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Don't be worried about your smartphone and TV spying on you. Your vacuum cleaner has been gathering dirt on your for years. #pun #humor

Before work this morning I went for a swim in an unheated lido in Lewes called Pells Pool. The water comes from a local spring so the pool is seasonal. Even though the water was about 17c I was cold for sooo line afterwards. (Stock picture of the place attached)

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Can you be arsed to read blogs still?

Though it could be signed by Stu rather than a message to Stu. Like that ambiguity.

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Who Stu is and what’s behind them is a mystery. There are just some communal bins on the other side of the road.

I’d just like to say that “Wagatha Christie” is truly one of the best tabloid headlines in years.

#115 3/6 (100%)

331 4/6


A yellow or 2 would have been handy

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Why not join in and share #3GoodThings
Share 3 positives from your day. Large or small. From a new pet to a flower you saw that was pretty, all are welcome. Please use the hashtag #3GoodThings 🙏💐

1. Saw family for lazy dinner which was lovely.
2. Son played in a tournament and in the final he saved 2 penalties then scored the winning penalty so his team won the tournament.
3. Found my “lost” weatherproof jacket (which I sure needed today.

Brighton could regret not scoring a couple more in the first half while they had the chances. There’s goals in this game yet but could be for either team!

330 4/6


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Eurovision, Iceland 

Where's Ya Ya Ding Dong, Iceland?

I’d automatically deduct 1 point for the one in the middles hat

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