Cleaning the computer room. Yes, that is my first Linux drive. Yes, it is SCSI. (I wonder if it still works?)

Setting up the work t460. Ran the resolution to the max... then had to put on my reading glasses.

Admit defeat one way to the other?

Alright, the computer room is extra messy. (I have too many hobbies!)

I will need something high energy to get this done:

Anyone remember when I found a Geocache while working. I put some stickers next to it and asked for someone to do a on Geocaching. Well, I'm back here about a year later.

The stickers are all gone. Some people seemed to have signed the envelope. But, I never heard a HPR from it.

Oh well, good fun anyway.

asks "resistance figures" (4 letters). Right up my alley.

17 of 23... I guess I'll just put this in the closet for a week or two.

I hope that someday, I only have to talk to bots. They can pretend to be my friends. Then can sway my thinking. Both politically and ethically. Because, you know, thinking is hard...

Accidentally booted the work laptop into windows. Now it won't let me turn it off... installing 9 of 23 updates.

Neighbors put up their x-mas lights and took pics the whole time. Maybe I should join F*cebook.

Oi, get something down your gullet, slacker!

Huh, they are showing soccer on the TV. Must be an important game. I missed the nil-nil though as it 2-0 ATM.

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