"Which may be certain death." That grates on me as much as double negatives don't make me not sad, TV news!

Just received a email from ebay asking "How do you like the $item you ordered?"

I never got it!

Just had a pop up say, "Did you block this ad?" If there was a 'Hell Yea' button, I would have clicked that.

*zon order, $64. Reward points, $62.

$2 order! Its like x-mas. :P

Alright Amazon, that is the beginning of the end. You can't have people PAY for prime, then stick commercials in the front of every video!

"First of all, I checked fuse. There was no current passing through it"

That's it, I'm done for the night, Youtube.

TO THE... Well, I'll let you all guess.

Apparently, I have to turn my cell pone off tomorrow.

So sad, Mr. Jones, where the Emu's fly seems to have sold out. :/

Admitting defeat... It dawned on me that, for a while now, when I have to read fine print, I would go to the LED magnifier on the electronics bench.

I'm old now. :P

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