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It's St Lucia's Day which marks the start of Yule. I've made St Lucia buns this morning, they're sweet saffron buns.

When I used to commute to London , about 15 years ago, I'd regularly see a chap that would wear a short sleeve shirt and no coat no matter what the weather was like. Just saw him at Brighton station this morning and he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Old habits die hard!

Very happy as I have bought my copy of the Christmas Radio Times! much poring and highlighting to be done now.

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I went through a phase where I was removing myself from lots of mailing lists and decided the marketing folks running them deserved to read something interesting... especially since they never seemed to have character limits on the response field.

This one actually contained the entire first chapter of Moby Dick.

How is it only 10am? It feels like I've been sat at my desk for 5 hours already. :(

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fediverse is short for "fred ivers", who is the guy who reads everyone's posts and has to type them in to everyone else's computer. thanks , fred

Still buzzing from the BHAFC v CPFC match last night. What a game and what a result. I've been smiling like The Joker on ecstasy this morning.

Not gonna lie; I'm rather excited about this.

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Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe. - H. G. Wells #famous #quotes

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Any way to circumvent facebook asking for a phone number ?

I had to create an account, and I certainly dont want to give it my number.
Boost appreciated.

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The first rule of linux club is you have to fix something that was working yesterday

Watching Champions League and PSG doing so much rolling and theatrics they could be a south American team. Should have watched Aston Villa Vs Notts Forest though. Sounds like a cracking match with score of 5-5 so far.

Had some non-league fun this evening. Went to see Whitehawk vs Folkestoen Invicta and even though the score was nil-nil that was the best game I've seen at the Hawks so far this season. Was 90+ minutes of end to end football..

There's 2 houses on my street with their Christmas decorations up already, FFS. It's November still!

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