Since I was studying for monitoring the students of algorithms and data structures, here's a picture of Acme while I was testing an implementation of an AVL tree, built entirely in Plan 9.

The special thing here is that while everything was done in Plan 9, it saved remotely to my Linux laptop as my laptop's root was mounted in /mnt/term through drawterm.

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9front emailschaden is released and the SDF Plan 9 Boot Camp 2020 has moved from 9xenpcf-pae to 9front. Par0dy is over, thanks for playing. WelCOM 9Front Parity.

Installing Go on my local 9front box and already regretting it.

@ffuentes I was studying and didn't see your message on com, sorry. Did you manage to run werc?

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If any of you got Plan 9 running on SDF VPS or on any local instance, I recommend having a look at uriel's slides:

9fs && cp /n/ /tmp/

They have a lot of quick details on Plan 9's history, plus comparisons with Unix and Linux.

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Connected to my Plan 9 slice at SDF, built and installed and tested a program from my local fs via /mnt/term :)

Just managed to access my VPS on the new server, after being trolled by my ISP's DNS.

Thank you so much @SDF, everything is much faster and smoother now!

Changed wallpaper again. Couldn't handle the black and white depression

For all of you weeaboos, here's what Plan 9's rio looks like with a custom wallpaper. (though it looks kinda out of place here)

And for some reason, drawterm uses a resolution of 2732x768. Could be related to my dual screen though

Unfortunately on servers is kinda slow for me atm, I suppose it is due to my ISP, so I took the chance to copy some of my remote config to my local 9front install on Raspberry Pi.

This is drawterm connected to my pi3 over my local network.

Oh, one of the best things is that I FINALLY got the NTP configuration working (thanks to SDF wiki!). For some reason the 9front pi image doesn't have NTP configured by default, so my machine was living in the 70's

Since the bootcamp has started, I'm gonna try updating both birdsite and here.

Finished a book containing a few texts on Seneca. I think I'll write about them on my gemlog.

I'm finishing a read on Seneca so I can start Wittgenstein, but I'm already looking forward to Frège, maybe Russell and Kant, then Maturana and Varela.

Oh God. This is never going to end, is it?

Come to think of it, my phlog is outdated as hell. Perharps I should take my book notes in Org Mode and export them to Unicode, then copypaste stuff there as I finish reading my books.

New post on my gemlog. This time I'm discussing a certain kind of criticism on Christopher McCandless' story, which came to light once again this week.


Just wrote a few stuff on my spare notebook I use to write thoughts, and I realized I don't want to put them in my blog, but on Geminispace, however, I feel like I should. Bless the small internet.

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