pacman -Syu on the arch lappy. I haven't touched in ~3 weeks.

Its only been updating for about 30min. @theru would be proud!

Pic for Rusty1. (Always in my left work Jean's leg pocket.)

We raided that orchard! I learned this Viking stuff from you.

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LOL, $5 case from China. (Had to order 2, 4ohm power resistors. Saw this and laughed. Threw it in the cart for the heck of it. It'll do fine. )

Heh, I should have kept reading. The sarcasm is there. He is one of the good guys,

"I like the $3 incentive to review it. Is this why everything has 4-5 stars these days. Honestly, it is a good set of leads that can be used with a dlro. "

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LOL, the beginning of a 5 star amazon review, "I like the $3 incentive to review it."

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