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Attended my first NOFARS meeting. I’m in a club again. The repeater, W4IZ is on EchoLink even. Sweet.

I now have 102529 points on, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #7 among my friends!

That moment when you go to the store, cause you’re bored. lol

I now have 102537 points on, the cross-platform achievement tracker. I now rank #7 among my friends!

5027 is online, and yes, line 2 on the phone is my SDF extension.

I’ve never been so excited about a phone before. It’s kinda weird.

Come on USPS, how about you deliver today's mail yesterday?

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How often do you declutter your laptop or PC's directories? Choose the option that most closely describes your 'file hygiene' schedule

The phone I should have gotten in the first place is arriving today. It’s not that I don’t like the SPA514G, but that SPA525G2 has Bluetooth, WiFi, and a color screen. I can even add my iPhone as a line on that one. This will be one I carry around with me and show off.

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When you would "degauss" an old CRT monitor, it was the act of expelling the ghost of Carl Friedrich Gauss from it.

5021 is up and running. I was able to get it provisioned without putting it in the DMZ. For now it's hiding in a closet.

I have a game plan. If that fails there’s always temporary DMZ. That could be dangerous though. It basically opens every port to the phone’s IP.

Have yet to successfully provision the phone. As it happens I found directions in the support backend for pfSense which Is what I have at work. I’m still not very familiar with it, so this should definitely help. Hope to sort it out tomorrow. Crossing fingers.

I should have a Hamshack Hotline phone (actual desk phone) up and running later on 5021. That is if I don’t mess something up. That should also ring my softphone too. I did notice one small problem. My HHX voicemail thinks my name is Kyle. lol

There’s a special place in hell for jerks who would DDoS the Extra Life website on game day. What the hell is wrong with people?

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