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Regular reminder that "embrace, extend, extinguish" was invented by Microsoft.

Now, Microsoft says it is "embracing" Linux and open source in general.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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The truth is, git is extremely simple to use, as long as you don't do anything with it.

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Yeah, we are all pretty much raving lunatics around here.

Also: geeks, nerds, queers, trans and assorted weirdoes. And cat lovers. Adorable people one and all.

To be fair, Slackware comes with complete set of man and info pages (+ various docs), and Linux as a whole has extremely bad documentation.

Especially compared to OpenBSD.

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A comparison that just came to mind:

- NetBSD: we are hackers. If you use our OS, expect a lot of hacking to be done.

- OpenBSD: we are hackers. But we also want something that JUST WORKS. Therefore, we have hacked until everything pretty much works out of the box. Oh, and we need good documentation to be able to hack. So we document everything.

- Slackware: we are hackers. Therefore, we create a platform that works for YOU to hack on. Documentation is an afterthought, Google has the answers.

Anyone know if #ChromeOS supports forwarding messages to a dedicated #syslog server?


Trump and the DOJ have started to use "domestic terrorism" and "extremism" quite a bit - to refer to Antifa, protests and BLM. But the numbers show that the greatest threat is coming from right-wing terrorists.


Tomorrow is the first day of remote working at $NEW_JOB.

Thank Cthulhu!

Happy 25th anniversary May you crawl the web for at least the 25 next years !

Mark Zuckerberg will be added to a data privacy lawsuit in one of the first efforts by a regulator to expose him personally to potential penalties.

Amnesty International: "The onslaught of misinformation is posing a serious threat to the rights to freedom of expression and to health.twitter

[:tw: โ€” #humanrights #news #bot]

What you thought the Apple CSAM filter would be used for...

What it's actually used for

The publication, tweet or retweet of this picture is punishable by 30 days of prison or a fine of 3000 rubles in Russia.

Shame if people on the Internet were to copy it everywhere.

According to some well informed sources, including FRNOG and NANOG it seems someone is sending bomb threats by email to data centers operators, blackmailing them into paying a smallish sum of money (around US$ 5000).

Of course there is no bomb, it's just a lazy spam attempt.

"Deliver a project in 4 easy steps"

submitted by _workchronicles

This deserves a signal boost. Armbian is a great project and they could use some help.

And why is this intellectual installing Ubuntu server under qemu on a Slackware machine?

Why, to create an Ubuntu mirror, of course! Thank Cthulhu I have disk space to burn...

(And this is for work. I am a truly unhealthy person)

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