Finished a book containing a few texts on Seneca. I think I'll write about them on my gemlog.

I'm finishing a read on Seneca so I can start Wittgenstein, but I'm already looking forward to Frège, maybe Russell and Kant, then Maturana and Varela.

Oh God. This is never going to end, is it?

Come to think of it, my phlog is outdated as hell. Perharps I should take my book notes in Org Mode and export them to Unicode, then copypaste stuff there as I finish reading my books.

New post on my gemlog. This time I'm discussing a certain kind of criticism on Christopher McCandless' story, which came to light once again this week.


Just wrote a few stuff on my spare notebook I use to write thoughts, and I realized I don't want to put them in my blog, but on Geminispace, however, I feel like I should. Bless the small internet.

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Happy birthday, Gemini! 🚀​


I'm back with news! Just started my gemlog at Gemini (see my profile), and I also have a new laptop.

Feels good to be back here.

Why the heck is it so much more satisfactory to study something on your own rhythm, instead of following a strict plan?

This will probably trigger a bunch of people, but I don't like Lennon nor Beatles, with exception of a few songs (of the band, not of Lennon's solo carreer).

Heard some celebrities were singing Imagine to show support to the whole COVID-19 situation, but I don't get the appeal.

Impressive how a pandemic was able to make me use Emacs as Window Manager so I could type notes while studying and browsing the web at the same time

So... Schools suspending classes in my town already. Two kids already suspicious of COVID-19.

If that happens to college, then I guess I'll finally have time to read Spinoza and a few papers...?

So many problems appearing in front of me right now, and they're not even my fault.
If I make it through this week, I can definitely do anything I want in my life.

I'm sorry, I can't help but dislike Akame ga Kill.

I can't stand seeing WordPress in front of me anymore

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There's also a book I ordered which talks about enactivism, more related to my research topics on college, but I must be careful not to start reading when it arrives. I still have some papers to read in parallel with the other books.

And then... Maybe some Wittgenstein and Kant.

Current read list progress:

- DC's Kingdom Come (done)
- Dear and Glorious Physician (story of Saint Luke) (done)
- The Ghost in the Shell 1.5 (in progress)
- Serrano do Pilão Arcado
- Three books of writings on philosophy of the mind

And I thought I could only read tech stuff.

Here's a fact about helping people with programming.

Without spoonfeeding: person learns to acquire proper knowledge, and you'll seem like a mofo who doesn't want to help.

With spoonfeeding: person walks away satisfied but learns nothing, and will annoy you again eventually.

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