Boris Johnson, please get it through your addled pate that *it does not matter who is blamed if Brexit is a disaster*, as it likely looks to be.

You are the one who will have to deal with the fallout. Capiche?

"Britain can easily cope with no-deal Brexit, claims Boris Johnson

PM said EU leaders would be blamed for their ‘obduracy’ and that UK could keep much of £39bn settlement"



I see it going a little bit like this:

- Britain: "NO DEAL!", we will keep the £39b settlement!

- EU: Sure, we'll just recoup it by taxing all your exports to the Union. Should take no more than a couple of years.

- Britain: Er...

- EU: It is... How do young people call it these days? Ah yes: "All your exports are belong to us".

- Britain: ...

- Scotland: FREEDOM!

(You read it here first) 😋


The only way out of the Irish backstop in a no deal scenario, as now seems likely, is N Ireland either independent, or in a federation of some sort with Ireland.


Wait for it now... Trump will step in to offer to "buy England."

"It's essentially a real estate deal on a distressed property," Mr. Trump will opine.



I did not want to mention Ireland, but, yeah, Irish reunification now seems a very possible outcome.

I mean, we had Ian Paisley Jr calling (with perfect hypocrisy, I might add) on people to get Irish Republic passports in 2016:

His dad must still be spinning in his grave over that one...

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