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If (like me) you use OpenBSD, you should know that Errata 029_TCB has been released on Sept. 27th, to correct a TCB allocation issue introduced by Maxime Villard on his Twitter account. Update! Use syspatch!

Boost if you know what this means:


It should come as no surprise that Electron creates RWX mappings. Even today, the latest Chromium version creates RWX mappings due to the JIT.

Chromium: mapping = mmap(RWX); JIT(mapping); mapping();

Firefox gets partial points because it creates RW mappings then upgrades them to RX. Essentially: mapping = mmap(RW); JIT(mapping); mprotect(mapping, RX); mapping();

An attacker can still abuse mprotect, but at least Firefox raises the bar slightly.

Lorsque … non rien 😂, vas y Bernard achète la pomme de terre pour qu'on fasse des frittes ce soir.

5,000 routers with No Telnet Password. Nothing to see Here ! Move along!

By the way, I have said it before, but I'll say it again: thank you, for being just super great!

And thank you for hosting this instance of Mastodon!!


Ah oui, pardon, il fait plus de 20 degrés... 😩

The more I use Twitter, the more I like Mastodon.

Twitter freezes regularly after a few minutes of usage.

Reloading a page under Twitter gives you a slightly different result each time.

And Twitter is just full of trolls. Let's hope they never find Mastodon.

My coworker is Hungarian and has informed me that his friends back in Hungary have asked him to stop sending GPG encrypted emails unless it's very important.


Because the government is monitoring it. And if they see you receiving GPG mails, they will make your life hell.

This very special feeling when your brand new configuration works on the first connection attempt... 💖

Mood: recruteur qui te propose un poste de développeur en Angleterre, pour un média appartenant à... Rupert Murdoch. Non merci, sans façons.

Martin Luther King Jr was killed almost 50 years ago today (April 8th 1968).

Jesse Jackson is remembers him in the Guardian ahead of that date : “They loved him as a martyr after he was killed but rejected him as a marcher when he was alive”

I was pretty excited to see Anchorhead has been completely rewritten and newly illustrated for its 20th anniversary. Also it runs (natively!) on Linux.

#interactivefiction #IF #games #gaming #linux #linuxgames #linuxgam:ng

You know something? Mastodon UI is more confusing, but also much nicer than Twitter. 🤔 I think I'll switch my default account...

Trump administration would like all visitors to the USA to surrender social media accounts & passwords:

OpenBSD 6.3 BETA est sorti. Bonheur je suis.

You should know that the latest Slackware Kernel update seems to completely mitigate and . Excellent work by Patrick Volkerding and all contributors!

On a des vedettes en France, question sécurité informatique...

Une banque française (la SG) décide de permettre l'ouverture des comptes par le biais de la reconnaissance faciale de certains smartphones. Recherche Google de 45s : "La reconnaissance faciale de Samsung déjà craquée". What could possibly go wrong? 🤔