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Back to the ’70s: how France discovered electronic music

Marc Collin (of Nouvelle Vague) and Alma #Jodorowsky (granddaughter of Alejandro) talk about The Shock Of The Future, a film he directed and she stars in set in 1978 Paris that’s been called “a love letter to the transcendent beauty of electronic music.”

Grumpy duffer huffed into his seat and said loudly "London is a different planet". Amused me a lot.

On a train to Manchester for work and the amount of cockney Reds travelling up for the Man U game is surprising. Any I've heard have a London accent.

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The speakers in my dentist's office are legit playing " 🎶 I can't feel my face when I'm with you..."

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Some really interesting photographs in this collection.

In the remains of a bombed-out Soviet darkroom, hundreds of rolls of film were discovered rotting among the rubble by the photojournalist Samuel Eder earlier this year.

A Guardian picture essay 🔗

@andyc pity Man U never won today. For no rational reason I really dislike Aston Villa.

The sight of someone with a fire extinguisher and another person with a narwhal tooth fighting a religious fanatic armed with a knife is too bizarre to comprehend.

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We are kind and treat others with respect not because of who they are, but because of who we are.

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Just had my first mince pie of the season. Was delicious but seems far too early for them however a colleague brought them in and it would have been rude to refuse!! :-)

Mince pie - Wikipedia

Actually they don't need to build a narrative. It's more they're reenforcing it.

TV cameras at Arsenal v Eintracht Frankfurt trying to build a narrative showing lots of pissed off Arsenal fans, people leaving early (people always leave matches slightly early to best the queues for the trains), and someone with an Emery out sign.

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