I thought it was Friday. I went to djcev.com/ to get @cev latest mix. That led me to the term conspicuous consumption and here:
Interesting read if you have time to kill.

Just finished Ship of Gold by Gary Kinder. Now starting 'Permanent Record by Edward Snowden.

Ship of Gold was long but a great read. Hard to put down at times.

aNONradio is celebrating 25 years for the next 25 hours starting at 0000 UTC (in 10 minutes!) with the Stokesauce Show

You are still the DJ.


Clair is picking elderberries to make elderberry syrup. I keep thinking of the line from Monty Python, "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!"

For me the PinePhone isn't ready to be used for my primary phone. My Librum5 may never arrive. So I just installed /e/ on my OnePlus3T so I can feel more deGoogled. Seems its a modified version of LineageOS.

Thanks everyone for tuning in and for chatting with us on COM! 🙏 it's good to be back! ✌️

My friend DJ @guofu is streaming now please tune in! 💃🕺🎵


Found at the transfer station (dump). I think the floppy drive on the top is for an Amiga I didn't bring home. The Amiga was in tough shape.
I will likely return all this stuff as I really don't want it.
Photos taken with a PinePhone.

Found a sand dollar on the beach today. Seems someone wanted it found.

Just started reading this book. The Alignment Problem by Brian Christian. Tina, our cat also made it into the picture.
Photo from Pinephone.

Doing some camping this weekend.The picture of the moon was taken with a camera phone. We are in Abbot, Maine, USA. On Borestone Mtn. a cloud of bugs came through so we're covering our mouths. Thankfully a breeze picked up and we were saved.

Anyone know what this is?
I believe its a 330ma fuse. V2 is confusing though. I would have through F2 perhaps. There is another just like it on the board that is completely fried. I would like to order a replacement.

Clair at the Beach this morning. A bit foggy. This post and photo done using the PinePhone.

Listening to @tbn97 Cafe 80s on anonradio.net tonight from the deck. Its getting dark. Makes the System76 Oryx Pro look pretty sharp.

My System76 Oryx Pro4, now several years old, started powering itself off today. Seems the CPU is getting really hot. I could reproduce the issue by running a cpu stress test.

Replacing the thermal paste fixed it!

CPU on the right, GPU in the back.

Latest PC I am working with. Shown here with a Red Martian floppy disk CD holder for size comparison.
Made by Phoenix Contact it sports a N3550 CPU and 4G ram.

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