Mentioned Pink Floyd to a friend ~3 weeks ago. The y*tubes have had PF links suggested for me since.

Last weekend at the LUG I mention and old George Carlin skit. Now he is suggested to me in the YT's.

This is getting creepy. Next I'll mention some obscure band...

You make me wish Ronnie never sang it, Mr. Money.

Local news is selling ads on some 'big' snow storm again.

You know what, I'll just wake up and look out the window like EVERYONE did before TV.

When MrsNYbill got home from work I told here there are things in the hall upstairs because I'm cleaning the computer room.

She said, "Does that ever actually happen?"

Local news, "More then half of Americans say they were victims of hurtful speech on-line in the last year."

Its the internets! (BTW everything you read there is true. But, I can stop it all if you let me know your SSN and mothers maiden name.)

Well, almost had an HPR there... While organizing the Blue Bag the other day I checked my Fluke 189. It didn't turn on.

I changed the batteries, it didn't turn on. So, I thought, when I get a chance I'll open it up and see what is wrong. Record and take pics of the repair & do a review the meter.

I just went to do that... it turned on. Oo

Well I'll see if its an intermittent thing. It might still happen.

I've left snow shovels out in my driveway with a 6 pack tied to each.

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