‪after 4.69 years of uptime and over 16 years of continuous service our very last 64 bit DEC Alpha retired itself early this morning. @netbsd

@SDF you just made me shivering. I think that, summing up all the hours, my laptop has higher uptime ...

@19hundreds @SDF laptop with 4.69 years of continuous uptime and 16 years of service? I want that laptop!

@logout @SDF of course I can't be precise, it's more like a joke, however my thinkpad x220 should be 8 yo (2011 I think?) and kicks wonderfully

@19hundreds @SDF but you surely did restart it more than twice, no?

@logout @SDF of course, every day but this beast works almost every day for 12+ hours since then (installed an SSD "recently" like 3 years ago or 4)

@19hundreds @SDF yeah and that Alpha machine worked 24/7 for 4.69 years without restart, I think that's a bit better than the laptop :)

@logout @SDF no doubt. However half a day for 8 years in not that bad either, right?

@19hundreds @SDF It's uptime of 1712 days versus 0.5 day - quite a difference. If that Alpha was restarted with this frequency all it's lifetime, it means it was restarted only four times since it was new. Every restart cleans your memory, all the caches, all file descriptors, kernel has a fresh start. It's _way_ harder to go on and on and on day after day. My personal record on my own server is some 150 days and there were Windows versions which couldn't work more than 50 days _by_design_. So I still think that Alpha was one hell of a machine!

@logout @SDF for sure, no objection. I was obviously joking and praising my beloved laptop :-)

@SDF Aww, there was something cool about running those Alphas

@SDF I devote my current beer to that machine! Salute!Alphas were utterly cool and I hope, that you may bring it back to life one day. Who else could do that?

16 years...that was...let me think...2003...that is...WOW!

@SDF Awwww... Poor old Alphas. A round of applause for it.

Do you have any stories to tell about it, funny things it did?

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