Clair was able to unlock her identical twin's smartphone with face recognition.

I just learned the basics of a git. Who knows, perhaps I'll be contributing to a project soon.

Seems WebEx doesn't support Linux.. still. Uberconference does and its hold music is awesome!

Ham club meeting tonight, can't make . Bummer!

Compressed ~300G VM using a quad core N3150, took about 2 hours. Next time I'll use something with a bit more power.
Cmd was:
tar -cf - ./SQL1_VM | pv -s 292G | pigz > SQL1_VM.tgz

I was given an old ham radio SBE Model-34. Now I have to see if it works and figure out how to use it.

Thank you
I have enjoyed many shows this week both live and from archives.

@gemlog Acabo de pasar un tiempo en Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Si quieres practicar tu español, ve allí. También es un buen lugar para disfrutar un poco del buen tiempo. Desafortunadamente mi escritura en español es muy mala. Gracias

@tomasino Just finished the first of four 'You say which way Adventures' by Blair Polly & DM Porter. Pretty good. The back of the book has all the choices for each story and the page numbers. Could be handy for

@snowdusk_ Just listened to last nights . @nydel nydel's stuff is good! Thanks both of you!

Just finished shovelling slush off the driveway, now high winds in Portland Maine area. Winter wonderland.

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