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I'd love to know the story of why this sign got put up in the gents.

So far this I've been surprised how many penalties there has been and how much the penalties and free kicks have been a factor in the scores.

Gutted as really wanted Panama to win this World Cup matches against Belgium.

Discovered a pre-made salad at the back of the office fridge with a best before date of 09 Feb! Needless to say it was more liquid than solid. 🤢🤢

Excuse this proud parent moment but yesterday my son's under 8 team were at a tournament. They had 9 matches of which they won 8 & drew 1. They didn't concede a single goal until their 7th match! Played their socks off all day.

The local cryptocurrency user group are pretty active at flyposting.

Just saw a pest control guy walking around with this bird of prey! So cool.

well the Arkady Babchenko story took an unexpected turn!

Sad to hear that journalist Arkady Babchenko was killed in Kiev. His book One Soldier's War in Chechnya was so vivid and harrowing I read it in 2 sittings.

This was a Gap Athletic top I'd picked the G & L off so it said apathetic. God I loved it so much. Photo from 90s.

If you're curious about the avatar it's me with the Wealdstone Raider:

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We all need a free alternative to YouTube!

PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting network, based on free/libre software.

PeerTube is currently in beta version, that's why @Framasoft needs your help to pave the road to version 1.0!


(Framasoft is a small french non-profit, so do not hesitate to Boost this Toot to non-french user and invite them to help us fund PeerTube v1)

Off to Charleston House festival shortly to see Alexander McCall Smith with my No1 Ladies Detective Agency loving daughter

Quick trip to the beach before the sun goes down on this lovely day.

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The fediverse is so weird and flawed and beautiful and messy and scary and awesome.

I fucking love it here.

Got my ticket for Sussex Cricket Club Vs Australia next month. Should be a good one day match but chances of Sussex winning are slim!

Hi @SDF it seems I can't add media to my toots, is this a system wide problem?

Doing a job application for a post in my current department. Pretty sure I won't get it but if I don't apply I'll definitely won't get it! Hate doing job applications so much.