@chriswere I just watched your videos on Gemini. It looks like your chriswere.uk capsule is no longer up?

Welp I'm back on Firefox (again). I heard they were losing millions of users per month so I'm doing my part (cue that scene from Starship Troopers). I have been using Vivaldi since forever but with enough addons I can get Firefox behaving the way I want.

@tomasino I have been poking around cosmic.voyage and I think it's a fascinating idea. It sort of takes the phlog to another level ya know? Was this your idea? How did you come up with it? I am trying to think of what kind of ship/character I would want to create.

Anyone else using Beaker Browser? The P2P web browser? It's an interesting project but like the dog with the chemistry set in the meme image I have no idea what I'm doing 😲


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Welcome the newest PDP-10 running TOPS-20 to the internet! An XKL Darkstar for twenex.org

"TOPS-20: A great improvement over its successors" - MRC

The machines are named KANKAN and RANRAN in honor of 🐼 dist.

Ugh blood sugar is low again!? Maybe I need an Oreo drip?

I'm trying out Microsoft Edge on Linux and I kinda like it (send help? 😲 )

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@cosullivan Now you've got me reading about patriation and the British North American Act of 1867. You just don't want me to sleep do you?

@cosullivan You have me going down the Gopher and Gemini rabbit holes. I am having too much plain text fun and wondering if I should start posting to these "dead" platforms.

Does anyone here do any type of Postcrossing, penpal, physical letter writing? I used to do Postcrossing and I miss it. I had to give it up when I had an issue with my hands. They are fine now but I am still stuck at home due to illness so I am wanting to get back into it. It's exchanging postcards for those not in the know.

I learned this cool word on our good friend Christina's (@cosullivan) Gemini space. I also learned about the Gemini protocol from her on her Gopher space. I swear that lady could teach me things for the next thousand years.

OMG I LOVE learning new interesting words. I just read one and had to look it up. I will share it with you all so we may all be enlightened. Unless you fancy shmancy know-it-alls already knew it.

Ultracrepidarianism is the giving of opinions and advice on matters outside of one's knowledge.

I bet we all know at least one Ultracrepidarian.

@cosullivan I'm sorry to keep pestering you but what is "hits to my dead pools"?

@cosullivan I am reading your gopher space and some of your text files make me want to cry. I hope you are in a better place these days. Also, I am sorry for our insane voters in my country. We have about 74 million that I am working very hard to try and understand :D

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Is anone doing anything interesting in the fediverse? I'm scrubbing toilets so ya know. Envy me.

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Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software

How to switch from …

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