I just watched The Social Dilemma Documentary. It made me like Mastodon even more.

I have never seen this. Its a PCIe 4x slot with a 16x card in it. Installed is a GTX1650 graphics card. It seem to work well.

I grilled steak tonight and I couldn't help but think of @claudiom

I have tried to make it work several times. I have to give up but can't make myself throw it away. What should I do with it?

Congratulation @cev on Movement Through Thought #200.
Thanks for making it.

Endlessh is a lot of fun. I have had 3426 connection attempts by 212 different people.
Hall of fame:
409 tries from
445 tries from
531 tries from

Clair (wife) rock hopping at Popham beach in Maine today. Seems it was a very high tide.

Candlelight supper with Clair. Chatting on com at sdf and listening to DJ Hardmous on anonradio.net.

Thinking about hosting my own radio show on anonradio, I'll have to look further into it but I've always wanted to host my own radio show and this looks like a good opportunity.

Clair, my wife and an EMT, just had an ambulance call. An 80 year old woman attacked by a rooster. There is signifiant bleeding.

Bodhi Linux on this IBM ThinkPad T60 and its running great! T2400 dual core, 1G ram, 32 Bit system. Posting from it now.

Visited Squirrel Point light house in Arrowsic Maine, USA today.

When I put this away a year ago it wasn't working. Now it seems it is.

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