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Can we just take some time to appreciate the Commodore 1702 monitor? I have 4 of them, they are wonderful.

So... what's everyone's favorite looking glass software?

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The Intellivision lives! Video output still isn't the greatest but I've been able to play a few games. The culprit was a bad transistor in a circuit to boost the 5V two phase clock up to 12V for the CP1610 processor.

Finally got BGP fully working in a darknet, after what feels like years of trying and yearning. It is a good day :)

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Hey, I'm working on a website that documents Philadelphia's network infrastructure, and am also submitting the equivalent of freedom of information act requests to my local government to see if they'll tell me what surveillance equipment they use (results will be public), networksofphilly.org I highly recommend you do either of these things for your city if you can! :3

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So... after 2.5 years of owning a Thinkpad T400, first librebooting, then gradually modifying the shit out of it, I have to say that an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU is still completely sufficient for everything I'm doing today.

Everything packaged for Debian still runs perfectly smooth. And yes, this includes all the games.

I'm saying this because I want to make a stand against planned obsolescence and new hardware craze. Your old machine is very likely still fine. Please use it a little bit longer 🙂

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"I set out to write a book on jails, and wound up writing five books as prerequisites to writing a book on jails. You have been warned."

#fmjail #FreeBSD

The world needs a photobook of cool security/control company stickers.

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I purchased an old Thinkpad T430, upgraded the processor, RAM, SSD, and I'm waiting on a lcd cable to upgrade the screen. I ended up putting Manjaro on it and the machine has been flying!

Oh hey there, I've been writing a series of articles where I build a PBX with a Raspberry Pi, and hook up some old phones to it. It's not as hard as it sounds, I promise. famicoman.com/2018/07/18/build

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My latest blog post is about how I was able to bring Yggdrasil to more platforms, and the varied challenges discovered in the process.


#yggdrasil #meshnet #meshnetworks

I wish I was old enough to know netslaves.com when it was alive. I feel as though it could still work today.

Got a super cool pop-up book.

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"R.U. a Cyberpunk?" - many people know this famous (and already back then, tongue-in-cheek) depiction of a "real" cyberpunk from Mondo 2000, issue 10. Check out all the details.

25 years later, we can conclude that the vision was largely correct - about two thirds of the items can now be found in any modern smartphone. We have tools available that were considered ridiculously radical only a generation ago. Why are we using them so sheepishly?


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Ah this reminds me.

Serverless architecture has a name since at least the 60s.

It's called Mainframes. You're running stuff on someone's Mainframe, in a proprietary OS.

Anyone have an info on the old Private Line zine from the '90s? Can't find anything about it online at all and I'd love to track down some issues to scan for archive.org

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Can someone point me to a resource for understanding mesh stuff? Im honestly not a networking guy, but tinc always looked neat, and mesh networking and VPNs are all things I like conceptually.

A lot of the example configurations ive seen start off simple but I get muddled on what their doing the further in I get.

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i will start organizing my webring tonight.

here are some thoughts on core principles for the webring, let me know your thoughts:
* every site should list all* of the other sites in the webring
* you cannot do this automatically. it has to be an inefficient organic process over either fediverse or email
* it's fine if things aren't completely consistent. in fact you can do anything that adds flavor to the list of links. you can also omit people you don't want to link for whatever reason
* the core theme of the webring is "we want webrings to be a thing again"
* your website can be any http(s)-addressible page that you want to share
* no zuckerbook/birdsite links