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I'm into and , am a #6502 fan, but I like green spaces and days which not overcast, I like science and - mostly and stories - , aka or , I like for his music and his thoughtful writings and funny videos, I write just a little code in and and and generally spend a lot of time on the internet.
Isn't the world a lovely place but in a fine old state though?

It was only recently I realised the risqué nature of the quip that my grandparents would use, on parting: "Be good. And if you can't be good, be careful."

They were, more or less, from a time before reliable contraception, or penicillin.

And it turns out the phrase dates at least to 1907 or thereabouts, in literature and as the title of a popular song. Probably.

"And if you can't be careful, name the first child after me"

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Put my new #FujiNet dongle into my #Atari800XL / #6502portable.

I had no idea how easy it is to go online and download and run programs. All with the authentic Atari feeling. Thumbs up!

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1960s really happened 

Please boost if you're well over 50, or if you can't remember how old you are but have a personal memory of something which happened in the 60s.

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1970s really happened 

Please boost if you're over 50.

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Self-built IBM-XT compatibile #mini8088 #retrocomputer is up and running! Couldn't find a 28.636Mhz crystal, just a 14.318 one, so I'm stuck with a 4.77Mhz clock and a turbo mode of 7.16Mhz (no 9.55 for now).
Serial port, CF, audio, floppy and VGA all tested fine! Now I just need the smaller 8bit backplane and to drill holes in the brackets. #homebrewcomputing

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Of the things that entered public domain this year, the one I'm most excited about is Star Maker -

It's one of the great classic scifi works. If you haven't read it, check out the description on wikipedia and if that hooks you then go for it. It's a remarkable work that gets a surprising number of things correct and will lead you down wonderful philosophical paths. Enjoy!

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Reminder that I wrote a book for struggling programmers called "The Mediocre Programmer". It's a book about helping folks along on their journey with programming, including advice on finding communities, ranking ourselves (spoiler: it's not helpful), backstage vs. performance, and even the emotions surrounding programming. It's a free eBook released under a Creative Commons license. I hope you'll check it out:


uspol, sane take 

"You cheered on lawyers who said they’d release the Kraken. But now you’ve poked Leviathan.
This is what you need to absorb: QAnon and “stop the steal” are forever associated with a violent attack against the USA. Maybe that’s not what it’s meant to you, maybe you think that’s a misread of last week’s events, but that’s how the real Deep State, a lot of elected officials, and much of the public sees it.
If that isn’t what you signed up for, now would be a good time to get out."

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uspol, sane take 

the likely positive consequences in reaction to recent events

"now that QAnon was involved in violent sedition, the national security state is paying attention. Arrests have begun. Prosecutions will follow. Big tech ... are now treating QAnon almost like how they treat ISIS. A giant federal apparatus built to fight al Qaeda will shift some capacity to fighting you, especially the white nationalist and anti-government militias in your orbit"

via mefi

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Apple ][ CP/M on a //e

This touches so many late 1970s/early 1980s giants. 6502, Z80, Apple, Microsoft, Digital Research, ...

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Hey folks, I've gotten some really good reading recommendations on here in the past, so let's give this another whirl.

Looking for science fiction and/or fantasy book reccos. Some authors who I've read recently include:
Susanna Clarke
Robert Jackson Bennett
N.K. Jemesin
Charles Stross
Malka Older
Arkady Martine
Kameron Hurley
Charlie Jane Anders
Ann Leckie

Let the reccos fly!

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Stuff About Me / Personal FAQ / Recent FediBlock 

So, I’m posting this in response to something that’s being shared around a little bit Somebody noticed that I’m a troop in the United States military, and started advocating that people in the #fediverse block me.


cryptocurrency, unsolicited advice 

If you ever find yourself with some intangible asset which is worth a meaningful amount:

Look at it this way. Every day you don't sell or reduce your holding, you are staking that amount of value on another roll of the dice.

How bad would you feel if the value fell? I'll tell you. You wouldn't feel you'd lost your original stake. You'd feel as if you'd lost what it was worth yesterday. Trust me.

Today is tomorrow's yesterday.

Realise (some of) your gains.

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@space_cadet the one thing I have learned over and over again in my life is that trying to solve a problem before fully understanding it is inviting disaster!

content warnings 

So glad to see a stream full of uspol content warnings. Thanks everyone for being considerate!

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