is SO worth it, you get access to sweet software like rsync ❤️ clang ❤️ git ❤️ ... plus access to the super secret meta array >.> I can't say any more about that. You also get SSL for your personal SDF domain... it's just freakin' awesome.

SNOWDUSK'S SHOW IS LITERALLY INSANE tonight... listen at !!!

hey, you... why aren't you listening to DJ G.Love's ORGANIZED CHAOS??!! @MG

tune in now!

@RyuKurisu @hund @alatiera @crodges @alatiera

So go to
to check out __Super Dimensional Fortress'__ (SDF's) tribute to it!
Hint: Try out several old, ancient Unices right in the browser!
And also make a free __Public Access UNIX System__-account on or

#Unix50 #sdf

@snowdusk_ Looks like the August 31st show didn't get archived :( Do you record your shows locally?

Wow, the VOIP sounds really good on my Pixel 2 XL! It's neat that SIP is built right in to the OS, no programs needed. If someone dials my extension, it rings just like any other call. Feel free to call my extension if you have SDF VOIP! Message me for my extension :)

Tune into ANONRADIO right now to hear DJ Snowdusk's INTERGALACTIC WASABI MIX

Sorry all.... due to technical issues, the intergalactic wasabi mix tonite is cancelled 💣💥

i will try again tomorrow 🙏


SDF VOIP is amazing. I can't believe how good the call quality is! Talked to my mom in Norway for 2h, and my dad here in Canada for 2h. Now I'm in the market for a VOIP phone so I can actually have a phone!

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