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Here's me: ()
I'm mostly about and with a bit of thrown in. Also especially and programmable. I like and science and history. I read a fair bit of fiction these days, including . I like languages, human and computer. I'm from the 70s culturally, 80s technologically but the 60s biologically. I avoid talk of current events. I try to use CWs and to be an ally.

I co-moderate

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Here's my ...
I'm into and , am a #6502 fan, but I like green spaces and days which not overcast, I like science and - mostly and stories - , aka or , I like for his music and his thoughtful writings and funny videos, I write just a little code in and and and generally spend a lot of time on the internet.
Isn't the world a lovely place but in a fine old state though?

"Cowgol is an experimental, Ada-inspired language for very small systems (6502, Z80, etc). It’s different because it’s intended to be self-hosted on these devices: the end goal is to be able to rebuild the entire compiler on an 8-bit micro, although we’re not there yet."

By the time it clears the launch tower, the 3000-ton Saturn V is moving at about 70mph and is already 150 tons lighter. Here's a slo-mo talk through of what happens in those first 12 seconds.

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This morning I spent an hour in VR with Alan Kay for a design review of my CAD model of the Alto display. We ended up talking about his experiences with HCI and VR. He was a grad student in Ivan Sutherland's group when they worked on the Sword of Damocles so it was interesting to hear Kay's take on the current state of VR from the perspective of someone who was there at the beginning. All in all, a good morning!

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Wow. Review of "Open Circuits" by Andrew 'Bunnie' Huang.

"Their masterfully executed cross-sectioning process and meticulous photography blur the line between engineering and art, reminding us that any engineering task executed with soul and care results in something that can inspire feelings of awe (“wow!”) and reflection (“huh.”): that is art."

#Technology #Electronics #Engineering #Components #Books #Reviews

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One year ago on "Computer Chronicles Revisited," I looked at an early 1985 episode, the second devoted to computer games. One notable guest was Activision's David Crane, who demonstrated "Ghostbusters" for the C64. Another guest was Kathe Spracklen, who developed the Sargon III chess program.

My favorite tidbit from the research was that Spracklen and her husband sold the original Sargon for $15 as source code. They actually sent you a Xeroxed copy of the code!

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So i spent some of this week exercising my 6502 muscles and wrote a machine code monitor for the BBC micro. Its a bunch of *commands but can also run as shell with breakpoint debugging!

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Just a quick post to say I'm here! When Google+ closed down, I joined diaspora*. After a couple of years I got tired of that - very little sense of community. I've been on Twitter since then, but the politics there is starting to get me down. So thought I'd see what Mastodon is like.

against doomscrolling 

Some good ideas in this Ask MeFi...

"Practice letting go things; like the idea that there is justice."

Instead, give back: "knowing that your life has caused positive changes in the lives of others, gives you back some of that sense of power and agency"

Be kind to yourself: "Everyone I know made decisions about how much rage-inducing content they consume ... including some who have an ironclad no-news-seeking policy, in any medium"

(cw: abuse)

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Looking at a tab titled "How I regained concentration and focus" and thinking, "Yeah, I'll read you someday. First I gotta…"

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*works on some task*
*needs to quickly translate a number to binary for the task*
*implement binary display*
*resumes task*

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Maths, polynomials, random numbers 

Challenge: Given a 33 bit shift register based random number generator, shifting 32 times to make a random integer, we observe that a given value will always appear twice in the sequence. Generally unevenly spaced. How to find a value which has the closest repeat?

We could run for 2^33 iterations and keep a record in a many gigabyte array, but I imagine there's a better way.

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I’m designing and building 16-bit homebrew computers from the instruction set to the desktop. The most fun you will ever have with a computer is the one you built yourself. GrokThis on YouTube:

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And just like that… it works!!!! I have built a computer from the instruction set up. I now have a boot loader that will load code so you don’t have to recompile the processor every time. I have spent YEARS working toward this, learning everything I needed every step of the way. I. am. through. the. roof.

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I think this is a short but important read.

"On my resignation as regulator of the Dutch intelligence and security services"

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@readsteven If you want a really simple version with just text (no images, although it does give you links) you can use FrogFind:<URL>

death, hex 

The Queen's lifetime in seconds, in hex, would overflow a 32 bit signed word

And in days, it would overflow a 16 bit signed word

(If you live much past 68, you're in trouble on the first count, and at 90 you're in trouble on the second.)

Astronaut Stan Love explains why it's so difficult to send people to Mars (and get them back.)

45 mins, very interesting. (Audio improves after half a minute.)

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