@publius @salixlucida you never have to worry about Satan leaving you hanging! :blobcatfingerguns:

@salixlucida I like Santa.

But they should have doubled down and had a devil visit.

@salixlucida Now I am imagining Lucifer from the series to be there.


Maybe call up that lady preacher from Burnaby named Audrey Mabley

She'd be happy to exorcise Satan out of downtown Courtenay.


I remember one day back in 1994 I wandered into her storefront church (still it was a dilapidated storefront on Kingsway) and she tried to exorcise demons out of me. 😂


Also I was really bored that day that I was riding SkyTrain back and forth between Burrard and Metrotown just because I had a day pass


and had an awful bowl of udon for lunch at the food court at Metrotown

that was a weird day

@salixlucida But memorable! I haven't been to Metrotown since probably 1994 as well.

@cosullivan yeah

If I remember correctly Metrotown consisted of three malls joined together and combined it was the second largest mall in Canada after Edmonton West.

It was the 1994 and before e-commerce so malls were still bustling.

@salixlucida The collapse of Eaton's is the second saddest point of Canadian history I have lived through.

@cosullivan I know

It was sad

Canada Post even issued commemorative stamps in 1995 to celebrate Eaton's history

At one point 1 out of 4 Canadians had worked for Eaton's at some point in their lives.

It will be a shame when the Hudson's Bay Company goes out of business 🙁

@salixlucida Don't even think it!😮 That reminds me, I should bring out our Bay Blanket soon.

@salixlucida downtown Vancouver looks like downtown Seattle or Bellevue nowadays, with Microsoft, Amazon and Nordstrom. I was so confused I toddled off to a Canada Post office and spoke French just to remind myself where I was..


and there are probably more Starbucks than Tim Horton's

(that was already the case back in the 1990s)

Vancouver seemed to be more ethnically diverse than Seattle back then but nowadays they're probably similar with more IT workers from India and China coming to Seattle

But there is nothing like Richmond still

Seattle's International District is no comparison

@salixlucida Tim Hortons has greatly expanded here from 25 years ago, but my life is too short to count Tim Hortons and Starbucks outlets in Greater Vancouver.


Those are both big corporate chains anyway

I just miss those little hippie grocery stores where I could get vegan buffet by weight

Even Caper's is now Whole Foods (Amazon)

Corporate giants are eating up everything

@salixlucida Seems like it but some areas are slow to fully corporatize/gentrify, like Commercial Drive in Vancouver

@salixlucida I made the mistake of accompanying a pal on Dec 23 for Xmas shopping there. I am not a fan of crowds. I call it Metrohell and it looked like a background for "Blade Runner."

@cosullivan @salixlucida More pictures with Satan? Well, 'tis the season I suppose.

@salixlucida that's when the CEO of Dillard's shows up. he hates children, and does magic tricks.

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