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1st-ever photo of a black hole to be revealed | CBC News

Tomorrow, scientists are expected to unveil the first-ever photograph of a black hole.

1st-ever photo of a black hole to be revealed

Jamming to some tunes, make sure to tune in later tonight at 22:00UTC for tomasino, then me, then hardmous!

amr is now online playing (DJ AMR is Bored) :: Rachel K Collier - Tattoo :: Join us on!! tune in here now:

New option on SDF.
:-) I believe i will migrate my account from my homeserver to this server.

Listening to 80s Synth and New Wave Night with DJ @snowdusk on the way home from the gym! 🎶💪🏻🎶

tune in to tilderadio RIGHT NOW or else I will DRINK A BOTTLE OF KETCHUP. and I DON'T LIKE KETCH

I *understand* why pamac defaults to [y/N] when installing packages, but it's still annoying because I hit enter out of habit from using apt and pacman and then I have to run the command again.

@amrowsell @librebuddys GNU/systemd/X/Gnome3/Linux?

Not to be confused with GNU/systemd/X/XFCE/Linux of course.

I want to take a moment and express affection and love for every human who defended *actual* clowns or circuses today.

Some day, down the road a bit, it will be safe to perform again. When that day comes, I'll be doing it for you.

In the meantime, keep breathing, being kind, and punching up. <3

it's RAVE TIME with @snowdusk ... tune in now for some bops!

char *audioBuffer = (char *)malloc(sizeof(char) * 64);

5:41am: Haven't been able to sleep, starting to finally feel tired. Wrote the beginnings of yet another coding project. Never used DACs much but this should be fun if it can handle processing the data fast enough. I think it shouldn't have too much of an issue... 8kHz sampling rate for testing. If there's CPU to spare, I might take it all the way up to 11 or 16kHz.

There's a speedrun marathon of the Ar Tonelico / Atelier / Mana Khemia games happening now at the RPG LImit Break twitch channel:

"Real Time Alchemy". It's really cute and relaxing and exactly what I needed today.

urgh I am so tired of wearing a mask. but also my blood boils when I see others on public transit not wearing one. it's not that much of a cross to bear, really. especially considering the alternative. people are just fucking stupid sometimes.

(This was a Twitter thread that I reposted here because I figured some folks may have similar experiences and be able to offer tips/tricks?)

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In summary --
PLEASE support the Linux Vendor Firmware Service ( so I can get BIOS updates on my Nitro 5 laptop without having to find a way to boot into Windows.

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Booting into FreeDOS looks promising. Otherwise, I will use the Windows PE trick. Failing that... Win10 maybe? Trying to think of how I could even boot into Windows 10. Install it from USB flash drive to external hard drive, maybe? If I can find an external hard drive laying around somewhere. Or just fill the other empty m.2 slot with a cheap SSD... all for a BIOS update.

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