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"Is it open-source, or is it bullshit?"

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but, I mean, just look how cute the first ever palmtop was! How could I not?

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The complete collection of Processed World is also available in Internet Archive.

also this volume with some articles translated in italian


After covering the whole life of OMNI a year or so ago, I'm going to guess that the new OMNI issue released late last year is the last one we will see. Penthouse's parent publisher filed for bankruptcy protection in February and new OMNI's web presence has slowed to nothing.

I've been trying to boot my emulated zOS mainframe for 2 weeks without luck and finally tried to use a backup that I know was working and still haven't got a 3270 console to connect. I think at this point I accidentally updated Hercules and it is broken.

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Gopher is still alive!

To all the #minimalism and #retrocomputing fans out there, what would you think of going one step further than what #Neocities is doing and create an easy to use phlog system using #Gopher?

Gopher is the predecessor to HTTP and it enforced a minimalist menu-document interface, without all the embedded multimedia of the current web, but crucially focused on the content, without distractions, cookies, banners...

Surfing the Gopher Space in 2018:


So Wired is now charging $50 a year for a subscription. I'm not sure I've been charged more than $15 or $20 a year in the last decade. Will not renew.

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I need to generate IPv6 fragments, what tools are good for creating weird packets?

#freebsd only please

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Selecting text on an iPhone is the hardest problem in computer science

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Actually, if I did a series of articles on (non-secret parts of) Xanadu internals, would anybody care? Not just transcopyright -- I've got detailed knowledge on how ZZOGL / FloatingWord did layout, for instance. I think I can explain these things in a clearer way than Ted does, in some cases.

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@enkiv2 I'd be interested. Xanadu could use some clear, non-video documentation.

My Soviet phone is alive, the Grandstream ATA is registering with my PBX so I can make and take calls :)

Whenever I see someone mention GopherCon, I get upset it isn't a conference about the gopher protocol.

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Sweet... After small trials and tribulation, wifi is up and running on my OpenBSD laptop!

Soviet era phone is mostly working, but the buttons actually trigger pulse dialing instead of touch-tone so I cant make outgoing calls through my current adapter. My HT502 adapter doesn't seem to be working with actual touch-tone phones either so I'm having trouble setting it all up.

Thought my lineman's handset was broken, so I opened it up to take a look and instantly realized why it didn't work in my tests, but was probably functional all along.

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I submitted my talk to the #eurobsdcon2018 CFP yesterday.

Now the waiting begins.

#freebsd #eurobsdcon