Heh, this one was fun to make. It's meant to sound like the sequencer playing back the notes is getting progressively more glitchy, until the end where the whole song devolves into a mess.

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Ahh and one of my Kraftwerk-inspired songs. I remember spending a ton of time mixing this one so that it would sound exactly like I wanted. The voices are part TTS voice synth (I forget which, maybe espeak) and part vocoder. I don't think I've ever recorded my voice for a song without distorting it or running it through a vocoder...

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This was one of my "holy crap do I love synthesizers" songs. It was also one of the last ones I did in a traditional DAW before moving to a tracker with Renoise.

The repeating sawtooth pattern was, iirc, algorithmically generated.

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And now I'm in the mood for old music I've written lol

This one isn't on my YouTube channel, I don't think. It was meant to be both industrial sounding and trippy. I think the lower background sawtooth was from my old Poly Evolver Keyboard.

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I remember using a C64 emulator to program the baseline for this track of mine. When I finally get back to writing music again, I hope to use things like emulation of old chips more often.


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I think Jeroen Tel's Robocop 3 opening on C64 might just be one of the best pieces of video game music ever.

There's something both really fun, and incredibly disturbing, about dreaming of Lovecraft Mythos creatures.

Calculation of π, from rain falling on two wooden plate sensors, one circular and one square: the number of raindrops that landed on each plate during a storm was counted with an Arduino and π was calculated as the ratio [source & credits: buff.ly/2Dqy0gN]

Grandma: "you've got snot coming out of your nose"
Me: "No... That's my nose ring."

How do you say qemu? The "emulation"/whatever you want to call it thing

Had a dream about one of my programming projects (a game engine port) last night where it was in a usable state. Guess I better stop procrastinating and get back to it.

mh - 

My day so far: wake up anxious enough from bad dreams that I have to cancel a vet appointment for a routine vaccination, go back to bed, then have an incredibly long bad dream that was far worse than the first.

I'm finally getting out of bed at 7pm ._.

Today is weird: I woke up with the Thomas the Tank Engine theme stuck in my head (I've never seen the show), and later wrote my own DHCP client "for fun".

:( My router is dying and needs to be swapped. I can't access the web interface, I can't do a reset on it, and it won't issue DHCP addresses properly. Also, the WiFi is dying and almost unusable.

:) I just received a new one, and it's a much better one than what I had.

:-| Matrix homeserver and my Matrix bots need to go down for 10 minutes while I swap the routers.

Time to get to work!

Mental health 

I hate when my sleep schedule gets thrown off due to stress or anxiety. When it does, I do this thing where I sleep in 3-4 hour spurts, then stay awake for 8-12 hours, then cycle again. That cycle continues for a week or so before I get back to normal (which for me is sleeping approximately 5am-1pm).

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