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TV anarchists: I will smash your flags and start revolutions with no popular support backed by a Junta!!!

Real Anarchists: We are illegally opening a pizza place to feed the community and the homeless since the system is too cruel by design to do so!

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In 2021 im rebooting Tea Jay's Garden with a keen focus on providing evidence based information, free culture, and delving into organizing and mutual aid. It starts with:

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What's that Craig?

Penguicon is this weekend?

Why, yes, it is, and have we got a line up of awesome folks for you to come visit:

It's not to late to register, but you'll want to make sure you register soon. Procrastinate on this and you'll miss out on all the great panels we have lined up:

Learn more at:

#penguicon #penguicon2021


Wanna go to a convention but dont wanna get out of your PJs or find parking!!!???!!!

Penguicon has got you covered. Just $10 bucks!!!!

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Ages ago, we ran two crowdfunding campaigns for MediaGoblin. What many people don't realize: this paid for much of the work on standardizing ActivityPub.

This was the crowdfunding video: 0ad234850b34c1ebd620-6d473e87a

Took me a long time to animate, but I'm still proud of it...

Anybody else giving free rent to the fact that (in the 90s) Andie MacDowell got weirdly typecast as an obliviouse female lead?

In most movies it was just a few details, but in Multiplicity and Groundhogs day she is unaware of the entire PLOT. And the resolution of both of those movies only feels ok because we know whats up, but she doesn't.

Also am i remembering right, was hudson hawk keeping his illegal gig work from her?

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I re-recorded the vocals using a pop filter made from a sock and the lip ring from my nutribullet XD Whatever works! Also added a bit of harmony on the chorus.

CW: has themes of ghosts and guns.

Find it here:

And here:

This is #CC0 so feel free to make covers or whatever! I *think* the chords are A minor / Fmaj / Emaj / Gmaj but I suspect the instruments in LMMS were in a different key so it's perhaps not XD

#Music #Shanty #composing

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hmm, IT professionals of the 1970s didn't have any problems with bright (near psychedelic) colours ๐Ÿ˜

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Posts are for mounting fences! TOOT till I die!

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Oooh, I just had a good idea for pro-torrent propaganda. >:3

Im bored with creationists and flat earthers, where are the Audiophile debunks?

My perennial kale, looking rather perennial. Because it comes from a grex it is technically a new variety as i grow it from cuttings. Needs a name.

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The CDC's eviction moratorium in an incredibly important piece of public-health law: people facing homelessness may not shelter in place when they're sick, and people who are rendered homeless are at risk of both contracting and spreading covid.

Despite this, many states and cities have treated the moratorium as a suggestion, not a binding law, and, of course, it's hard to get justice when you've just been evicted (the CDC seems to have brought *zero* enforcement actions against violators).


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Pleased (*) to announce that @davidrevoy will be one of our guests of honor at Penguicon this year:

#penguicon #penguicon2021

(*) Pleased is an understatement, but I have to keep some semblance of order around here.

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My shanty with crappy vocals yay

CW, has themes of ghosts and guns

Not putting it on Funkwhale yet as a friend has expressed interest in adding some guitar and maybe some deep voice singing :o

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Shanty preview! No lyrics, and this is just the first two verses worth.

Eating a big ol bowl of perennial kale cause the plant was overloaded. Good day if ya like kale

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Going through things at my mother's house, she can no longer appreciate her garden. But honestly it needs to be seen. #florespondence

Went to make a live image, tossed the dvd in for giggles while I was downloading and its suddenly working.

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