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Here's my ...
I'm into and , am a #6502 fan, but I like green spaces and days which not overcast, I like science and - mostly and stories - , aka or , I like for his music and his thoughtful writings and funny videos, I write just a little code in and and and generally spend a lot of time on the internet.
Isn't the world a lovely place but in a fine old state though?

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M1 vs RISC-V? 

(Yes, one is an implementation and the other an architecture - but maybe that got your attention!)

My question is this: when and why might a company with an ARM architectural license and a splendid ARM implementation jump ship to a different ISA, or in particular to RISC-V?

Any thoughts?

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Samuel Bowles and Wendy Carlin have produced an free, open access alternative to the standard Econ texts. It's called "The Economy." It's great. It's free. Its mission? "Teach economics as if the last thirty years had happened."


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6 hours into a Slackware install on a Pentium 133 with 256M ram I realized the turbo button wasn't pushed in.

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Woah. JPL on Saturn and the Cassini mission, Part 1.

"Chronicling the story of NASA’s Cassini mission, this is the latest in our series of documentaries, “JPL and the Space Age.” These films use rare archival footage and interviews with pioneering engineers and scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in retelling the stories of many of humanity’s first steps into the cosmos."

#Space #Planets #Saturn #Cassini

Ursula K in '82 

An anthropological take; our predicament; Utopia

"I am not proposing a return to the Stone Age. My intent is not reactionary, nor even conservative, but simply subversive. It seems that the utopian imagination is trapped, like capitalism and industrialism and the human population, in a one-way future consisting only of growth. All I’m trying to do is figure out how to put a pig on the tracks."

- A Non-Euclidean View of California as a Cold Place to Be

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A #RISCV 64-bit CPU core licensed under #gpl3 that can actually boot #Linux

#openhardware is getting more feasible even to the core!

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I love how take care of its unfortunate users who have fallen into 🤣

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'You can buy T-shirts, stickers, and all manner of swag that says, “The cloud is just somebody else’s computer.” Cute slogan, but not true. Cloud services — especially at massive scale — are incredibly complex software systems. Complex software systems don’t fail the way a “computer” fails.'

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This is a Tasco Pocket Arithometer. It was probably made in the 1940s but is based off of older Arithometer designs. It is sized to fit easily into a shirt or coat pocket. To add numbers you place a stylus in the appropriate row and drag down, which adds to the existing total.

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Unwrapped: Five Decade Old Lunar Selfie

Image Credit: NASA, Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong; Processing: Michael Ranger #APoD

short SFF fiction, 2018 hugo winners 

Stumbled across a couple of very good SFF short stories, very different from each other.

Welcome to Your Authentic Indian Experience™ by Rebecca Roanhorse (Best Short Story)
via MeFi, circa 2018

The Secret Life of Bots by Suzanne Palmer (Best Novelette)

Both via

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Thames Television explores the world of Japanese home computers, circa 1984. Get your cassette recorder ready to record the transmission for the BBC Micro at the end of the program!

Calculating digits of pi, in BBC Basic, on a PDP-11 running unix v6, emulated in the browser, with skeuomorphic realism. Including ker-thunk ker-thunk sound effects as you type.

see also

Hat-tip to JGH for the Basic port and website. And to aiju for the PDP11 Emulator and Pavel Krivanek for the ASR33 Teletype.

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Tall el-Hammam's destruction • Evidence that a city in the Middle East was destroyed by a meteor around 1650 BC #linkblog #historyarchaeologymeteorvia:hackernewssciencetootme

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Ich gehe eine Runde durch den Garten hüpfen, im Paket, welches vorhin gebracht wurde, war der lange erwartete #Acorn BBC Model A :awesome:

Unverbastelt und kaum Gebrauchsspuren, voll funktionsfähig. Hätte nicht gedacht noch einen in dem Zustand in die Finger zu bekommen.

Ein Gummifuß fehlt (hab ich noch welche) und beim Netzkabel ist die Isolation spröde geworden, mehr ist nicht.

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Free to a good home, postage to be negotiated, three transputer books. These are of no real value except for nostalgia, and perhaps inspiration.

Let me know if you're interested, otherwise they go to recycling.

Please boost for reach, if someone wants them I'd be delighted to pass them on.

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