I'm on a search for #retrocomputing #movies for which I forgot the details. Boost ok.

Part 1.

A (british?) 70s or 80s series with a guy who learns about something criminal going on.

In the end he needs to implement kind of a virus which makes sure he is still alive by entering a key once in a while, otherwise it publishes the story by printing it on every newspaper office's printer.

The intro had a walking figure which duplicates over the screen.

Any ideas?

I replaced the power supply in a coworkers son's computer. Not a bad PC. i7-6700K, 16G Radion ?? graphics card.

It calculates pi to 4K places in 7.37 seconds. Not bad.
time echo "scale=4000,a(1)*4" | bc -l

Clair hasad us Butternut Squash Burrito Bowls for supper.

I have been practicing Morse code, again. I have made it back to 7.5 WPM with near 100% copy. I hope I stick with it this time.

I have officially given up. In the process I learned I don't like Cisco. I tried changing the BIOS flash chip but I still can't make this server run. Giving up.

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May I please get 2 followers to copy and re-post this tweet? I'm trying to demonstrate that someone is always listening.

116-123 (UK & Ireland)
1-800-273-8255 (US)

Just two. Any two. Copy, not retweet.

Today we hiked Morses Mountain in Phippsburg, Maine. We found a geocache and learned the road floods at high tide. I carried Clair across and my hiking boots are drying now.

Yesterday near Popham Beach in Maine, USA. Old Coast Guard station.

I'm trying out the Edge browser on Linux today. Seems to work.

Seems I have received a broken Bose wave radio. I'm sure I can find some exciting project for it. Perhaps just turn it into Bluetooth speakers by getting a Bluetooth audio board.

A small sand formation where the frozen sand avoided erosion. This was at Popham Beach in Maine.

My IBM ThinkPad T60 was shutting its self off. Then it occasionally booted with only 1 of 2 cpu cores. Then I saw the message.. 'Thermal shutdown'. Seems the thermal paste had dried out. Fixed now.

My setup tonight for @tbn97's on followed by @snowdusk's on .

System76 Oryx Pro running Pop! OS, KDE Plasma.

I have been running Ubuntu Touch on an old Nexus 5 for just over a week now. I love it!

The Nexus 5 uses 3G calling. AT&T supports it until the end of this year. I need to be looking for my next phone now.


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