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Here's my ...
I'm into and , am a #6502 fan, but I like green spaces and days which not overcast, I like science and - mostly and stories - , aka or , I like for his music and his thoughtful writings and funny videos, I write just a little code in and and and generally spend a lot of time on the internet.
Isn't the world a lovely place but in a fine old state though?

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one day we will all be maxicomputing in microspace .. at least until 2038

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Chip art 

I stumbled across a small collection of chip art images curated by the Smithsonian:

Which eventually led me to find the external links and references on this Wikipedia page:

The "Silicon Zoo" in particular:

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"Core Wars? Didn't I read about that in Scientific American 10 years ago? Perhaps you remember it, perhaps not. But it's alive and well, and you can play by mail." -- Modern Core Wars, circa 1994

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Going to be giving a "not-strictly-#Forth" presentation at SVFIG's Zoom meeting this weekend. Hoping it'll be recorded.

In the meantime, I need to figure out what I'm actually going to say during the presentation.

The topic is on how I perform test-driven-development with Z80 assembly language for the VDC-Forth project. Expecting to talk around 15 to 20 minutes.

A new channel shows off a based single board machine with a front panel. The OSI 300 is amazingly minimal. And there's a modern remake.

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Reunited and it feels so good... after a decade apart, I've got the DR-55 talking to the Atari 800XL again, this time with my newer sequencing software. Woohoo! This is just a quick goof with the two.

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PDP 8 actually. It's Been hard to find one, the right deal finally came along so I am picking it up.

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What if this universe was created by someone in a higher universe who mistook Carl Sagan's work for a cookbook and really wanted some apple pie

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This is a fully functional 7MHz 80186 DOS machine, running MSDOS 5.0, with full CGA graphics support. It runs off of two AA batteries. Apparently for weeks. While constantly powering a RAM disk. I have been using this thing fairly heavily since Wednesday, including large serial file transfers that took well over an hour of constant, sustained use. Battery is still at 7/8 full.

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@Shufei @cat
Minitel!! "The French Internet of the 80s!" :)
I spent so many (expensive) hours on this thing when I was a kid!

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The orbital mechanics and maths behind the current sequence of solar eclipses that occur on the Solstice: why we see them every 19 years for now and then will not happen for over 180 years.

#Eclipses #SolarEclipse #Solstice #Space #Mathematics #OrbitalMechanics

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in 1987 SDF received its first dialup caller at 300 baud and the community was born. Happy Birthday SDF (and iczer!)

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T'es en train de me dire qu'il y a une circulation fluide avec qu'une seule voie de circulation !? Hérésie !


Quand on regarde cette machine à billes fonctionner, on ne pense qu'à une chose : "plus de billes"
Source : MyOnline3DPrinter ;


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I introduced my homebrew 6502 computer on the 6502 forums today:

It's good to have a home for its progress. I'm looking forward to writing a long blog post.

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@EdS @jirka WOW that thing sounds sweet! Actual named functions and repeat/until? I'd be in HEAVEN back in my old Atari 8 bit days :)

Details for anybody interested:

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