Clair and I heard a crash. Went outside and found this. The driver is alive and well. A bit bloody, but mostly from a nosebleed.

It may be hard to tell, but it was a truck.

2008 Dell Vostro 200 series still in use in 2021. ffmpeg recording security camera video, samba file sharing, rsync backups, openvpn remote access, mdadm RAID.
The OS is a 2021 version of Linux. In this case its OpenSuSE Leap 15.3. Its at a building contractor. They even have a backup for when it fails.

Google doesn't own the internet. #Decentralize the internet to keep it that way.

Always read the fine print. They were not transmitting at ~2000 UTC.
Transmissions are scheduled for December 1 from 1210 - 1910 UTC and December 2 from 1140 - 1720 UTC.

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The International Space Station is doing slow scan TV on 145.8Mhz today and tomorrow. (Dec 1, 2)
I managed this partial image..

Next pass at ~20:00 UTC is right over my house. I'll do better then.

Tree setup time. We have had this remote control for the tree since.. .. a long time ago.

Zotac ZBox with 4G and a D525 processor. Set the target to multi-user (systemctl set-default, loaded screen, then minicom. Now I can see ax.25 packet activity real time and can remotely connect with screen -x.

I haven't been posting much on Mastodon lately. I'll have to change that.

My son dropped off a router for me to play with. Ubiquiti USG-PRO-4. Seems to run Linux.

My cat had radioactive iodine treatment. She sets off the alarm on my Geiger counter.

Compiling hwinfo in Slackware 14.1 on a P133 takes a very long time. I should probably stop listening to streaming audio. Its taking ~70% processor usage and I had to make it less nice so it wouldn't skip.

I was able to get this Radio Shack serial mouse working in Slackware.
The magic was:
inputattach --mouseman /dev/ttyS0

Spent two hours working on an ssh reverse port forward using gateway ports.
iptables rule listing showed all default actions as ACCEPT so I assumed there was no firewall. Bad assumption. nft list ruleset told a different story.

The beach was 10C and blowing 15 MPH, light rain. Found something unusual today. I little fishy.

Did the extended TX mod for my FT-818 yesterday so I could pick up the CB channels.
I turned what you see in the picture into XXXXOOOOO. Jumped solder across the pads of the first three and removed the 5th surface mount component. Performed a microprocessor reset and it seems to be working.

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