Today Windows 10 Installed Simple Solitaire in one of our computers at work. ??? Can they do that??? Has anyone else seen this?

Seems I have a Realtek 8111G chip in my laptop. It disappeared from lspci. A little heat, re seat some connections and I have my PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller back. :)

Facial recognition at customs when getting off the ship. Yikes! I guess you can't fight progress. I should give up and just post my face here.

OK.. This isn't me.

At the Miami airport. I have internet again! 馃榾 Just downlaoded 8 hours of shows. Here we go...

Cruise ship internet is very bad! Did manage . Thanks @snowdusk_

This looks bad. Seems the drive is ST3000DM001 which had a 47% failure rate in 2014. Yikes!

Pancho Villa Mexican Restaurant in Brunswick, Maine. Looks like it needs a remodel but the people and food are amazing!

shell of choose... pls, boost!

Not many people at the beach this morning in Maine. Must have been too cold for them.

I made some custom brackets to mount my Corsair H100i cooler on my new Ryzen7. Seems Corsair doesn't make the required bracket.

Brian Cox on pet grooming. I find this very funny for some reason.

Termin贸 la fiesta n煤mero tres esta noche y estoy feliz. Con suerte me perder茅 menos programas en vivo de anonadio.

Thank you DJs. In the past few days I listened to several shows and some many times. Listing to now. Just finished . Thanks @smj four shout out at 27:05. :)

Learning to send messages to Schneider Machine Advisor from a bash script.

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