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Are you interested in a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon?

because I'm making a federated alternative to Goodreads that doesn't use Amazon

Someone has stuck big googly eyes on loads of bins in the centre of Brighton. It's great! (Terrible photo though, sorry.)

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Good morning Fediverse. Coffee has been consumed so time to get at it.

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Have you ever sent a fax?

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Brilliant Weatherall quote:

β€œI went from listening to United by Throbbing Gristle to dancing in a field to Josephine by Chris Rea,” he recalled of 1988’s Second Summer of Love, β€œwhich gives you some idea what a powerful drug ecstasy is.”

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Brighton and Hove News Β» Hove superspreader Steve Walsh speaks from hospital bed this is mental as he used to be our upstairs neighbour when we had our flat in Brighton!

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The Czech Central Social Institution in Prauge, has 18 blocks of file cabinets 25 high, 20 across, and 3 metres deep, for 9,000 cabinets totalling 27 km in linear storage.

What's that in bytes?

A typewritten page, double-spaced, at 10 cpi, has about 2 KB of characters. You can fit about 150 pages/in (60pages/cm). At a 2/3 fill factor, the entire room is about 210 GB of storage. At capacity, nearer 375 GB.

There are 1 TB microSD cards.

You can hide this building under your pinkie nail.

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Good morning friends. β˜• 🍞 What ground bean & sliced bread combo is your preference? I'm a 3B. A toast and cup lift to you wherever you may be.

Using a cart of 99 smartphones, artist Simon Weckert is able to generate virtual traffic jams in Google Maps. Through this, it is possible to turn a otherwise empty, 'green' street into a 'red' one -- which has an impact in the physical world by navigating cars on another route.

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Are you a lover? How about ? Check out the power of GNU Recutils for your lightweight database needs.

Especially when it turns out the "fault" is that the party leader is a little shit who has done something without telling anyone.

Trying to help a 10 year old with a tech problem on his xbox is probably THE most frustrating support experience ever.

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