now talking to froggyme and jasmaz on the SDF VoIP conference bridge at ext 1088... froggyme is working very hard manning the SDF table at the Vintage Computer Festival at the Computer History Museum ... and we are streaming on right now, for 2 more minutes!

we are connected to the awesome 3B2!!!


to join in the fun!

and my dump worked! lol


@junkman @snowdusk_ I got it working correctly on regular com by turning off colors and changing my backspace key.
z toggles colors
- toggles backspace key

@adamd @snowdusk_ OK I will give it a shot. I left it sitting on my desk with the modem connected and it killed the AA's quick! I need to find a 6v wallart.

@adamd @snowdusk_ good looking out! I decided to burn some more AA's to test it. On the sdf "roof" and it looks good with colors off. Backspace too 👍

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