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I hadn’t opened Facebook in quite some time. This is what greeted me. I feel like accepting and messaging him to just save everyone’s time and send me the link to the malware.

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Exclusive behind-the-scenes look at CYOA in action. tmux running chats and wine in the drinking horn to celebrate this Yule episode in Nordic fashion.

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since it could be helpful to others, i've put a page about my NAS setup on my personal site, which serves 32TB of music and films to me and my local friends. will be adding / correcting typos as the night goes on. #nas #unix #server #linux #p2p

Winter Solstice and my body wants to remain in bed. The rain and darkness aren't helping any. <yawn>

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Did I ever tell you people about Bernd das Brot? It's a show that plays on the German KIKA TV network in the night when they have nothing to broadcast otherwise.

It's a show about the existential crisis of a depressed, sentient loaf of bread living in a blank white universe tormented by robotic arms and a creepy narrator. It's utterly brilliant.

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Please consider donating to's fundraiser drive. Our goal is $1,000 to move anonradio to its own machine and give it a separate network to improve our stream (get rid of those annoying dropouts!🔥). You like anonradio? Have a spare $5?? Pls go to to find out how you can donate. anonradio does not run banners nor adverts. DJs are all volunteers. Donations keep anonradio running. Keep the spirit of the alive! ✊

The Xmas soirée which marks the transitioining of mom, I'm expected to fulfill her past roles as Santa.
I must admit, while I may have the girth, I certainly don't have any of her previous merriment.
Mom loved performing for the kids and the child in every adult.

Actually got this working on windows. I keep forgetting I own a Dell XPS 15...smh Mayhap now I'll use it more ...

Should i watch "Hitman in London" or "The Gods Must be Crazy" with Black coffee, chocolate cake or pecan pie?

Hitman in London Cafe au Chocolate and drift until time for work in the AM ...

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As a Native American I'm still here. I am strong. I'm not a mythological fairy tale character. I will speak/write my native language when my ancestors were forbidden. I will not be stopped. I'm a descendant of survivors from the largest genocide in the world. I'm a generational curse breaker. I refuse 2 be white washed. I refuse 2 celebrate Thanksgiving, 4th of July, or Columbus Day. I refuse 2 be apart of organized religion. I will 4ever defend tribal sovereignty, treaties, & natural resources.

At work after showing a left handed worker how to enable "Force RTL layout direction", hidden in Developer Options I forgot to disable on my phone.. evrything is askew and a shock to my right sided brain smh

Good write up can be found at the above link. Know any left handed Android users? Share the article.

I never saw Haiku as a toy; having used "GeOS"as a "real" OS back in the days ... "GeOS" should be

I pay more attention when in the command line

I have always loved this narrative:
What is the true history of Thanksgiving? You hear about the Pilgrims and “the Indians” harmoniously sharing the “first Thanksgiving” meal in 1621, the Indians referred to so generically are the ancestors of the contemporary members of the Wampanoag Nation. As the story commonly goes, the Pilgrims who sailed from England on the Mayflower and landed at what became Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620 had a good harvest the next year.

The convo @ work today was depressing: Definition of murder - the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.
I stated we rarely see our opponents or enemies as "human" making it easier for us to kill ":them"
kill meaning: 1. to cause someone or something to die 2. an act of killing, especially of one animal by another. Hard Being Human.

One of the latest achievements is that LibreOffice 6 is working on Haiku OS and this open-source office suite can now be obtained via the HaikuDepot. This preliminary port still has some problems, including sometimes crashing and some rendering problems occasionally, but progress is being made to improve the Haiku support.

Instalation fails on my machine.
Your mileage may differ.

For those in the USA and whomever celebrastes
Happy Thanksgiving! May your home be filled with Good friends, Blessings and your cornucopia runneth over.

Fediversers, good afternoon.
Feels so weird writing that...


Yo, good afternoon Y'all!

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