New setup. Enhanced Apple IIe and a trs80 model4 case with modern components in it.

@snowdusk_ Can you use a local IRC client to connect to If not no biggie. only 13 minutes left of the show.

@snowdusk_ hobbsc said to tell you he is super pleased with this song.

@snowdusk_ having issues but your stream is coming through fine.

@cev I'm really enjoying Movement Through Thought this morning. I'm playing it for the third time now. :)
Thanks for making it.

The captain just said he had an update for us and it was that he had no update for us.

Ground hold in DC. I have made it from the terminal to the taxiway. It will be a long day. At least I have Yes @snowdusk_ I am listening to the archive, thanks for the shout out.

Waiting for a flight in an airport, headed to Indiana for work. I feel important and like a slave at the same time. I think I think too much.

@snowdusk_ @tomasino Clair and I missed and last night. Thank you for all the shows you both have done already!

Assembled my RF strength meter today. Included some surface mount and mods to very small components.

Received my field strength meter kit today. I look forward to assembling it.

I have not tooted in a while. I have been working, thinking about campers, participating in our towns clean up day (picking up trash), making a really cool label printer from a raspberry pi for work and listening to many shows from the archives at

coming up next on -- The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk! Pls tune in from 01:00-02:00 UTC/9-10PM EDT -- just right after DJ G.Love's Organized Chaos! As usual every Tuesday night (EDT) is night.. mostly synthpop, new romantics and new wave!

See you on 'com' and 'irc'!

here's how to tune in:

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