@drwho Did I very drunkenly call you by the wrong name continuously at a bowling alley last month? If so, I'm very sorry. If not, it's nice to meet you.

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say hewwo to my new pleroma server, running on an 800MHz celeron with 256MB of ram

not meant to be a serious thing, but i'll be leaving it online, and registrations are open for the time being~

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Amazing thing on the internet for today: Soviet-era films streaming online. #movies #USSR


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I like people who write their own man pages with the most important information they keep forgetting about existing command. Keep this info in text files and use a little script like mman to access those text files; keep using man for the original.

Oh, this obscure book just casually name-drops Michael Synergy.

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dank-selfhosted: playbook for self-hosting your own email, web hosting, XMPP chat, and DNS records using OpenBSD


– automated solution for hosting email, web, DNS, XMPP, and ZNC on OpenBSD

#openbsd #xmpp #dns #email #webhosting #selfhosting #privacy

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Here’s the PINE64 order for the NAS + computer server setup completely unpacked.

Two sets of serial consoles (thank you @phessler for telling me “no console no #OpenBSD), microSD cards for everything, fast eMMC for the Rock64Pro as the OS disk and the beautiful NAS case in the background).


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I had bought like 30 of these isa single board computers. More just showed up. Its a complete pentuim computer on a board, and can drive an isa bus if needed. Maybe ill make some kinda super tiny box to run doom or something out of a cigar box.

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>be me
>complain about people not running servers properly
>run pleroma in tmux because it's been like half a year and i still can't be assed to write a service for it
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Pumpcon starts today. If you're in Philly, come down to one of the oldest hacker cons.

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Alice IV: retro hand-held tablet capable of running mid-1980's SGI IRIX demos


I took the pager apart again and cut a piece of gold-metallic colored paper from the craft store to fit in between the screen and display. Didn't need any tape or glue, it just holds together perfectly.

The results are great and no more shadow when you're looking at it from an angle. I did a bit more light sanding, and saw how it looked in the holster!

Movie screenshot included for reference.

I did a rough assembly after pulling off the masking tape for the various labels/stickers. My pager doesn't say "Motorola" on the front like I want, so I bought a cheap little "Motorola OPTRX" sticker and Sharpied out the "OPTRX" bit. Looks pretty good!

Assembly was a little rough, and I don't like the gutter shadow between the screen and display. I might put white paper or something else back there soon. Still not half bad.

Oh, and did I mention it glows under black light?

Printed off the waterslide paper (with plenty of extras, I had to try 4 times to get it right) and roughed up the paint job to make the pager look a bit worn.

The transfer went pretty well!

If anyone missed it, here is a thread with the first progress shots!

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