Building an image for an embedded device is processor intensive. I am trying to learn Yocto and how to make my own images.

Make a closed source industrial device communicate to this. A non isolated 5V serial port on a pic microcontroller operating at 2500 baud, a non standard port speed.
I am hearing the Mission Impossible theme song in my head.

I listened to many shows today. Great news about the new clubsdf.

I installed a remote device with a customer and got this. They told their SonicWall to inspect ssh traffic. Key based authentication could not succeed through this. I had to have them make a rule to not inspect my traffic. :)

Fort Popham in Maine this morning. A bit wet but very beautiful.

Some fucking patent troll is suing @gnome, and they are fighting back, to help all of Free software, who might be victims if the troll wins.

I've gotten so much from Gnome trough so many years, and given so little back. But here it is easy to give, so I did, and I tried to make up a little bit for all I've gotten.

And you should too!

Read more:

Give to the defense:

Please boost, they are fighting for all of us, at least we can spread the word

Join me in 6 minutes for Dally Rhythms at my new time on I’m excited for the playlist that I’ve prepared. I’ll be chatting in com on sdf

Wind storm knocked out power this morning at 02:00. Still no power. Internet is working though. :)

Lots of fun at the Deerfield NH Hamfest. Found stuff like this.
I did not buy the 'Round Heavy Things'

Hey Fedz.... if your ears are free, please join us in listening to MYOCYTE with DJ @peef a.k.a. 'ffog' --- srtreaming right now on !

click below to listen:

I did the sequencing for a couple of robots to serve beer at a company event. This was the first beer served.

I feel like something dwarven needs to be playing while this giant nuclear reactor is being forged...

I just bought a new camper in FL to drive home to Maine. Not all things go as planned.
End result is OK. Factory Warrantee, free tow, free repair. Just a setback in time. This happened 2 hours into my return trip.

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