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The truth is, git is extremely simple to use, as long as you don't do anything with it.

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Yeah, we are all pretty much raving lunatics around here.

Also: geeks, nerds, queers, trans and assorted weirdoes. And cat lovers. Adorable people one and all.

The next debate should be moderated by Jerry Springer.

I forgot that wondermark did a comic about people who watched the presidential debate


$ uname -rms ; uptime
Linux 4.4.227 x86_64

22:19:23 up 70 days, 13:49, 9 users, load average: 0.07, 0.08, 0.02

Slackware Linux is sane Linux.

Two virtual machines running on this Slackware server - NetBSD 9 also has 70 days of uptime and OpenBSD 6.7 is up to 22 days (due to the latest syspatch).

@irl Thanks for your article about "OpenBSD with GPS synced NTP" , inspired me to play with it and it really is simple πŸ‘, love it πŸ™‚
A quick write-up what I did is here

Day 4 of "Death March" Audit.

"They" still think the situation is under control.



Before using this wifi adapter, you need to install the software and drivers contained in the enclosed cd-rom.
No, silly, I use Linux. Which already has drivers for this.

Arrived at work at 9am sharp. Looked at my watch 5m later and it was already noon. Something like 10 minutes after lunch break, and it was 6:30pm and time to go home.

So, yeah, that kind of Monday.

Hope your Monday was better than mine!

USPol Strong Words 

Dumbest Title Ever goes to the Guardian with this one:

"Amy Coney Barrett should be judged on her ability, not her faith"


That freaking Catholic Fundamentalist, who obeys and follows her husband in all things (as good Xian women are supposed to, right?) may soon have to judge minor things like, I don't know...

- Separation of Church & State
- Right to abortion
- Right to contraception
- Etc...

She should be judged on the cult she belongs to!

covid-19 do not open 

If you don't like the masks or the confinement, please remember: these are desparate measures, after decades of gutting socialized medical systems that worked quite well.

Neo-liberal policies applied all over the (rich) world have destroyed these. The masks are a last-ditch effort to prevent Covid-19 from culling 2% to 3% of the population.

If you are in the USA, of course, this does not apply to you since you never had a socialized medical system in the first place.

Lazy Reading for 2020/09/27

More in-depth reads this week.

Introducing Precursor.  This is neat.
The unrealized potential of federation.
250M hard drive, 1979.
X-COM, an in-depth history.
Bergling’s Art Alphabets.
The 20 greatest home computers – ranked!  Your opinion on this is probably already set.  (via)
Software, maintenance, and me.
Computer graphics circa 1981, a film.  (via)
"I’ve narrowed do

And where the heck is Dr Watson?

Jiu-Jitsu sufragettes are great as well.

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