maybe one of the excuses why there has been a strong streak of anti-environmentalism among fundamentalist Christians

@salixlucida If fundies ever cracked open the Bible to a page that isn't mentioned on Sunday morning, they'd find that their adherence to it is sorely lacking

@salixlucida It seems more symptomatic to me, if we take more the cosmological tack: they are quite terrified of the reality of a tiny marble world floating in boundless space. It beggars the short term linear historicity of Biblical cosmology. The crisis of Christian cosmology is how to fit their anthropology and soteriology to a grander scale theatre. I have some intellectual sympathy for their anxiety, as politically costly as it is for us all.

@Shufei @salixlucida As soon as we find life on other planets, either they're going to reject it like some do with fossils, they're going to pretend it never happened, or it's going to blow their minds

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