I may try out Scientific Linux because I like the logo. Kernel seems a bit old at 3.10.

Clair and I pass this on one of our walks. Part of an old public emergency alerting system.

All memory slots full. Looks like a lot but its an older Dell R720 and most of the memory chips are 4G so the total is only 112G.

Our beach walk today. Popham Beach in Maine. I guess people consider 8C cold. The beach was almost empty.

Find a used book store and read books. Buy dvds. Install a gopher and gemini browser. Explore the smol web. Send someone you dont know an encouraging email about something they wrote. Delete your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Google accounts. Grow some plants. Drink water. Walk outside. Smile at someone. Fix something old. Tell someone you are thankful for them.

My TNC would not key the radio. I was getting out the fancy test gear to check the PTT singal. It was much simpler then that.

Notice the microphone between the keyboard and 19" equipment rack. Its PTT button was pressed.

If this smoker looks like its about to explode, that's because it did. After taking the picture it exploded slamming the cover up and then back down. I lost some hair on my arms while preparing for another picture from the front.
The salmon we were cooking made it and was delicious.

Abackus on IRC said: New stack overflow dev survey results are out. Always interesting to read through

Just back from the second weekend camping trip in a row. We had our own scottish sentry.

Clair and I are havig fun at camp. I will have a lot of shows to catch up on when we get back late today.

Catching up on some listening. Bummer I have been missing so many shows. Good news is, its because of fun summer activities.


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