And, to finish on that subject:

What's up with the Java version numbering? Can you imagine a worse mess?

openjdk 1.8.0_222 = Java 8
openjdk version "12.0.1" = Java 12

That's just typing "java -version". Please note there are Java 9, 10, and 11 between these two.

And then there is the difference between HotSpot and OpenJ9, and between the Oracle JDK and OpenJDK, etc...

reports that Quickbooks host iNSYNQ crippled by ransomware and turning off social media to avoid angry customers

Ouverte en janvier dernier par le parquet de Paris, l'enquête sur la vente controversée d' #Alstom est désormais pilotée par le parquet national financier.
Elle met en cause macron

(This is more of a note to myself, the rest of you can carry on)

So... The stable Groovy version 2.5.7 does not work well with anything but Java 8. Everything else will at the very least scream warnings or purely refuse execution.

To fix it, under Mac OS X, go to and download Java 8, install the package and, under IntelliJ, edit your project to point at this new installation.

Tada! Now Groovy works under IntelliJ!

Is it me or is Java just a dumpster fire of undefined dependencies?

Like, a really brittle house of cards?

Le mercredi 17 juillet 2019, le gouvernement du Kazakhstan a commencé à intercepter tout le trafic Internet HTTPS à l'intérieur de ses frontières. Les fournisseurs locaux de services Internet ont reçu l'instruction du gvtt de forcer leurs utilisateurs respectifs à installer un certificat émis par le gouvernement qui permettra de déchiffrer le trafic HTTPS des utilisateurs, d'examiner son contenu, de le chiffrer à nouveau et de l'envoyer à sa destination initiale.

The Amiga Workbench had a bunch of different UI styles over the years. Some of them are well known. This page has some that arent: .

OK, I will repeat myself: is now my Android Mastodon client of choice.

Works like as charm and it's simply gorgeous. Fast, responsive, well designed and open source... What's not to like? 🤖🐘

Every new edgy server that joins the fediverse thinks they are the chosen one to finally break it and/or lead it glory. We've been through it a hundred times before, you're just not that important.

uspol shitpost 


"Antifa are terrorists"
Meanwhile, one hundred percent of domestic terrorist murders in the U.S. in 2018 were right wing. 100%. This clearly ain't about terrorism.


Random click bait internet title of the day : "FDA warns big penis supplement works a little too well".

Yes, said supplement contains Viagra.

Not going to link to the article, for obvious click bait reasons.

Anyone know a good USB camera that can be controlled through the command line under Linux?

Also, what utility do you use to control the camera under Linux? 🐧

pendant de temps, à Hong Kong, on parle de la police française en contre-exemple pour justifier des violences policières supposément moins graves qu'ici :

"Des polices occidentales ont utilisé bien plus de force durant des opérations de maintien de l'ordre," dit un officier à l'AFP. "A Paris ou à New York, on aurait eu bien plus de blessures, de crânes fracturés et d'os cassés".

voilà comment la france est vue depuis le reste du monde

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Palm Beach sheriff opens internal affairs investigation into Jeffrey Epstein Florida case

@Are0h The most hardbound rule I've seen, is this:

"Racists and Facists always accuse others of what they do themselves."

From Trump all the way down. It's the same. It always is.

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