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"Cat is a connoisseur of retrotech outsider culture" - dbucklin

"[Cat is] the most cyberpunkish of all SDFers, I think" - snowdusk

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Tune in to in 40 minutes for some action. We'll be taking on the Abominable Snowman

And by Sunday I mean Saturday because that's when my show is

Garage playlist I was just going to do as a gag on tomorrow is coming together better than the grime one I was going to do for LOW WIRE 😬

Very suburban coworker talking about how he saw a drug deal one time 🙀

Three computer/hackers themed tracks for today or three a cappella Commodore 64 covers?

all the people having trouble maintaining their metaarpa membership and getting no response from admins is kinda bumming me out

No music is making me comfy today, I just keep flicking around restlessly

I have a whole folder of photos of me flipping of photos of Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Wacky (read: bad) idea that I will (realistically) never implement: Game Gear cartridge to interface to a SBC (with rainbow cable!) for a clunky cyberdeck.

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What most people think when they hear ラム vs. what I think when I hear ラム

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Tonight at 0100 UTC (9pm EST) on Choose Your Own Adventure we'll be facing off against the ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN!!! Tune in on

$20.73 shipping for a single audiocassette to Australia, I think that's a new record for me

This is the second best nerdcore dis track ever;


Hi dad, happy birthday, I'm in jail!

And yet I keep doing the same thing

It's very annoying when I'm working on a playlist for LOW WIRE but have another one in mind, find a track that suits the other one and just thing "It's ok, I'll remember it and grab it later."


The few stories I've heard out of Canada of people who either have never smoked weed or did forever ago but haven't in a long time "just checking it out" since it's become legal is really fun.

In the end, really, everyone just wants to be chill and snacky.

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