I've been doing some and other related stuff over quarantine. Here are some of my results: Cucumber pickles, sourdough starter, chipotle hot sauce, sauerkraut... (1/2)


More including some beer and koji steak, which is beef inoculated with koji mold. (2/2)

@Famicoman hey! Do you need particular temperature for fermentation to happen? That's super cool btw!

@manu Generally you need to be within a range for best results depending on what you're fetmenting. Most beer and sauerkraut like to be between around 65-72F while fermenting to get proper flavors (though you can still get a good product if you're off a bit). Too low a temp and the ferment can be incomplete, too high and it can ferment too fast giving off-flavors. Think of it like cooking a piece of meat: too low and it won't cook through, too high and you burn it.

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