5/17 @ 22:00 UTC the Zoo
(an Organized Chaos joint) is unleashed! Join us for some urban beats and shit! 😎 on anonradio.net

The noise continues on tilderadio.net! Flip over unless you want to chat in OpenVOIP, have us play in the background...haha FUCK YEAH! METAL!!!! \m/ \m/

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Listening to anonradio.net, this is awesome. Nice to hear a mix like this since all local radio plays is shit. This is totally taking me to a better place. A happy place! :-)

Let's see if the file loads. Internet has been unstable so recorded upload will work. I hope.

This evening we have an episode inspired by HackersTown. Tune in and hack on shit like a rabid monkey for approximately 59:43.

09:00 EST/01:00 UTC on anonradio.net

@TheGibson @SDF

Upping the bit rate let's see how this goes this evening. 😜

Tonight a new InnerSanctum on tilderadio.org. Be loud, be proud! ✊

Haha Rocky Linux my new BFF for a bit ...

Hit the archives on anonradio.net. OC spun up the Zoo, a delicate mix of rap and hardcore/punk. Can ya feel it! πŸ‘

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Thanks everyone, com was rocking, the music flowing and we had some sad stories. But for that moment we had each other as a distraction from the pain.

May peace eventually find you on the road ahead.πŸ™

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