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Thanks everyone for tuning in to the show this evening. πŸ™ Below you can find the tracklist and archive links. And maybe a little more. πŸ˜‰


Oh yeah 30 min to go and BOOM! X2 appears on anonradio.net! 😎

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Only one short hour to go! OCX2 on

Then buttstuf with buttstuf @ 01:00UTC

Oh yeah today is X2 I promise you’ll boogie and want to break things at the same time! πŸ‘πŸ»

Thanks everyone for tuning in this evening. If you missed the mayhem or care to relive the moment. You can find the track list and the archive below:


Thanks Noodlez for keeping the boat a float!

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I will be livestreaming in 3 minutes! Pls tune in to the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix from 0100-0200 UTC/6-7PM PDT just right after DJ G.Love's Organized Chaos! As usual, it is always & Nite every Tuesday nite!




Jam with Noodlez as she fills in for me while I play chauffeur for the soccer team! Go Noodlez!

Let the rituals begin! @ 00:00 UTC on ANONRADIO.NET.

*Give it up to Noodlez who will man the controls in my absence! πŸ‘ Because liquid Soap keeps crashing arrgghhhh!!!!!!!😜

Creating havoc on the web...lol updated previous toots. Got domain moved over, ssl gateway in place. And have no worries, at some point fonts will be self-hosted. Getting rid of one devil at a time and for now all attention is on Cloudflare fucking right off!

Thanks everyone for tuning in to this evenings episode. πŸ™ As with X2 I am so behind on tacklists. :-) But rather than continue to fall behind below is this evenings! Please excuse the mess as I working around a site redesign. Mess will be cleaned up soon.


Thanks everyone for the love and support towards X2. It's been a couple of crazy weeks with schedules so I was behind in updating track lists. To add further insult to injury I'm reworking the site. :-) So below is the link to the last OCX2 song list for EPISODE 25. Rest is still a WIP. πŸ˜‰


The congregation is in worship....πŸ‘Ώ

Still have 30 min to blow speakers come join us on anonradio.net

Coming up in an hour @ 00:00 UTC Organized Chaos, join us as our Conjuration Sings Infernal Psalms & Smear The Smudge In Bleeding Palms. πŸ‘Ώ

Then the purification will commence at 01:00 UTC with the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix Live W/ @snowdusk_ on anonradio.net

Oh shit sounds like a takeover in progress....πŸ‘

Love the new issue, no DRM a year sub is on the list I think! #2600

Apologies no X2 this evening, kids lost ride to practice and they have mandatory practice for a tournament this weekend. I promise you'll enjoy next week if you ilke industrial...oops I gave you a hint!


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