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Turkey & pesto sandwiches for dinner yum yum

Work week done, fuckin heck I'm over it

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I'm playing music on in 30 minutes. My show, Movement Through Thought, airs every Friday morning at 6:30 UTC; that's Thursday 11:30 PM my local time (PST).

'80s electro, hip-hop, and funk tonight. '80s and music directly inspired by it (Dominance Electricity, Reeno, DMX Krew, etc.).

It's been a while since I've played a set like this, so it will be a challenge.

Listen at .

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Maybe the real sweet dreams were made of the friends we made along the way. 🤔

On the internet, no one knows you're a cat/not a cat

Uh.. I mean.. I am a cat irl probably

I need to find or make myself a nice cat mask probably

Note to self, alternate avatar should I feel the need haha.

Also, Ya'll should listen to Mr.Kitty;

Maybe they just made better films in the 80s 🤷

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For a minute the sun shone on me and I didn't feel like shit

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Screen 0: Watching fediverse server logs scroll by
Screen 1: Watching Hackers (1995)

When I use the tap to pay thing I like to pretend the vending machine is just really impressed with my card. I'm like "Hey, check this out!" and the machine is all "Damn, nice card, let me get you a Coke."

Friends pointing me to jokes on Twitter and I'm over here like, Twitter IS the joke.

Ready in two minutes!