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Most folks who talk about Wells, will talk about Verne in the same breath, so that's a great place to start.

I had a book when I was small called The Rivals of HG Wells, which contained the following:
The purple death / W.L. Alden --

The Thames Valley catastrophe / Grant Allen --

A star fell / L.J. Beeston --

The last stand of the decapods
/ Frank T. Bullen --

The monster of Lake Lametrie / Wardon Allan Curtis --

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TIL Sharp made one of the old-school pocket computers (the kind that usually had a one-line display and a BASIC interpreters) with a C compiler, Z80 assembler, and PIC assembler: https://www.reddit.com/r/retrobattlestations/comments/9zqxd5/brought_out_my_sharp_pcg850vs_to_the_train_the/
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It needs a new battery and the WiFi is dubious, but I really like the Sony Clié PEG-UX50/E. Especially when it cost me ten bucks on a local flea market.

It's already part of my everyday carry and phlogflow.

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You: Intel architecture
Me: Actually, Intel is the manufacturer. You're thinking of Intel's monster.

Italy, 1982, SHINE computer, with 16k RAM (expandable to 32k,) 256x192 graphics, 8k Basic, 1771 floppy controller with 4k DOS as an option. (700 thousand Lira, about the same for a floppy expansion, and again for a printer.)

Via Stardot where the machine is run in emulation:

See also a 1981 press release: to launch in January at 600 thousand lira. See p14 of issue 3 of MCmicrocomputer:

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Here's a website I highly recommend: filfre.net. It has a ton of articles on the history and design of adventure games. The recommended reading order is by order of publication, since it goes chronologically, and the articles are also available in ebook format in volumes for a more concentrated reading.

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Want to go super retro and run Unixes back to the original UNICS in your browser? Check this out! #retrocomputing #unix #history unix50.org/

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Hey new people on Mastodon!

For privacy reasons there's no automated "people to follow" suggestions on here.

However, there is an unofficial community site called #Trunk which is an opt-in list of people who are looking for followers, organised by topic:


Scroll down to find people to follow, or read the instructions at the top if you want to be added to a list.

For example, here's the list for "Science Fiction":


#Introductions #NewHere

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Interesting post by the Computer History Museum on the Whirlwind Computer: it's design and history and what parts of it can be seen at the CHM.

#Computers #ComputerHistory #ComputerHistoryMuseum #History #Engineering #Technology


Cray-1B, serial number 1, rebuilt for the recent SC18 conference.
Timelapse video:
The machine was on loan from the Chippewa Computer Museum. Originally installed at Los Alamos but returned to Cray: "When Serial 1 showed up in Los Alamos in 1976 it wouldn’t run for more than a few minutes yet it would run for hours in Minnesota. Turns out there was no memory protection and cosmic events at Los Alamos altitude were different enough from Minnesota."

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Slack destroys company cultures by encouraging constantly interrupting one another for things that could wait, using an ephemeral communication mechanism for sending out important announcements everyone should read, and wasting time digging through notifications to make sure one doesn't miss any of the aforementioned important announcements.

If you wouldn't walk across the office to tell someone something face-to-face, don't say it in Slack.

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reading: Choice, Guilt and Life Is Strange Show more

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A Do-It-Yourself Paper Digital Computer, 1959.
Web page by Ptak, John F.
In collections: Easily explained, Things to make and do
This wonderful cut-away and paste-up template for a digital computer comes to us from the Communications of the Association for...
URL: longstreet.typepad.com/books/2
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

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Working on my own 8-bit CPU on my FPGA. So far I can load and store to A, X, and Y registers and a memory address!

That's it so far.

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heres a computer i made when i was a kid

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