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Yay, now on may way to the Vintage Computing Festival Berlin at the weekend! vcfb.de/2019/

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"Between 10,000 and 100,000 calculations later, had rough, but useful, results - published in 1896. If CO2 levels halved, he concluded, the the Earth's surface temperature would fall by 4-5C. There was a flipside to his calculations: doubling CO2 levels would trigger a rise of 5-6C."
- "The Father of Climate Change"

Climate Technology Primer

"CO2-driven warming arguably discovered 1856 by Eunice Foote"

via baez

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My new toy from 1996, a Sharp Pocket Computer PC-G850 that I picked up at auction for USD 9.37. According to the manual, it's a pocket calculator that runs BASIC, C, and assembler.

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@vertigo For Server, Desktop, Laptop?

Laptop -> OpenBSD or FreeBSD. I also use NomadBSD on a Laptop (FreeBSD Distro)

Server -> FreeBSD if a lot of storage is needed (ZFS). OpenBSD for DNS Server, Firewall, Webserver

Desktop -> FreeBSD for modern machines, OpenBSD runs fine even on 25y old machines

I have one Laptop with NetBSD. I find NetBSD nice because they bring so much cool ideas into the OS, but then that is halfway "systemd" :)

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So, it looks like systemd is going to manage home directories now?

I think it's way past due for me to learn a flavor of BSD. Recommendations welcome.

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Back from an awesome #FixFest in Berlin last weekend.

3 days of repair activists sharing knowledge, experience and advice.
As well as the launch of the European #RightToRepair campaign!

The overarching theme this year was Repair For Climate. Keeping devices lasting longer can have a huge effect on emissions, so we need to keep pressuring manufacturers and policy makers to let us do it.

fixfest.org repair.eu

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Lovely look at the VIC-20's hardware and software. It includes a look at it's memory map and how it changes depending on how much memory is added by the add-on cartridges.

#RetroComputing #Computers #Commodore #CommodoreVic20 #VintageComputers


A most remarkable half hour - sail from Hamburg around Cape Horn in the worst of all weathers, in 1920. Narrated by your cameraman, often filming from aloft.
(Saw a shorter version of this below decks on the Glennlee tall ship at Glasgow's excellent Riverside Museum.)

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A new round of Query> Guess the Celebrity has started on #ISCABBS. For this round, I am fronting the prize of a $10 Target gift card to the winner.

ISCABBS is a #retrocomputing online #bbs community that pre-dates the web. It was started at the University of Iowa in 1989 and has been in continuous operation ever since.

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Hi all, I've set up a new website, byuu.net, where I aim to host technical articles and resources aimed at the more nuanced portions of emulator development not often covered by traditional 'how to write an emulator' tutorials.

The site's rather new, but I hope to add new content on a weekly basis. If you enjoy my technical writings, or are interested in emulator development, please check it out sometime, thanks ^-^

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Die Vorbereitungen für das #vcfb2019 laufen! Die heutige Sneak Preview: Ansgar Kückes zeigt dieses Jahr noch einmal seine Ausstellung zu WarGames, die ihr 2017 zur besten Ausstellung gewählt habt. vcfb.de/2019/ausstellungen.htm Mehr Infos unter hp9845.net/9845/software/scree

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I finally have a mouse pointer that pops on bright, dark, and mid-saturation backgrounds!

In round numbers, count an inch as one centimeter and a mile as one kilometer.

Or, as there are 64k bytes in a 6502 address space, we can say that if Sol were one byte from Terra, then Alpha Centauri would be an Amiga 1000 away. Our furthest probes would be 100 bytes away travelling at 3 bytes per year. (Or, one punched card, in round numbers, or 10 inches of paper tape...) In this model, light takes 8 minutes to cross one byte. I hope this version helps.

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This is an interesting article on the MOS 6502 CPU's use of a carry and overflow flag: righto.com/2012/12/the-6502-ov

These things powered the majority of the microcomputers of the 1980's.

#C64, #Apple2 #retrocomputing #eightbit #eighties

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This has turned out to be my favorite reading in quite some time. Wonderful if you’re into old architectures (6502), but also something to always keep in mind with regards to optimization.



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Just for kicks I've been looking for a combination IDE and emulator for a 6502 based computer for assembly programming/self-education purposes. Doing this with Apple 2 looks.. nontrivial on Mac OS X. So I might just toy with a C64 environment instead..

We'll see how long this 6502 flight of fancy lasts. I've really only ever written x86 assembly before, so this will be interesting. (D3D shaders don't really count..)

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