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Nowhere near enough attention has been paid to how many people Googled "flag of Georgia" to show their republican support for the state of Georgian senate race, but turned up with the nation of Georgia flag instead. I saw at least three.

Nighty sleeps Fediverse. I'm going up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

The Linksys WRT54G may be the most important router in the history of home networking—in part because of what was hiding inside the firmware

“In many ways, the WRT54G router series has become something of the Nintendo Entertainment System of wireless routers.”

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"Are you at least 18 years old?
Do you identify along the asexual spectrum?
Do you reside in USA, UK or Canada?

If you answered yes to all of these, you are eligible to participate in a new study on families and relationships among asexual people.

Volunteers will take a 15min survey from which about 30 participants will be selected for 2h interviews."

Survey link

Questions direct to

#asexuality #acesurvey #asexual #ace #demisexual #greysexual

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At the start of the week I recommended a Chromebook to a friend for their young child to use for homeschooling. The parent isn't techy and it is just an easy solution for them. Clicked the link again for it today and see the price has gone up £75 in 48 hours! This has made me assume Chromebook sales in UK are going through the roof as people buy devices for their kids to use while schools are shut.

It’s the 6th of Jan so I’ve made a 3 Kings Cake to celebrate Epiphany/12th Night

The Beastie Boys "takeover" of Radio 6 Music on New Year's Day was a good listen:

I’ve not been this clear-headed on a 1st of Jan in 34 years.

Looking at the football scores and guessing @basil is in a good mood at the moment!

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The tub says “mini twiglets” but are there any other kind? Are maxi twiglets like marmitey bread sticks??

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