Got chatting to a neighbour from over the road today. They told me thy thought corona virus was "something shady, we're not being told everything" and that "isn't it funny it all started as the same time as 5G?". Turns out my neighbour is batshit crazy.

Coronavirus: Mexicans demand crackdown on Americans crossing the border - BBC News

My wife has developed a persistent dry cough 😳

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My cousin thinks he's had Coronavirus but as they don't test unless you're a very severe case he isn't sure. Asked him if he got bored self isolating but said he was too ill to get bored; it was just sleep, fever, sleep, fever for 7 or 8 days. He's still coughing but over the worst of it now.

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Meanwhile people fly in from Spain, France, China, US.Well, everywhere really...

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Au bon tweet du premier dimanche après-midi de confinement (extrait d'un riche thread) :

"Wear a Mask or Go to Jail - Locust Avenue, California, 1918"

World has gone mad. Free-market capitalist governments are enacting economic policies that seem to the left of socialists and the pope has basically just told everyone to become Protestant.

Why is the coronavirus so much more deadly for men than for women?

"“I’m not surprised” that women’s immune systems may do things in ways that men could learn from, Pinkerton said. For years, immunologists only studied male mammals because the complexity of female hormones muddied their findings, he said."


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I'm curious about the general #Corona vibe on Mastodon.

My wife and 3 friends are having a Friday night gin & tonic session on Zoom!

That's a relief. My mum and stepdad (who are both in their 70s) managed to get back from Spain. They went out to their holiday apartment and ended up stranded when the situation escalated rapidly out there. Been waiting for days for a flight and got one this afternoon. Really glad to have them back.

All the local supermarkets have absolutely no fresh meat in stock and hardly any fruit and veg. Local middle eastern store down the road has a fully stocked butchers counter and tons of fruit + veg. Stop going to the supermarkets you idiots! The independent shops will sort you out.

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I hope someone somewhere is writing ridiculous alternative reality fiction where the world falls apart due to devastating malware attack launched by a Mexican beer company.

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tried to make a surgical face mask for birds but nothing seemed to fit the bill

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