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Hey, this zine that I worked on in out. NODE Vol 01, free digital release and physical preorder,

This first volume is 150 pages long, and, it's packed with features on P2P projects, such as Dat, Beaker, Ricochet IM, Aether. There are tutorials showing projects like the new NODE Mini Server, 3D print long range wifi antennas, how to chat via packet radio, and how to Libreboot the Thinkpad X200. There's also a handy open source directory at the back, and more!

XBAND modems for the SNES and Sega Genesis worked as passthrough carts that patch code for selected games allowing multiplayer over phone lines in a way that emulated controllers connected locally. The service is long gone, but people have been reverse-engineering the protocol!

Hey all, I'll be speaking at Radical Networks next month in NYC! My talk is about Border Gateway Protocol, the protocol that ties the Internet together.

Got a Digital Video Cart for the Philips CD-i. This was the first version to support both the green book and white book CD standards, and was the only version to use the Gate Array 3 chipset, which could cause some artifacting. This cart was needed for some games, and all VCDs.

Got Sega Fish Life running on a Dreamcast thanks to Musée Bolo's archiving work and modifications by japanese-cake and megavolt85. This virtual aquarium previously ran on a limited number of rare, custom Dreamcast-based hardware units in Japan in the early 2000s.

Got a Philips CD-i a week ago with a few educational titles. Replaced the drive belt and the thing loads right up, plays burned games perfectly! Let me know if you happen to have a spare video expansion card laying around so I can watch CD-i digital video discs.

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Friendly reminder that there are 9/17 issues of Mondo 2000 online (for free) right now with more to come in the future!

I've been maintaining a list of words coined by and just pushed a bunch of updates, available at The URL is actually an example of one such word :)

Just updated my Philadelphia-based network infrastructure exploration site with new things I found on the street,

It also keeps an index of various surveillance-based info requests open with the city police.

Consider starting one for your city!

Relaunching a BGP testnet with a few friends. Results have been good so far! We establish tunnels with one another using OpenVPN, then run bird to advertise routes.

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Fidonet and Usenet were the Fediverse, way before there was a fediverse.

At about the same time Fidonet was created, NSFNET was also launched.

A lot of people have forgotten that there has always been networks run by individuals and for individuals.

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Start a blog and write your first article, get $20. Write another 3 articles within six months and get another $20.

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A friendly reminder that is still accepting articles from folks with interesting things to say. E-mail mondo2000 at mondo2000 dot com with a pitch or article.

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Awesome weekend news. I will be presenting the tutorial "An Introduction to Hardware Hacking with FreeBSD" at @eurobsdcon this year
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