So, seems our democracy has become selling ads 24x7 on speculative news.

Hey Soccer (ok, football), if you advertise all the things, all the time...

I do like the smell of the rain in the lawn though. The smell of spring.

Cold and dreary outside. But, I just ordered a new pair of summer (boat shoe style) shoes.

I'm trying to stay optimistic and believe warm weather will actually get here some day...

m-u-e-s-l-i is part of the problem. Just say'in...

...that's a "So" there, Bill. GET BACK TO THE GRILL!

I guess the first one did post... Connectivity is quirky in here.

Large corporations "rolling out" new streaming services for $price is not "news", news.

You are advertising your own demise.

Like bank tellers wanting to use the new "ATM" thing at their counter window.

That 'thing' is going to replace teller!

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