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Evil (Paramount+; 5/5) – still great. The show is equal measure funny, scary, topical, sincere, fun, earnest, skeptical, and then above all totally bonkers. Get the free trial if you don't already have it to watch this and …

The Good Fight (Paramount+; 4.5/5) – in its final season, I'm only two episodes in of the three released so far but am as on board with it as I ever was. I marvel at the le

Office renovation

I revamped my office on Labor Day.

The essential elements are still here – the two tables, the many computers, the turntable, and sundry tech office things. Essentially the office doesn’t function significantly differently than before. It even has roughly the same layout. So, what changed?

Trash, first off. I got rid of 2 bag worth of recyclable detritus like empty tech boxes. Actually, it was mostly empty tec

The sky, black with lawyers

jwz on How to fix social media:

What we need is this one simple trick:

A site that scrapes, collates, and de-dups your friends' posts on every social media site, and then shows you the union of all of those posts as one feed.

This is the only way to break Facebook's back: to allow your friends' transition from one social network's data silo to another to be so gradual and

Mailchimp Change

Via Dave Pell’s NextDraft:

Mailchimp, the newsletter service that sent this to you, just sold to Intuit for a cool $12 billion. More amazing than the number, which is damn amazing, is that the company never took any outside funding, making this the "largest-ever acquisition of a privately-held bootstrapped company. It's also a huge windfall for the founders of Mailchimp, which opted for profit-sharing instead of st

Security policy as death contract

I worked with a customer in the waning days of a significant security breech. The customer vocally committed to making cyber security a top priority. *

This commitment included efforts I worked on.

Another item this commitment included was an updated security policy.

The two came into conflict -- the new policy, written during the breech and approved immediately upon recovery, was absolute. Pa

Drowning here in Summer’s cauldron

I relished Tokyo's festivals.

Every weekend had 1 or 2 or 6 or 10 in and around the city.

As much as I loved living there, it was not always enough. Going to some random country's fair at Yoyogi Park or heading to a suburb for their local delicacies helped keep me involved and integrated into life in the city.

Now, with many festivals cancelled, you may need to be creative to enjoy su

bon vivant

Word of the Day: Bon Vivant by :

Word of the Day : December 2, 2019
noun bahn-vee-VAHNT

: a sociable person who has cultivated and refined tastes especially with respect to food and drink
Did You Know?
Fans of fine French wine and cuisine won't be surprised to hear that the French language gave us a number of words for those who enjoy good living and good eating. Gourmet, gourmand, and gastronome com

Brain grinding & other ailments

The Fight You Don’t See – Rhoneisms:

All of these happen. Daily. Often, many times a day. I’m pretty sure no one around me can tell. Most of the time no one is around when they occur.

And, I know I’m not alone. I know from speaking about it to other mental illness survivors that it happens to them too. Maybe not exactly the same things or thoughts but similar enough to let me know I’m not alone. Th

Good advices

The Problem with Newsletter Advice — CJ Chilvers:

The good advice for business (and life) is boring and readily available.

Deliver value.
Save money automatically.
Strive for more agency in work and life.
Be kind.
Be generous.
Put family first.
Without your health, nothing else can happen.
And so on…

CJ talks about newsletters, but does a nice abstraction about the key

Skill as art, peer review as expression

A friend and colleague asked me to review a section of an already sent customer deliverable. The customer expressed strong negative views about the content and how it was communicated in one specific section. “The customer is always right,” and the customer also happens to be correct in their assessment.

I’m not throwing the person who wrote this material “under the bus”. Most people in IT

Twelve Golden Rules to the Art of Conversation

The Art of Conversation: Twelve Golden Rules by Josephine Turck Baker (web | index)

Avoid unnecessary details.
Do not ask question No. 2 until No. 1 has been answered.
Do not interrupt another while they are speaking.
Do not contradict another, especially when the subject under discussion is of trivial importance.
Do not do all the talking; give your tired lis

Mask Policy

My civil liberties aren't violated by wearing a mask. I don’t measure such things by how many droplets my respiratory system can expel onto other people.


What I am doing now …


It's still there, waiting for me, or so I'm lead to believe.


Still in Seoul for work. I head home in 12 days. While I've enjoyed my time here, I'm ready to be home. I've been busy and expect to stay that way.


Done for the semester, but the school of life remains open 24x365!

I updated my Now page.

If you’re curious about my curren…♦

I updated my Now page.

If you're curious about my current doings that don't make it to the main RSS feed, check out my Now page.

It’s a rainy Saturday evening. I’m in the hotel lounge. W…♦

It's a rainy Saturday evening. I'm in the hotel lounge. Women outnumber men ≈ 20 - 1

I'm taken, ladies!

※ There is zero interest in me

Thinking out loud: Cars; or the absence thereof

I loved not owning or having a car for the three years I lived in Tokyo.

While I like Midori, my 13+ year Toyota, I would love to hand her off to someone else.

During the pandemic she was mostly parked. The occasional drives could easily have been done in another family vehicle or postponed. Now I'm in Korea for 2 months. She is collecting tree detritus.

I've got an adult child livin

Knocks, yellow, reflection

Someone is knocking on a nearby hotel room door with an implement. The sound is metallic, hollow, and I can't help but think louder for me than the intended recipient.

A yellow dust from China descended on Korea, a dust obscuring Seoul after a rainfall forecast to clear out pollution. I'm told it's an annual event, the yellow dust.

I settled up the hotel bill for my most recent two weeks in residence. It'

Incomplete adventures, part X of ∞

I wandered around Cheonggyecheon stream, a bit of a tiny river and flood prevention that cuts through Seoul, last Saturday March 27.

Cherry blossoms on my daily constitutional

Spring is awesome.

I photographed these on my constitutional around the Seoul's Yeouido district.

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