32 years of no ads, no banners, no session cookies, no persistent log files, user directed features and software. did you join arpa in 1994? happy 25th! lets celebrate on 16-Jun-2019 for platform and what can we do next?

@SDF Wow! 25 years of ARPA? I remember the dinner we had at Pasand South Indian in Richardson near UT Dallas where we all pledged to SDF and created the ARPA membership. $36 for 25 years...what a deal!


SDF and Pasand, two of my favorite things.

Damn I miss that place. Pasand, I mean.


@RussSharek so many times I got out of there with less than a 4 dollar lunch. idly sambar and papadum - or just rassam and papadum. pani puri was another. for dinners I'd have biryani which included korma and raita or I'd have chole puri.

@SDF Can’t wait for the 36th anniversary. 36 bits forever!

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