And here is one other thing about the local news. News of the type News... Triggers the Bo... <-- fill in "ts'.

"I think the city didn't take proper 'percautions'."

Are they making coffee?

Why do I bother with local news!

Oh, @ghostdancer it on again. I get it now. Never thought of it that way. Sad...

New wireless Lenovo desktop keyboard is quite nice!

The mouse, not so much...

It has to wake up every time you move it. It jitters all over the screen. Reminds me of the old days trying to game with lag.

New, full size, Lenovo wireless keyboard and mouse should be here today. It's for the desktop. I suppose it's time to switch alt-tab on all the thinkpads and get used to the Lenovo Way.

I go away for a few days and you lot make a mess of this computer room, again!

Back from a few days ocean side.

/me is sun burned

A ten pack! I put Linux on two of them already. I give them away to new/curious people at the LUG.

Must be the 4th of what, August! Enough with the fire works already!

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