What I am doing now …


It's still there, waiting for me, or so I'm lead to believe.


Still in Seoul for work. I head home in 12 days. While I've enjoyed my time here, I'm ready to be home. I've been busy and expect to stay that way.


Done for the semester, but the school of life remains open 24x365!

I updated my Now page.

If you’re curious about my curren…♦

I updated my Now page.

If you're curious about my current doings that don't make it to the main RSS feed, check out my Now page.

It’s a rainy Saturday evening. I’m in the hotel lounge. W…♦

It's a rainy Saturday evening. I'm in the hotel lounge. Women outnumber men ≈ 20 - 1

I'm taken, ladies!

※ There is zero interest in me

Thinking out loud: Cars; or the absence thereof

I loved not owning or having a car for the three years I lived in Tokyo.

While I like Midori, my 13+ year Toyota, I would love to hand her off to someone else.

During the pandemic she was mostly parked. The occasional drives could easily have been done in another family vehicle or postponed. Now I'm in Korea for 2 months. She is collecting tree detritus.

I've got an adult child livin

Knocks, yellow, reflection

Someone is knocking on a nearby hotel room door with an implement. The sound is metallic, hollow, and I can't help but think louder for me than the intended recipient.

A yellow dust from China descended on Korea, a dust obscuring Seoul after a rainfall forecast to clear out pollution. I'm told it's an annual event, the yellow dust.

I settled up the hotel bill for my most recent two weeks in residence. It'

Incomplete adventures, part X of ∞

I wandered around Cheonggyecheon stream, a bit of a tiny river and flood prevention that cuts through Seoul, last Saturday March 27.

Cherry blossoms on my daily constitutional

Spring is awesome.

I photographed these on my constitutional around the Seoul's Yeouido district.

Male diet culture: Another diet with a clever hashtag, branding

"The food movement became the wellness culture, which is just diet culture rebranded by Gwyneth Paltrow." :

men, look: It’s really okay to just talk about your feelings and maybe hug a friend? You do not have to take cold showers and workout twice a day or use a dumb acronym just because you did something nice for someone else. (Also maybe it’s even nicer if you don’t n

Put relationships first

From Cal Newport via Lex Fridman:

“If I was going to give advice to young people...If they haven’t already, bad things are going to happen that you can’t control. So, what’s the plan?...How do you live life when life is hard in ways that are unfair and unpredictable? Relationships is the buffer for all of that...It’s all we’re wired to do. It’s like ALL of our brain is for this...It’s at the core of human th

Seoul from my sick room window

I enjoy peeping these hidden rooftop spaces from my wee room on the eleventh floor.

First up is a space that epitomizes what I'm talking about:

This one seems sadly underutilized and a bit messy

Next we have a space looking like maybe it's under construction:

Now we're back into the better appointed spaces. This one says, "Party!"

Hard to see in this pictu

Toast of Tardiness

New mystery anthology cover illustration offers a witty twist on the “Toast of Tardiness” trope:
If you’re into manga and anime, you’ve probably seen it before. The so-called “Toast of Tardiness” trope in which a schoolgirl, late for school, rushes out of her home with a piece of toast in her mouth, only to collide into a boy at the street corner, has been used and parodied so many times it almost needs no introduc


I’d like a Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Stand with a side of CPU Wireless Mouse, please and STAT. My dinner is late.


Good Fortune Burger of Toronto has named its menu items after office supplies so that customers can include them on expense reports:

Fortune Burger: Basic Steel Stapler
Diamond Chicken Burger: Mini Dry Erase Whiteboard
Double Your Fortune Burger: Ergonomic Aluminum Laptop Stand

Korea quarantine day 10 breakfast

WARNING: Sando situ ahead

Virtual repeat this morning. Western eyes will be familiar with all. The bowl is a mushroom broccoli congee. But check this out!

That, Dear Friends, is a slice of honest-to-God, absolutely real processed fake cheese, perfect for my breakfast sandwich needs. If only I had some of the rolls this morning and not the sweet wheat bread and croissan

Korea quarantine day 9 dinner


We got yer fish, yer rice, hash browns, pickles, pineapple, cabbage, beef stew (maybe another curry situation), and …

What's all this then? A mystery treat!

It's basically a Moon Pie - two soft cookies (a.k.a. biscuits) sandwiching marshmallow and coated in milk chocolate. Tasty. And crumbly!

Oh, great … now we're gonna get ants 🐜 Sure, I'm on the eleventh floor, bu

“Truth is neither liberal nor conservative. When it comes to the response to the largest public health crisis of our time, our current political leaders have demonstrated that they are dangerously incompetent. We should not abet them and enable the deaths of thousands more Americans by allowing them to keep their jobs.”

Aaannnddd I’m done. To paraphrase Dennis Green, they are who we thought they are

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