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NYbill @NYbill@mastodon.sdf.org

Proof of vintage right there. I'll log in through AOL. :P


With that gear on his head, me thinks @vinzv is waving in planes these days.

How else would a chimp make tea.

Fire up your Roku and do a search for 'science'.

Enjoy getting dumber...

Off to the garden to see what else I can put in a salad to go with the grilled steaks.

I'm sure MrsNYbill won't mind me poking around back there.

Spent the morning giving the grill a proper cleaning.

Steaks will be going down today!


He he, the file I saved out of the Gimp was called, "beni_in_tartan.jpg"

Thanks, pal!

...and more fireworks. It must be Fireworks for Firework Sake Day.

('murca is bringing a few generations up getting used to these loud sounds. Take that for what it's worth.) Oo

"Wonderful post! Unfortunately, I don't know know."

@jonkulp I just heard about your tube radio. Be careful poking around in there. Depending on the tube type the plate voltage can be crazy high. Like 400v+.

Also, the capacitors hold charge even when the thing is off. And there are probably some large ones in there.

A friend recommended a portable soldering iron at HOPE to replace the horrible butane thing that is in the blue bag now.

I'm reading/watching revues ATM. It looks promising!

Ok, I'll be the Guinna pig and go first.

We'll see.

New note to self: Stock Guinness in the basement fridge!

Note to self, figure out dB's. (I'm not finding it intuitive so far.)

At the Pub after a long weekend of, not relaxing. A pint of stout is deserved.

Sitting by the sump pump again. Installing FreeNAS 11.1. Passing the time playing this 'thing' down here. Some 60's Japanese export with stings from the 80's. Surprisingly it's staying in tune, somewhat. But I'm not touching that 'whammy Bar'. mastodon.sdf.org/media/WoimAIQ

@theru LOL "wekkm" Was for "well," :P

I'll just use wekkm from now on.