Is anone doing anything interesting in the fediverse? I'm scrubbing toilets so ya know. Envy me.

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Ethical, easy-to-use and privacy-conscious alternatives to well-known software

How to switch from …

What's a word you know is real but sounds totally made up? Mine is colloquy. I just think it sounds completely fake.

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Bitwarden: A Free & Open Source Password Manager - Can Import Your Data From LastPass, 1Password, KeePass And Others inc a Browser

Does anyone here like playing MUDs? I keep saying I'm gonna get into them but I never really do. Checking out Alter Aeon at the moment.

I'm glad I got on here tonight. I forgot how much I enjoy talking to folks on the pachyderm. I have to go to bed now and cuddle with dogs and probably read about 19th century murderers. As you do. Peace, love and health to you all. Wash your hands. ❤️

I don't think my snack was carb-heavy enough. I will now proceed to break out the emergency Oreos.

I was wondering if I should follow @jasmaz and I see their most recent toot is of a Commodore PET. And for me, Commodore aficionados are insta-follow! 😀

Ok my blood sugar is in the 60s so these "dark chocolate covered espresso beans" are no longer snacks. They are now "medicine".

@Laurelai I meant to add @xmanmonk to that last toot but I forgot. Because I still suck at Mastodon.

@xmanmonk I am happy to see you are still floating around with us.

I enjoy spooky-woo. I just downloaded a book onto my Kindle called..lemme see here..."Tales from the Terrific Register: The Book of Murder" Apparently it was a favorite of Charles Dickens. He bought it on the regular for a penny and he said it "...frightened my wits out of my head."

So I see a toot from a couple years ago where I asked people what solution they are using for managing passwords. Since then I have been using Bitwarden and I love it. I have 15-20 character crazy passwords on all my accounts, and I have NO IDEA what my passwords are lol. I can't decide if that's more secure or not but I guess it FEELS more secure?

I've tried a couple of those silicone wedding bands. They seem to like to eat my flesh. I took my ring off and showed my wife where the skin was coming off. I told her this marriage was literally eating me alive. I don't think my wife enjoys my sense of humor. But at this point I think she at least knows what to expect :p

What does it say about me, if anything, that I seem unable to prevent losing my wedding band? Seriously, I ordered like my fourth replacement today :(

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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