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Made this Valentine's card for my wife, as I wanted to be on trend, and it was very appreciated.

They were having a great time but I was out in the cold walking the dog 😥

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honestly @bmt and the other olds on here should get together with those of us youngs who are fed up with the internet and secede


How language changes and evolves fascinates me: my 9 yr old son & his friends refer to winding up or playing a trick on someone as trolling them even if it is not done online and actually occurs in the playground.

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If Einstein was so great, why isn't there a Zweistein?

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This is cracking me up.


me at hotel: *pushing all the continental breakfast tables together*

hotel security: miss why are you-


Just reserved this at my local library. The beast, the emperor and the milkman : a bone-shaking tour through cyclings Flemish heartlands / Harry Pearson.

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This made me chuckle James Milner given red card by his former PE teacher

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