OK this week will be considered a wash. Starting to feel human again. New episodes will air next week. My Halloween episode will just need to be post Halloween. 🎃

My vinyl collection has been blessed. Royal Mail has been so kind to deliver in one piece to the States.

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Still feeling like 💩 but got some tunes loaded for tilderadio. Turn it up! 🤘

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@MG I’m a make you raoflyfao Brooklyn under 21 restricted show yo corrupted my unborn seed and the angel I miscarried up there somewhere DUUUUDDDDEEEE


OC and the Zoo will be delayed until next week. Business travel is great for one thing, getting sick. While testing negative I still have the migraine from hell. The last thing I feel like doing is listening to music and looking at a screen this was bad enough. I shall drug myself and enter continued slumber. 😎


So being on the road is interesting. Some places COVID is over? Others they act like it's just starting. The States are in quite a mess!

Still on the road. The Zoo will be a surprise, let's see what archive it picks up. :-) Could be loud AF. AAArrrrgggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!😎

22:00 UTC

Get's better. Jumping on a place for work related travel. New episodes will be out next week. (Unless I have time at the hotel) 👍

It’s the real shit! Only on anonradio.net deep in the 36th Chamber! Bang Bang!

If it wasn’t for mastodon I would never have know facepuke was down. I’m G. Love and I’m 2 1/2 years Facebook free…

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If you're having DNS problems I feel bad for you son.

I got 99 servers and I can't find one.

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