Tonight on Organized Chaos, we groove. A little of this, a little of that! We mix it up a bit, but with an edge. 01:00 UTC

Anyone need a Pi-400? I came across an extra I picked it up fguring some one in fediland may need one. Pi's are almost impossible to find full kits even harder. This is the full KB kit it's pretty slick I have one installed family uses. All hail the SBC!

Tune in to, we be jammin'

Couple of tech issues with storm in full swing. SHow will go on com may be delayed. Power keeps flickering just enough to have trashed my UPS so no battery backup at the moment.

Tonight it's no nonsense. We Grind! We kick it off with some crazy industrial brutality leading up to a DK grindcore tribute! Closing as we started, sheer brutality! This episode is not for the faint of heart! 💀

Join us 01:00 on!

As the 35 hours of continues be sure to catch the Zoo! Coming up at 15:00 UTC on!

(Caution!) 😜


I hope you enjoyed the archive of an X2 episode. X2 was the lighter side of the OC scale. It died and will not be ressurected. Atleast in the near future. But since I got the PI up and running join us tomorrow at 22:00 and you'll catch the episode that was to have run today. Bang thy head that doesn't bang! With Organized Chaos! 22:00 UTC.


Hmm something up, PC just took a shit. Enjoy the archive. !

Last Inner Sanctum was way too experimental. Thanks for the feedback. You spoke we listen, expect an hour of pure black and death metal. With a touch of experimentation. 😉. Tonight at 22:00EST/02:00UTC on!

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I think I'm gonna die. Got my hands on a pi and it didn't cost a kidney. Poke around adafruit can still be your friend. :-)

Join us this evening as Organized Chaos has a voice and we pay tribute to Andy Fletcher. Only in a way fitting for Organized Chaos! 😮

Sunday 09:00 EST / Monday 01:00 UTC on

Selfinstall update ....Haha free isn't free. They throttle this shit so bad. My instance is not accepting connections. LoL will get it moved later this morning or maybe I'll give these vultures the digits to spare me 10 min or work. We tried....tried to be cheap AF. ROTFLMAO 🫢

Playing around with some self-hosting. Will be staging a backup account. Follow requests coming to a notification line near you! 😉 Hit me back cuz you love me as I do you. 😎

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@swaggboi I really want a "dumb" appliance store. My fridge should keep things cold, my toaster warm things up, my printer put ink on thin slices of dead tree, and my TV show whatever video stream I send it. None of these need to reach out over the network. Please sell me well made, well functioning, single use devices, that serve their purpose well.

Still hangin' with the kiddos. So the power of the interweb and the mobile device. I've uploaded the latest episode of InnerSanctum. It's loud, it's proud and if you haven't heard it now is your time!


tune in @ 22:00 UTC

Hello fedi!

There will not be an installment of OC tonight on anonradio. Out with the kiddos and totally lost track of time. Tomorrow afternoon we'll have a new one for you!

If you crave it loud tilde will have Friday's episode on respin. It's pretty brutal well worth the listen!

Until then I wish you all well! 🤘

G. Love boosted that show was off the wall. I'm totally being introduced to some eclectic selections. Thanks!

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