Our packet node setup. The radio with the green backlight TM8115 and the PK-96 TNC I just installed.

Spent 6 hours working on Saturday. Moved our Linux server to a different computer. I really like software raid. I can run our linux server on just about any computer that can accept 6 hard drives. (raid10, raid1)

Popham Beach walk pictures from yesterday and today. What a difference a day makes.

#gemini #programming #C
I'm creating a new Gemini browser in C with Ncurses, named (very creatively) Gemcurses.

It's actually my first project in C, so my code is messy and I'm sure it has a ton of bugs, but it somewhat works!

It requires only Ncurses and OpenSSL libraries.

Feel free to check it out, and tell me what you think and what i need to fix/change/add :)


A quick morning #vintagecomputer photo. This is my Tandy TRS-80 Model 100 Portable Computer, or "M100" as we call them. Even though I grew up with Atari, Tandy has turned out to be the largest single make in my vintage computer collection - mostly thanks to these portables.

This is an 8085-powered laptop with 32kB of RAM and a 40-character by 8-line LCD display, capable of graphics and text. It runs for around 20 hours on 4 AA-sized batteries and runs software from "Option ROM" chips installed behind a trap-door in the bottom.

Very disapointed the keyboard is just too small for me to type on. I thought I finally had a replacement for my 1986 vintage Tandy Model 102.

Using some COVID down time to wipe some old hard drives.

The mainboard in this machine is a ASROCK 960GC-GS FX. A very cool mainboard with support for SATA, PATA, PCIe, PCI, Serial, Parallel, floppy drive, game port, etc.. This one has a FX-6300 processor with 16G Ram.

The work bench tonight. Any guesses as to what I am doing?

I once had a buch of bots try to follow me. I then made it so I have to approve followers. I don't really like it that way but I think its best..??

We're celebrating Klaus Schulze (1947-2022) at 0200 UTC (7PM PDT) Vintage Comp-U-Talk TOPIC: Vintage Micros and Synthesizers followed by LIVE Synth Battle Royale XII at 0300 UTC (8PM PDT)

Join us on aNONradio.net

I am at a hamfest in Deerfield, NH, USA. They have some intreseting retro computers such as these:

More pics of misc stuff: adamd.sdf.org/hamfest/

Welcome @bren. I also do things with computers and sometimes succeed. Today was not one of those days. :)

Hello all! Name is Neil and based in north east England. Work in software development (mostly infrastructure at the moment). Returned to radio about 4y ago after a 20y hiatus (was first licenced when I was about 10yo). Spend most of my time on HF and digital but getting more into SSB. Running a #flexradio 6400 and a Maestro into an end fed wire or Stealth Loop. Also have an interest in #fusion, #dstar and #dmr. Ride a #triumph #sprintst and have an #Icom705 for portable work. 73! #introductions

Found a couple of golf balls on our beach walk today. I thought of tob from the Dubious Goals Committee on .

Popham Beach, Maine, USA. Windy walk at the beach today.

Did someone already used this Logic analyser with linux / BSD ?

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