Old cable model died. Called Spectrum with the new ones MAC. They turned it on but said the signals looked strange. That they would send a tech out.

I said ok. But, the only thing in the house that is yours is the orange wire coming into the house. The rest is my equipment. So, he can come test that wire.

The tech put some type of choke/filter on to fix a signal strength issue. Then the internet didn't work. So, what does the guy do... He resets MY router and whips out all the settings!

Out of the blue the song 'Its a Shane About Ray' by The Lemonheads popped into my head. I probably haven't heard it for 30yrs.

Turns out you can't play 'Just' with just a guitar. Seems Johnny uses a 2 octave pitch bend in there.

That Radiohead, they do like their pedals.

LOL, a local radio station advertising themselves on a local TV station.

...Two buggy whips walk into a bar

I play all my guitars. Every time I pull out the tele I realize again, that is all you need.

Finally internets again! My old cable modem burned it self up.

good to be back.

Trying to clean up my ~5yr old hard drive. I don't even remember what half this cra... um, stuff is!

Might be better to throw a new drive in this desktop, start fresh, then see if I miss anything.

Seems MrsNYbill has made a pizza dough. Full belly in 3...2...

LOL, I've never watched The Matrix. Seems its already aged. CRT's and Analog phones.

Its Friday night. Time to watch some old movie and tool around on a guitar. Pulling out the ES:


Heh, I don't have cable. Its winter, the leafs are falling off the trees. So, I'm getting more over the air channels.

Seems people are still locked in, with rapt attention, to the twitterdent. Stay distracted, people! Next vote you can focus on the new distraction.

Just ordered a pizza for delivery. They put me on hold. But, I could still hear them... as they repeated another customers credit card details back to them to confirm.

Who wants a free pizza?

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