Little rainbow to brighten up my morning

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hannah if ur out there pls dm me pls boost to help me locate my soul mate

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It's pretty cool the circumlunarverse is slowly growing.

Watched the They Shall Not Grow Old film on BBC last night and found it really well done and quite moving. I'm not usually one for mawkish devotion to the armed forces but this really put the human aspect of the WW1 soldiers suffering first. Very recommended viewing.

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thinking about how the Starbucks mermaid is slowly, but surely, getting closer, and we cannot stop her

Just settling down for Cardiff Vs BHAFC early Premier League - given Brighton's away form I'm not hoping for much but a point or 3 would definitely be welcome. We shouldn't be losing to teams like Cardiff if we want to stay in the PL.

During the week I signed up for an exercise class this morning. Why oh why did I do that??

There's a job come available at my place and while I'm not applying for it some of my colleagues are. Thing is all the people applying are literally the very worst people for the job. It's been brilliant as a way of finding out which of my colleagues are delusional cockwombles and think they'd be suitable for it.

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Since 1979, when Margaret Thatcher entered Downing Street, approximately 2 million hectares of land — or 10 per cent of Britain — has disappeared from public hands, the vast bulk of which has entered private, as opposed to charity or community, ownership.

My daughter got sent an image on WhatsApp that's a picture of some nails & lips and when you go from viewing it in the chat timeline to viewing it alone the lipstick & nail varnish change colour. Suppsedly when you send it to 20 people it will turn blue. Obviously an image file can't do that so I was curious. So I got her to send it to me and turns out the nails & lips are set to be partially transparent. When in chat timeline it has a white background but in image view it has a black one.

Just had my first mince pie of the season! Way too early but someone sharing some in the office.

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if libraries and public transit can do so much good even starved as they are of funding by the ruling class imagine how much more powerful and good they could be

@andyc wasn't expecting that scoreline, and neither were Juventus it seems!

There's a guy on this bus that stinks of strong weed so bad that if he goes near police he's fucked. Must have quite a bit on him to be so pungent.

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