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Here's me: ()
I'm mostly about and with a bit of thrown in. Also especially and programmable. I like and science and history. I read a fair bit of fiction these days, including . I like languages, human and computer. I'm from the 70s culturally, 80s technologically but the 60s biologically. I avoid talk of current events. I try to use CWs and to be an ally.

I co-moderate

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Here's my ...
I'm into and , am a #6502 fan, but I like green spaces and days which not overcast, I like science and - mostly and stories - , aka or , I like for his music and his thoughtful writings and funny videos, I write just a little code in and and and generally spend a lot of time on the internet.
Isn't the world a lovely place but in a fine old state though?

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I have now successfully escaped my Turing tarpit.

Last week I made a small instruction set and memory map. This week I got a #forth running on it. It took about 1 KB.

I did this because I wanted to make a #forth teaching tool like #jonesforth but without the x86 dependency.

It is currently very ugly, so now I'll be cleaning it up. I also will make some changes to the instruction set because it has some design flaws. But it works! That's satisfying.

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@A8bit @48kRAM
You may want to watch some of Hijalfi's videos on hacking the Dana and getting into that 68000.

older awk implementations 

This oneliner shows that older awks won't printf a zero byte... any way to make it do that?

awk 'BEGIN{printf("%c%c%c\n",65,0,66);exit}' | od -x

Tested on BSD 2.11 and SunOS 4.1.1 and Unix System V R3 (all at living computers)

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Yesterday I used uuencode and uudecode for the first time in ages. It worked!

Before I discovered that I had uudecode available, I tried to use xxd to encode and awk to decode.

But my awk one-liner did everything right except never outputting any zero bytes.

This was on BSD 2.11 on a PDP 11/84... it's a machine called snake and you can use it too, just go to

Anyhow, I successfully computed 100 digits of Pi using BBC Basic!

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@tschak909, Thomas Cherryhomes, tweets:

And here we go. World's simplest Mastodon client for written in Atari BASIC, using 's built in JSON parser. Yes that is all the code.

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So was looking at whether a BBC BASIC port to my homebrew might be feasible. Stumbled on this site..looks amazing especially for 6502 nerds 🤓👍🏽👍🏽

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@FiXato Yeah - I think there's a mental shift needed from 'insta needs you to spam your post with any tags you can think of to get the most views' to 'masto actually uses tags functionally in order to search, share, and federate content' for a lot of the new people coming here. There's a loooot of bad algorithm-related habits that are going to take a while for people to free themselves from I think.

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@drwho @tomxcd I remember the huge stack of floppy disks we used to install SLS on some 386. I honestly don't remember if any of the disks failed, but I tend to think that it didn't, because I think that would have put an end to the process, and we did end up with a functioning system afterwards.

Now, configuring X, that was an experience.

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The information Elsevier tracks and resells about the scientists who access its journals:

An EU GDPR personal information request reveals not just dates and times from journal paper reading, writing, and reviewing data but also user names, phone numbers, and bank account information, whether you read the emails from them, and a huge list of the spam newsletters that they subscribe you to.


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@goosey @xarph Oh! Genera is the operating system for Symbolics Lisp Machines! In the early 90s just before Symbolics went belly-up, they released it as a standalone Lisp development environment that ran on DEC Alpha under UNIX.

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Had a lot of fun with this "Wheat and chessboard" problem on Commodore machines. Have been looking for a reason to put my
MiniPET 40/80 into 80 column mode ;-) I'll port it to the KIM-1(clones) and update the article soon. #commodore

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Today I found this. A useful tool for all z80 lovers than want to have a deep understanding of the z80 timings:
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A #FediTip for everyone:

Put #HashTags on your questions, it makes them easier for people to find, hence easier for people to answer.

In a sense, HashTags add semantic content to a toot, enriching the content and context.

This toot has been prompted by this example where they weren't used, but would have been helpful:

Seeking demo disk...

asking for a friend! Boosts welcome!

> looking for a C-128 Comal 2.02 Cartridge or the demo disk that came with the cartridge. Need the symbol table from the disk. Would like to build a modern version of the cartridge. Also looking for the CP/M Comal ver.2.1 (full program) and manual for the C-128

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Better late than never: Here's today's #vintagecomputer picture for you all. This is my BBC micro model B. I've done a sideways RAM/ROM mod to it, and added a TurboSPI interface underneath. This is such a great machine - so hackable and fun to play with.

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The object of the beginning part of Rocky's Boots is to use a mechanical boot to kick a series of objects off a conveyor belt.

To ensure that the boot only kicks the positive objects, the player must connect a series of logic gates to the boot.

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Added the finishing touches to the spreadsheet today, you'll stop hearing me going on about it.

The scroll now follows the cursor and I added a hex printing mode because it was only 7 extra bytes to implement.

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Best mastodon tip I got was to click in the space below a person's avatar to expand the toot.

I used to hunt around for somewhere safe to click. Especially on image-only no-text toots.

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Hello, new of the ! I'd like to make you aware of the fun and engaging Retrocomputing Forum. Please feel free to join and give us an !

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