Sriracha sauce has been acquired.

Please remain calm.

I repeat:

Sriracha sauce has been acquired.

Please remain calm.

DoH disabled by default in Firefox on OpenBSD: «While encrypting DNS might be a good thing, sending all DNS traffic to Cloudflare by default is not a good idea. Applications should respect OS-configured settings.» -

It won't be long now until they ban older movies which show families 'struggling' in the 80's in a two story five bedroom house.

The collective labor of generations has been stolen from us. All the labor our fathers, father's, father's has been stolen from us. For what do we have to show for it?

jasmaz has setup the SDF booth at in elmhurst illinois just outside of . you can dial a vintage 929-299-1279 or ssh to login to our original @twylo

Aujourd'hui, c'est l'AG annuelle d' @exodus. Félicitations au bureau nouvellement élu : @U039b, pnu, @codeurimpulsif (secrétaire), @Lovis_IX (trésorier), et @MeTaL_PoU (présidente) ! Bravo à tout le monde !

OK, everyone, nap time.

Please don't post anything interesting while I am getting some zzz, please.

Thanks a lot, talk to you in an hour.

globalism, worker's rights 

The Conspiracy doesn’t watch you. You watch The Conspiracy.

Break free! Spend six to eight hours a day staring at the face of J. R. “Bob” Dobbs instead. Here is a tiny one to get you started.


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