Well, I'm logged into H.O.P.E.

Not sure what to do now...

A soon as local news says, "Next up sports." I'm out!

Now THAT is one large case! Oo (Tweed case hilding a tele for size as I'm out of bannanas.)

Its not my b-day yet. But, this one wouldn't have lasted till then. I still haven't opened it. ;)


asks: operating system developed at Bell Labs. 4 letters. ;)

Whoever/whatever Parade is, they/it boost posts before there is even time to read through them.

"The ash wood used in 70's Fenders tended to be heavy." -internetPersonOne

"I disagree, I have a '74 and its quite light." -internetPersonTwo

Ah the internets. Arguments based on un-researched bias and ONE persons opinion on the ONE thing they own from 1000's made that year.

/me goes off to argue on the internets

"Man shot in $localCity, he was threatened by fire fighters and taken to $localHospital."

Misspeak a little there, news caster? :P

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